Amazon Fire Phone: Pros and Cons



The new Amazon Fire Phone looks to have a solid foundation and bright sharp screen quality. It also has a very sensitive touchscreen that responds fast to human interaction, which is what people love. The design of the Fire Phone features round edges that are covered with soft material, even softer than the iPhone’s material. However, critics have speculated that the user interface is too cluttered for their liking. They also don’t like that it feels heavy because they would rather it feel like a toy. People have a choice of purchasing the phone for $650 with no contract or $199 with a two year contract through AT&T. As you can see, there are a lot of pros and cons to weigh in with this new Amazon Fire Phone. How will consumers ever decide if they should buy it or not?

The Fire Phone will truly be for people that extensively use their Amazon account. Meaning, they download a lot of books, music and videos from it. With the Fire Phone, you will be able to link directly into your Amazon account and access all of the digital products that you have already bought. It is kind of similar to the structure of the Apple iPhone, which allows people to connect to their Apple accounts and access the digital products they have purchased under it. The Fire Phone will also allow you to make more digital purchases from your Amazon account as well. Plus, everyone who purchases the Fire Phone will receive a free one year membership to Amazon Prime. This means you can get some free movies from the video section of the Amazon store with your Prime membership and then watch them right on your phone. However, the most impressive and original feature of the Fire Phone is the Firefly camera. This is a back camera that can actually recognize items that it sees and then provides you with links to information about those items. It can even find product information on a product that it sees, like where to buy it.

If you are somebody that doesn’t have an Amazon account or hasn’t really used it for any purchases, then you may not think the Fire Phone is a good investment. This is especially true if you have already purchased an iPhone or another smartphone. If you want to make Amazon purchases with these other smartphones then you can still download the Amazon app, which is available for the iOS and Android operating systems. With the phone being as expensive as an iPhone, you will certainly want to consider your needs before purchasing it.


PadFone X: The New Hybrid of Phone & Tablet

asus-padfone-x-asusPeople have so many gadgets that they have to worry about these days. Most people already own an Apple iPhone, but then there are those that like to have a tablet because the screen is bigger. A company named AsusTek Computer Inc. has developed a new gadget that merges the smartphone and tablet together in one. This gadget is called the “PadFone X.” Basically, the PadFone will resemble any other smartphone with its 5 inch screen and basic user experience. However, when you want a bigger screen for a more “tablet experience,” then you can slip your PadFone into the back of a bigger display screen that is included. This bigger display screen is 9 inches and shaped just like a tablet. Now you can run all of your smartphone apps on a 9 inch screen. Since the smartphone is what contains all of the microchips and data, the tablet display just creates a bigger image of what you would normally see on the phone.

Now people don’t have to buy a $650 iPhone and a $500 iPad separately anymore. They can invest in the PadFone X with just one payment of $550 and receive the user experience of having both a phone and a tablet at their disposal. Not only that, but the PadFone gets serviced through AT&T and doesn’t require a contract. Compare this to the Apple iPhone 5s that was $650 and required a two year servicing contract. As for the downsides, you might find the gadget to be bulky when you put the phone into the back of the tablet display. You also can’t expect to have the option of phone or tablet when you go out somewhere because you are likely not going to carry the tablet display around with you. This will generally be kept at your home or office. If you try to bring the display with you, then you are just lugging around two objects, which will defeat the purpose of buying the PadFone X in the first place. Overall, this PadFone X is not really something you need if you already have a smartphone or tablet that you love. If you are someone that tends to read text messages or watches videos a lot on your smartphone, then you might think this is a good investment if you have the money to spend. For those on a budget who already have a smartphone, you should just keep what you have and avoid spending more money on this device.




New Competition for Google Glass–Virtual Tablet?

The innovative market of smart technology certainly took a turn in 2012 when Google announced the development of “smart glasses,” which they have named Google Glass. These smart glasses can be worn like regular glasses, but they allow you to see streaming data and information through the lens as well. Anyways, the introduction to smart glasses had naturally encouraged other smart technology developers to invent their own competing brand of smart glasses. Atheer Labs is one example of this. They put together an Indiegogo campaign for the development of their own smart glass technology. This campaign has raised over $200,000, which was double what it originally had intended on getting.

Atheer Labs took an interesting twist with the development of their smart glasses. They are aiming to make their glasses beneficial to business people and corporate leaders because the company feels the market for them will be stronger there. Besides, the mainstream consumer market might not be ready for smart glasses because people will likely be wearing them when they drive or while doing something else that is dangerous. On the other hand, businesspeople that wear smart glasses around the office are not endangering anybody. Instead, they can receive emails and voice messages without having to lift a finger. Atheer Labs believes that most computer technology started with businesspeople, like personal computers, Blackberry phones and so on. Then they slowly integrated into the consumer market, which is what they plan on doing with their smart glasses.

Consumers might be put off by this “enterprise” version of Atheer Lab’s smart glasses, but they have to realize that the glasses are still in an experimental stage. As for its software, it will be specially made to cater to the specific industry that a person works in. For example, a construction worker that has these smart glasses will have different software features than the smart glasses of a doctor. Also, the Atheer’s smart glasses can run on the Android operating system, which means it can run Android apps right through the glasses. Finally, the design of the glasses is much more attractive because they are brighter and larger than the competing Google Glass. Then when you wear the glasses, you won’t have a distracting little screen that appears above your eye like with Google Glass. That is why Atheer’s smart glasses are actually being called headsets because it is really something you wear sitting down. However, the company thinks that their smart glasses will eventually be as thin and natural as a pair of sunglasses.



New Phone Unlocking Bill Passed Into Law


Smartphones are very handy and useful devices to own, but for awhile now people have been at the mercy of their wireless carrier when it comes to the phone they purchased. Wireless carriers have been notorious for placing locks on smartphones, which means people are forced to use one particular carrier with the inability to switch carriers at a later date. But now, this has all changed thanks to President Barack Obama. The president just signed a bill into law that will keep cell phones unlocked after a person’s wireless contract is over. This means they will be able to pick a whole new service provider for their cell phone without having the restriction of a lock. The only catch is that you have to actually pay for the phone first. So, if you are a thief that thinks he can steal a phone and have it unlocked, then you will be out of luck.

Americans have wanted this unlock ruling for awhile now. After all, if you pay for something then you should actually own it, right? This new “Unlocking Consumer and Wireless Competition Act” will ensure that people do in fact own what they paid for, at least until 2015. The new law will only be effective until the Librarian of Congress makes their next ruling for any exemptions that should take place within the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA. By law, the Librarian of Congress is obligated to make a ruling on all exemptions of the DMCA at least once every three years. In other words, the politicians in Congress and the president may have agreed on this cell phone unlocking exemption, but the Librarian of Congress has the right to make their own ruling on it at their next scheduled rule making date, which is in 2015. At least for now, consumers have a law that gives them the rights they have been asking for in regards to their cell phone. You might think cell phones are superficial and unimportant, but many people hold them near and dear to their hearts. They want to have complete ownership over them, especially since they have to pay top dollar to get it in the first place. Even if the Librarian’s ruling were to change things again, there would be more pressure put on Washington to permanently change the law. Perhaps, Congress will change the laws of the DMCA themselves to allow this unlocking feature to always occur. We shall see.