Selfies printed on your Apple Watch (AAPL)

apple watch logoThe smartwatch craze has already taken consumers by storm. Although the popularity of smart wearable technology was slow in the beginning, it is starting to gain considerable interest with the soon to be released Apple Watch. The product line for the Apple Watch consists of three versions, the regular stainless steel watch, the colorful sport watch or the 18-karat gold watch. For awhile people thought these looks were all there was to the Apple Watch, but now a third party company is selling a service that will print your selfie photos onto custom made straps for the Apple Watch. All you have to do is sign into your account at and start uploading your pictures. Then you drag the pictures around on a virtual layout of the straps to position the images the way you want them. They also give you filters and other special effects to spice up the images even more. When you are finally satisfied with what you see, you can purchase the real straps with those pictures printed on them for $50.

The idea behind this service is to help consumers personalize their smartphones by having images of them on the straps. These selfies can be holiday pictures or just everyday pictures that you took around the house. Casetify is not exactly a new company that only caters to people who own the Apple Watch. In fact Casetify has been around a lot longer than the Apple Watch. That is why they also provide services for printing custom images onto the shell of your smartphones. It doesn’t even matter whether you have Apple or Android smartphones. You can get your selfie pictures printed on the outside of iPhones, iPads, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry Z10. This is a neat way to personalize your Smartphone and also a way to deter anyone from wanting to steal your phone and then resell it. After all if it has your face printed everyone, then no one will want to take it.

Critics still wonder if the Apple Watch is ready for such a unique service. Consumers are still adjusting to the smartwatch itself so they may not be ready to buy any additional features that they don’t need. But as the market for smartwatches grows every day, this could put Casetify ahead of the game for when people are finally ready to purchase more optional features like selfie straps.


LEAKED: This is LG’s next big Android phone, the G4

LG has certainly made an impression in the Smartphone marketplace. There line of LG Smartphones is loved by millions of consumers for their affordability and functionality. It has even gotten to the point where leaked photographs of their next Smartphone model are gaining a vast amount of attention.

lg-logo For weeks now, LG has already been teasing people about their newest G4 Smartphone model by releasing details about it. But they may have released all the information there is to know about it before the official unveiling of the device. Of course this was an accidental release of information due to a web design error. Apparently, LG was developing a G4 promotional website and accidentally embedded its URL into the teaser page before the promotional website was actually finished. This promotional site contained specifications of the device as well as additional pictures that weren’t supposed to be released yet. The blog website, The Verge, published these pictures for the world to see.

What was discovered from the leak of information was that the phone has a 5.5 inch quad HD screen, a micro SD card slot and a mAh removable battery. It also looks like it is going to have 3GB of memory and a Snapdragon 808 processor. But the biggest information discovery has to do with the G4’s camera. It is going to have 16 MP with a laser autofocus feature which is supposed to take better pictures than the previous G3. As for the exterior of the phone, it looks like you will have the option to replace the back plates with leather plates that come in yellow, blue, brown or black. Of course you can keep the traditional black plastic plate if you so desire.

There is no other information available on the LG G4 right now. Everyone will have to wait until they hold their press event in New York City, which will be on April 28th, 2015. Consumers are already impressed with what they learned about the product so far. However the true deciding factor for whether or not they are going to purchase the device will be the price. If it is going to be priced in the $500 range then it may find it difficult to stay competitive with the Apple iPhone 6, which costs about the same. But if they can price it right, then perhaps it will interest consumers to go the LG way. We shall see after the press event.



OnePlus’s OxygenOS is available to download now


OnePlus has stated their mission is to create the very best Smartphones on the planet. We have certainly seen that with their custom versions of the Android operating system. Their newest version of the Android Lollipop operating system is the OxygenOS, which is exclusively available for their line of One Smartphones. There hasn’t been much information about the specific features of the OxygenOS, but those who have tested it out say it is a sure improvement over their last operating system.

OnePlus is a Smartphone manufacturer based in China. For the last year, they have been teasing consumers about the development of the OxygenOS. Originally the company was going to use the CyanogenMod operating system, but the company that owns the operating system, Cyanogen, had unexpectedly given all exclusive rights to another Chinese manufacturer. This forced OnePlus to expedite their already made plans to develop the custom OxygenOS. Now they have finished it and it is available for people to download right onto their Android One phones. This ROM is said to be replacing all of One’s existing CyanogenMod ROM operating systems for their devices. But this won’t happen until OnePlus has perfected OxygenOS and are confident that it won’t have any issues after it is released.

The custom OxygenOS ROM is based on the Android 5.0.2, which is only available for download. OnePlus has already captured people’s attention this year with the release of their One device, which is an affordable Smartphone priced in the $300 to $350 range. The only difference in price has to do with the 16GB and 64GB versions. However, it has only been a month since the phone was available to purchase throughout the European Union. Of course, anyone with an internet connection can purchase this phone right on the OnePlus website.

Chances are the OxygenOS won’t motivate people to purchase the OnePlus. The only motivating factor still seems to be the affordability of the Smartphone. With the economy still in rough shape, people are going to be very choosy about what they purchase in the technology marketplace. But for people who cannot afford the more expensive Samsung or Apple phones, the OnePlus is an affordable alternative that provides basic Smartphone features that everyone can enjoy. Not only that, but the OnePlus phones are extremely thin and very attractive looking. As long as you don’t need to have fingerprint sensory technology or high resolution pictures in your camera phone, then OnePlus should be just fine for your needs.


Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S6


Have you ever wondered which Android Smartphone is the best on the market? There are so many different brands and features to choose from, so it can be pretty difficult to determine. But if you look at the statistics and consumer feedback then you will find the Samsung Galaxy S6 has received the most praise. Therefore, the Galaxy S6 is without a doubt the best Android Smartphone you can purchase for yourself. Now for the big question, why is it the most popular?

The overall design of the Galaxy S6 is definitely one to ponder over. Consumers all around the world have said the Galaxy S6 is the best looking Samsung Smartphone so far, even though the design has a strong resemblance to the iPhone 6. Of course, this is referring to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge model, which is thin and has round sides. But the screen does contain a 5.1 inch display size and contains quality that is much larger and sharper than the iPhone 6 competitor.

As for the Galaxy S6’s app and software selection, users can access a whole library of apps by simply going to the Google Play store. There you can gain access to new apps as they are released along with any major updates to the older apps. The user interface of the Galaxy S6 is also impressive with its smooth animations and incredibly fast performance. Many people believe the performance level is much better than the performances of previous Samsung Smartphones.

What else can be said about the Galaxy S6? How about the camera? People love the cameras in their Smartphones, especially when they take high quality pictures. Well the S6 contains a 16MP camera, which is definitely a high end camera where Smartphones are concerned. The average digital camera takes 16MP pictures, so it is really unique to have this much quality in a phone. Now people can take high resolution pictures with autofocus in poorly lit areas if they want to.

The only disappointment with the S6 is the battery. The battery life doesn’t seem to last as long as the life of the Galaxy S5, but it will still last you the entire day. So if you want to take a fully charged S6 to work with you, it should last you until you get back home at night. Then you can charge it again while you are sleeping.  Therefore, you should definitely consider investing in a Samsung S6 the next time you are looking to purchase a new Smartphone for yourself.