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Million Moments

Million Moments

Million Moments – Best photo viewer for Android Phones. It becomes a headache managing all your clicked pictures and sorting them group wise. Specially when you have too many pics then it really becomes a mess arranging all those pics in such a way so that it looks appealing. However we have found an app which can be termed as the best photo viewer for Android “Million Moments“.


  • Create separate Label/albums names and easily assign pics to those labels.
  • Import all the pre clicked pictures at once. If any new pic is clicked after you install this, cialis then the next time you open the app, you get the option automatically to import those pics.
  • Separate album for each label you created. So all your memories of a particular thing are arranged at one place.
  • View and share your favourite picture in elegant, magazine like layout.
  • Options to import pics from Facebook.
  • Can also take pictures directly from the app.
  • Inbuilt Guide in form of albums.

A simple yet very useful app to take, import, and browse pictures.
Best Photo Viewer For Android

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