One Of The Best Android Phones Will Be Super Cheap Next Month

Android phones have become popular for a variety of reasons. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also the most affordable Smartphones on the mobile marketplace. But this doesn’t mean you can’t wait until they get even cheaper. The newest Android Smartphone will be cheaper next month because Motorola is offering a $140 discount off any purchase on their website that is $499 or more. This means you can get a 64 GB Moto X with no contract for only $360, instead of the retail price of $500. This is Motorola’s best Smartphone yet with lots of memory and completely free of all bloatware. If you want to get a less expensive Motorola phone with more accessories, this is about the same price as the 64 GB Moto X without the accessories. So it really all depends if the extra memory is worth more than the accessories. Of course, you can still shop around on the Motorola website and try to find your own unique combinations of items to purchase at a discount.

To take advantage of this special discount offer, you have to register at the Motorola website in order to receive the special promo code. Unfortunately, this registration opportunity was only available on February 2nd between noon and 1PM. For those who already got the code, they have until February 14th to use it. However, people who do not have any promo code can still take advantage of some good discount opportunities on the website. You can still get $100 off any $500 purchase, and you can even get $35 off any $250 purchase. These discounts are not as big as the other one, but they are still considerably generous and will save you some good money.

Motorola is a brand that has always been able to merge quality with affordability. Their newest phones have large high definition screens, fast computer processing and a Google Now feature. Best of all, the Motorola phones contain the latest version of the Android operating system. This means you will be able to download apps from the Google Store and play them on your device. Therefore, if you are looking for a super cheap phone then you better take advantage of these discounts quickly before they run out. You never know when Motorola will have another discount opportunity like this one.

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You’ll Be Able To Buy The Apple Watch In April (AAPL)

Smartwatches have taken the tech community by storm. And of course, any kind of gadget that Apple releases is sure to draw attention. That is why excitement has already stirred up in the tech community after Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the “Apple Watch” was going to be available in April. He did not mention a specific date for April, but it still has people curious about it because there was not much information revealed about the watch itself. That is why Apple will likely have another event where the specifications of the Apple Watch are gone over more thoroughly. People at the unveiling last September only got a tiny glimpse of its abilities.

The biggest deciding factor for people when it comes to purchasing anything is cost. Consumers have been pretty quick to purchase anything Apple though. But on the upside, the cheapest variation of the Apple Watch will be around $350. This is still kind of expensive, but not as expensive as a new iPhone. The variations of the watch itself have to do with the materials it is made out of. Some of the cheaper models will be made out of stainless steel while others will be made out of gold. So these aren’t just going to be technical gadgets that you are wearing on your wrist. They can literally be called jewelry because they will be as valuable as real jewelry. The gold Apple Watches are expected to cost in the vicinity of $5,000.

The second thing people consider in their gadgets is battery life. For the Apple Watch, its battery life is currently a mystery to people. The only information revealed by Apple was that you will have to charge your watch every night. This could mean the watch will stay charged all day, so by the time you go to sleep you can just recharge it then for the next day. Some rumors suggest the watch may have 19 hours of battery life on a single charge. This is more than enough battery life for most people who sleep 8 hours per day and are up for only 16 hours.

People are anxiously awaiting the next update as April is only two months away. Variations of the Apple Watch are expected to have different components in them as well. We will just have to wait until Apple’s next announcement in order to find out what these components are.images


PlayStation at 20: How Sony’s Console Has Grown Up With Its Players

Sony PlayStation became 20 years old in late 2014. For many gamers, it seems like only yesterday that the original Sony PlayStation hit the shelves of their favorite toy store. Its ability to play 3d games completely revolutionized the industry. The only 3d competitors at the time were the Sega CD and Nintendo 64, which did have their own place in 3d history even though their games lacked certainly qualities that Sony got right. The PlayStation had smooth 3d graphics that were fast paced and much more interactive. Then as time went on, PlayStation kept developing new consoles with improved graphics, sound and DVD playback capabilities. The most recent system is PlayStation 4, which has sold more systems than even Sony expected. So it is safe to say that consumers are still interested in Sony Playstation systems.

The big question that gamers often wonder about Sony Playstation is, “What more can be done to further enhance the system when PlayStation 5 comes around?” The graphics of the PlayStation 4 are so realistic looking that it is hard to imagine them getting any better. Plus the PS4 has digital downloads now, so people don’t even have to purchase the physical disks anymore. So, what next? Well there are rumors that Sony is taking an interest in virtual reality technology. We have already seen some positive reviews for Oculus Rift, which is a virtual reality headset that lets you game inside a 3d world. Sony may be contemplating whether or not to switch from a gaming console to a set of 3d goggles. The only thing is virtual reality games have to be built from scratch. You wouldn’t be able to transfer older PlayStation games onto a virtual reality system like you can with the later PlayStation console models.

The only thing that can go wrong with 3d goggles is the sickness. People who use 3d headsets for extended periods of time can easily feel disoriented or nauseous, especially when they take the goggles off their head. Sony wouldn’t want to lose their millions of loyal customers by creating a product they are going to be sick from. So there are a lot of bugs and quirks that have to be worked out in the goggles before they become main stream for gaming. But in another 20 years, we may very well be seeing goggles as the main type of console. Either that or it will already have become irrelevant by that time.



This Was The Single Best Fitness App Of 2014

Single Best Fitness App of 2014People always make excuses that they never have time to get to the gym and workout because they have to deal with their children or jobs all day. Well now there are no more excuses because there is a new fitness app that will let somebody get a workout in just 7 minutes. The best part is they can perform the exercises from virtually anywhere. Whether it is your office at work or the living room at your house, all you need is a spare wall and a chair to complete this short workout routine.

The 7-Minute Workout App is available for both Android and iPhone. It was created with the brainpower of an exercise physiologist and personal trainer. The theory behind the app is that short amounts of intense exercise will actually provide you with longer lasting health benefits rather than having to endure longer and more grueling exercises. There are a series of 12 basic exercises that everyone is probably familiar with such as sit ups, jumping jacks, pushups, and squats. For 10 of these exercises, all you need is your own body to perform them. The only two exercises that will require a chair are the triceps dips and the step ups. These exercises might sound mediocre, but at a fast intense pace they will be very challenging. After all, you will be fitting in 12 different exercises in just 7 minutes. Basically, you perform each exercise for up to 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. This type of workout is similar to interval training where you have intense periods of exercises that are broken up with rest periods.

You might be wondering what the fitness app actually does, since you will be doing all the physical work. The app is there to teach you how to do the exercises. It will display a visual example of each exercise so you will know how to get into proper form. Then when you are done with the exercise it will prompt you to go onto the next exercise. It will be like having your own personal trainer there to motivate and push you to keep on going forward. No matter how busy someone is, they should be able to find 7 minutes of free time for them to exercise. This could be at the end of a lunch break or even before you go to sleep. It is no wonder why the 7-Minute Workout App was the single best fitness app of 2014.