Samsung’s New Chromebook Is Dirt Cheap, But Doesn’t Feel Like It


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Samsung Chromebooks are a nice affordable alternative to netbooks and traditional laptops. They run on the Google desktop operating system known as “Chrome,” which is the same name as their web browser. And just like the browser, the Chrome OS is web based. This means it will have some limitations that other operating systems, like Windows and Mac, won’t have.




For one thing, you won’t be able to use your desktop software without having an internet connection because Chromebooks requires a connection to access it. This might be a setback for a lot of people who may have slower connections or simply like to work offline. Plus, the computer is not really for upgrades, like standard laptops are. That means you have to keep the processor and storage that comes with your Chromebook. As for the actual use of it, the screen lighting is a bit dimmer than most people would like. This will make it especially difficult to see the screen in bright environments.

The Chromebooks still have something good going for it. They are much cheaper than other laptops run by Mac or Windows operating systems. The new Chromebook 2 is priced at only $249, which already came out in October. For people who only need a computer to simply surf the internet without having to worry about computer maintenance, Chromebooks are definitely the better option. They are extremely user friendly and do not require you to have advanced computer knowledge in order to operate them. As long as you have a good internet connection, the affordability of the Chromebook will make it well worth the investment. Also the Chromebook is extremely lightweight while maintaining durability at the same time. But what consumers really love is the strong battery life of the computer. Some say they have been able to get up to nine hours of battery life on a single charge, even with the brightness settings on max.

Overall, the Chromebooks will probably end up selling because of their low price tag. If they had come out ten years ago when fewer people had internet connections, then perhaps it wouldn’t be a big seller. But in this day and age, everybody with a computer has an internet connection. The only downside will be when people temporarily lose their connections because of a storm or outage with their service. Then they will be restricted from their software until the connection is restored. But still, the price may make it a hot seller anyways. We shall see.


This Is Google’s New Smartphone – The Nexus 6 (GOOG)

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The new Google Smartphone, the Nexus 6, has finally been unveiled to consumers and becomes available in stores this month. Even though Google Smartphones may not have as many fans as Apple’s iPhone, people still have a growing interest in the company itself and the products it releases. The Nexus 6 appears to be just as expensive as a new iPhone, with a retail price tag of $649. You will be able to choose from five major phone carriers; AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular. With Google’s previous Smartphones, they only sold it through T-Mobile. But on the upside, you are not required to have a two-year contract with any phone service provider of the Nexus 6. It still has consumers a little unhappy though because the Nexus 6 price tag is $300 more than the previous Nexus 5, which was only $349 without contract.

The significant increase in price of the Nexus 6 might have something to do with its bigger 5.9 inch screen. This is even 0.4 inches larger than the iPhone 6’s 5.5 inch screen and 0.2 inches bigger than the Galaxy Note 4’s 5.7 inch screen. In fact, it is one inch less than the Nexus 7 tablet, which makes consumers wonder if the Nexus 6 Smartphone should actually be called a Smartphone instead of a tablet. However, Google is calling it a Smartphone so that is what it will be. It has a 5.9 inch screen with 1440×2560 resolution, a 13 MP back camera, a 2 MP front camera and a battery with 3200 mAh. Best of all, it will have the most recent version of the Android operating system called “Android Lollipop.”

The Google Nexus 6 has been compared to the Motorola Moto X for their similarities in design and thinness. Even their bezels are thin too. Will this make Motorola users want to keep their Smartphone or switch over to Nexus 6? Some people say that Google’s brand name alone will cause people to switch over to their model, especially because of the screen quality. The only slump the company faces is their high price tag. The economy is still in trouble with people continuing to struggle to pay their bills. The idea that they will fork over $650 for the latest gadget sounds a bit unrealistic; however, that didn’t stop consumers from doing the same when the Apple iPhone 5s came out. With that release, Apple even introduced a cheaper model at the same time for those who were on a budget, but consumers still bought the more expensive one. Perhaps, this enthusiasm for getting the latest and highest quality Smartphone will make them purchase the Nexus 6 after all.


