Streaming games: Is a workable model in sight?

 Streaming Games

The way people play video games has certainly changed a lot in the last 20 years. In the old days people had to purchase cartridges and CDs to put into a gaming console. Then later on people were able to download their games right over the internet without needing to purchase any physical games. The very idea of this was revolutionizing to the industry. But when it comes to consumers, they always want something bigger and better. It is at a point now when consumers want instant gratification or else they complain. Nobody likes to sit through hours of downloading anymore. Fortunately, cloud hosting and streaming has taken care of this problem.

Cloud networking is growing popular very fast. We have already seen the success of Netflix, which uses the same type of business model. Now more gaming companies are using cloud networks to host their games on. That way people won’t have to sit through hours of downloading anymore. Instead they can just play the games off third party servers without ever having to download them onto their own system. That way they can get that instant gratification of playing the game immediately after they purchase it. However, the only obstacle that is turning consumers off from this is the pricing. When you look at the $7.99 per month that Netflix charges, this is a pretty good deal because it gives you unlimited access to their movies. But with PlayStation Now’s pricing, they are charging about $4.99 to rent one video game for up to 4 hours. This creates negative feels amongst consumers who feel that it is a rip off. So this model may go away very fast.

The big question is, “Why doesn’t PlayStation just charge a low monthly fee like Netflix?” The answer has to do with the cost of running a cloud network. Between creating the infrastructure of the cloud network and sustaining the massive amount of bandwidth consumption, a cloud gaming network will cost considerably more than a cloud movie network. For one thing, the average HD movie is about 2 GB to host. But if you look at the latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox games, they are about 20 GB to host. So when you have millions of people connecting to a cloud network and running those games, you can see how the bandwidth will skyrocket out of control. Therefore, the pricing model of cloud networking still has to be worked out in order to make it more affordable for the consumer while profitable for the gaming companies.


Freescale enables wireless charging for tablets and other large gadgets

Freescale enable wireless charging for tables

Freescale is a chip manufacturer that is about to revolutionize the way people recharge their electronic devices. For anyone who has every owned a cell phone, tablet, or laptop, you know the frustration of having to recharge your mobile device after using it for a specific period of time. What’s worse is you have to find an available outlet to plug your device into, which means you have to drag the AC adapter around with you. The Freescale Company is about to change all of this.

Freescale has recently introduced the very first wireless charging system for bigger electronics. This allows you to recharge the power of your electronic mobile devices without an AC adapter or any kind of plug. It runs on 15 watts, which is three times more than the current wireless phone chargers. It will be able to charge tablets, laptops and Smartphones. Wireless charging works through a charging station which generates electromagnetic fields. These fields allow energy to be transferred from the charging station to the electronic device. All you have to do is place the device on top of the charging station and it will charge it for you.

There are many benefits to these wireless chargers. For one thing, it will reduce the amount of toxic waste and pollution generated from discarded batteries and chargers. It will also allow people to visit local cafes, like StarBucks, and charge their device just by sitting on the table. Freescale plans to put their wireless chargers in public areas like hotel rooms, cars, airplane seats and more. Therefore, you will literally have charging stations surrounding you wherever you travel to. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about carrying an adapter with you or going out to look for a special kind of charger that only fits your device. The wireless chargers will be able to charge all types of devices and by any brand.

The only downside right now to wireless charging is the excessiveness that 15 watts has on smaller devices, like Smartphones. Many smaller devices like this can only handle 5 watts because of the thermal limitations of their batteries. However there are newer Smartphones being invented all the time that are more sophisticated and require more power to run. In the next 10 years, there may very well be Smartphone batteries that will require 15 watts to fully charge. This will be just in time for Freescale’s revolutionary wireless chargers to hit the mainstream circuit.


Recovering lost data from emptied trash via EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Software


Now, how many times you have pressed Control + Delete and cried for help? The answer will be quite some time because we accidentally delete our data and then realizing what we have done. With the help of Control + Delete command you can completely delete the files from the system and the worst part is that when you do so, it doesn’t go to trash also.

 Therefore, we think that we don’t have any choice and now things are lost for no good. But, now with the data recovery software we are saved from all these accidental deletion of files and folders. Not only that even if we empty our trash without previewing what is there and then realizing that there were some images that were crucial for the project, then also this data recovery software comes to our rescue.

So, now with this software we can recover deleted files Mac too with elan. There are various software available online that will promise you full recovery of information for free, but not all can perform the task comfortably. EaseUS is one such name which has been doing this kind of recovery with high success rate. No matter what the file formats are, EaseUS is comfortable in pulling up any kind of files and presenting it to you so that youcan preview the files and restore it as per requirement. Even the speed with which the task is accomplished is something to look out for.


Trash bin recovery

Now when you delete some files it lands up in Trash Bin, but if you accidentally delete the trash bin, then EaseUS will help you retrieve the data comfortably. If the files are stored in trash bin, then you can easily restore it from there and there is no need of third party software to carry out the process. Mac Trash recovery tool is a great help for the Mac users.

In order to get started with the process all you have to do is start the scanning process and for that you will have to launch the software first. Before starting the scan, you will have to make sure that you have selected the right file types and then only click on Continue.

Then again you can also specify the partition from where you have lost your files; this way you will be helping the tool to focus its scan on the right kind of files and at the right place as well. Now when the scan is complete you can preview the scan result and then select the required files for restoring.

You will find the result of all your lost data and files on your left side. Once the result is flashing you can organize them as per path or you can list them in line with the time they have been created or the file types as well. This way you will find it much easier to sort out the required files and restore them successfully.



Here’s why people are going crazy for this 16-year-old Nokia phone

Nokia 8210There have been plenty of advancements in cell phone technology over the past 20 years. In the old days, we had thicker cell phones that you could only make phone calls on. Now we have Smartphones, like the iPhone, where you can go on the internet, play games and more. However, the downside to Smartphones is that your privacy is at risk. Smartphones can easily be tracked and traced by intelligence agencies, such as law enforcement. So if you are a notorious drug dealer who wants to communicate with their crew by using an iPhone, then you are liable to get tracked and arrested by the police.

Drug dealers have gotten more inventive in their ways of hiding from the police. In the United Kingdom, drug dealers there have started using 16-year-old Nokia cell phones to communicate with each other. The older Nokia 8210 cell phones are harder to trace than modern day Smartphones. Not only that, Nokia 8210s have a longer battery life because it doesn’t have to power all the additional features that newer phones have. It just has a classic green and black screen that only displays text messages. Modern day cell phone users might find this barbaric, but for someone who wants to hide from authorities it is very convenient. The phones even have infrared ports that allow you to send contact information between phones without needing to swap SIM cards.

You might think obtaining a 16-year-old Nokia cell phone would be difficult, but thanks to ecommerce it is a breeze. All you have to do is go on the internet and search “Nokia 8210” on eBay or Amazon. You are bound to find plenty of used phones being sold by people from all over the world. The price for these phones could run you around $50, which might seem high for an old phone like this. But if you are a criminal looking to hide from the authorities then it is a pretty cheap investment. However, it is only a matter of time before you get caught anyways. So if you are looking to buy old phones for the sake of not being tracked by the police, then you are only postponing the inevitable.

Old Nokia 8210 phones also make great collector’s items. You don’t have to be hiding from the authorities to appreciate their value. They were one of the first cell phones to hit the consumer market back in the late 1990s. If you were to keep your phone for another 16 years then you might get a lot of money for it as well.