Fake Call App To Save You

androidFake Call App : If you are a proud owner of Android SmartPhone but don’t have this best android app, then you are surely missing a lot of fun. Presenting before you an app which can help you get out of any awkward situation or just in case you want to ignore someone.

Fake Call App

Fake Call App

Fake Call App is the best app to get out of any awkward situation. Suppose you are with your friends but wanna leave and they are not letting you do so. You can schedule a fake call with this app with whatever number you want and you can get a call at that schedule time. This can give you a strong reason to get out of that place.

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Features of Fake Call App :

  • Autofill from contacts – allows you to select any contact from which you want to get the call.
  • Select your own ringtones –  enables you set customized ringtone.
  • Record ‘voice on other end’ – helps you even record your voice so that you can make your friend listen to that voice and confirm them that you received a real call.
  • Schedule fake calls – allows you to preplan a call in case you need to be out of somewhere at a specified time.

This fake call app is definitely an awesome app and gives you the best reason to get out of situation when you want to.

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