Amazon’s new Fire HD tablets are the ideal cheap slates (review)


The poor global economy still has people looking for the most affordable mobile devices around. When it comes to Smartphones and tablets, the average phone will likely cost around $400-$500. This creates a great opportunity for companies, such as Amazon, to develop a cheaper tablet that still contains the same functionality of the more expensive ones. The first Amazon Fire tablet with an Android operating system was priced at $200. It was not even that attractive to consumers, neither visually or performance wise. But it was one of the more affordable brand name tablets on the market, and also proved that Amazon could be more innovative than just developing e-readers. Now they are creating better tablet models that still remain affordable at the same time.

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Amazon has recently released its newest tablet, which is the cheapest model yet. Their new Fire HD tablet with a 6 inch screen is priced at $100. They also have a 7 inch model that is priced at $140. Both prices are still cheaper than any new tablet on the market today. Visually, they do not look very attractive on the outside; however, the price tag is bound to look attractive to consumers. Plus, their performance will remain fast and top notch, despite the cheap price. When you look at other affordable tablets on the market, they tend to run slower and have more technical problems. Amazon’s mission is to have tablets that function as well as the more expensive tablets, while being affordable to the average consumer. The only complaint with these new Fire tablets seems to be the extra wide amount of bezel around the screens. But for the price, it is easy to overlook that. The tablets have quad core processors and high resolution visuals that will make you feel like you have a $600 tablet.

So what’s the catch? How can Amazon afford to do this? Observers of the newest Amazon HD Fire tablets noticed a few unattractive qualities with the devices. For one thing, they have “special offer” advertisements that appear on the lock screen of the tablets, which forces consumers to spend an extra $15 if they want to turn them off. The tablets also hold only 8 GB of storage space, which is an extremely small amount for those people that like to download movies, apps and music. If you just want to download eBooks, then it should be okay. Overall, if you don’t use tablets for heavy downloading then it is still a good deal. The onetime fee of $15 to turn off advertisements is worth the price.


Nest’s smart smoke detector gets a big software update: Alert history, CO levels, & more



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A huge update is coming to the smart smoke detector “Nest Protect.” The Nest Company is releasing a new app for the device that will show people a history of their recent alarms that go back 10 days. Some say this will be helpful in figuring out what causes it to go off in the first place, like carbon monoxide levels rising in the home.


The app also contains a new feature called “Steam Check,” which will be beneficial to a lot of homeowners who are tired of their smoke alarms going off while they cook. Steam Check will cut the amount of false alarms down in half because it will be better at telling the difference between fire smoke and steam generated from cooking food. Of course, it won’t stop all false alarms but it will at least reduce them.

One feature that Nest is still trying to work on is the wave gesture, which allows the Protect device to turn off by just waving your hands in front of it. This feature was already supposed to get released in the update, but there were some technical issues that caused the company to disable the feature for now. Nest is currently working on fixing this problem because they don’t want their alarms to be like household alarms that you can’t turn off by yourself. On the upside, Nest’s new update gives users the ability to control the levels of the Pathlight, which is a nightlight and status indictor on the alarm.

Nine months ago, it was announced that Google made an acquisition of Nest in the amount of $3.2 billion. Since then, Nest has doubled their amount of employees while still remaining an independent company. They aren’t even sharing any information with Google regarding their technology with Protect. Things are definitely looking up for Nest because an acquisition from Google certainly means that big things are in store for the company. It may even convince consumers to keep their Nest Protect smoke alarms while the bugs get worked out. Besides, it is very easy to receive the software updates because they get download automatically into the smart device through thin air. That way you don’t have to go through the hassle of taking it out of the ceiling and sending it back for manual updating.

If you want to pick up one of these devices, look for them at, which is a popular supplier of security devices and electronics. You are bound to see them for sale again, once Nest has perfected their wave gesture app.

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