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I always wished if i could convert my laptop screen to touchscreen. With the brand new Metro UI of Windows 8 it would definitely add up to the fun and excitement if we could touch the icons and other apps just as we do in our smartphones. But it’s not from a long and touch based laptop has just started rolling out. So how to convert your laptop screen into touchscreen?

You might have already bought a laptop earlier when there was no any option of touch screen laptop or since the budget of touchscreen laptop are slightly higher, it might get out of your budget. So what to do to get the same experience from our non touch laptop as a touch laptop. The answer is simple. Convert your laptop into a touchscreen laptop.

No, you don’t need to change your screen and spend a lot of money. You just need Portronics Handmate Windows 8 Pen. This is a simple device which will provide you with the experience of using your laptop as touchscreen laptop.

How does this converts your laptop into touchscreen laptop?

convert your laptop into touchscreen laptop

Portronics Handmate Windows 8 Pen

configuring this pen with your Windows 8 is very easy. Just connect it via any USB port and then calibrate it from the control panel. This device comes with its instruction to help you out in this. This will hardly take your minute and after setting up you are all done. This gadget works with any Windows 8 powered laptop and will convert your laptop into a touchscreen laptop.

After setting up simply point on any app or icon you wish to open and it will open it just the same way as it is done in touchscreen laptop.

The Handmate Windows 8 Pen comes along with some spare stylus and batteries which is claimed to have a battery life of 500 hours. This gadget is priced at 4,999/- INR and is not more than the extra amount you will be paying for a touch based laptop.


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2 thoughts on “Convert Your Laptop Screen Into TouchScreen

  1. I don’t think so this is good idea… Bcz e-Touch Pen is not comfortable as Thumb for that you can take an example of mobiles nobody wants to use touch screen mobiles throw stick which is given with that. using that screen cover it definetly reduce the display clarity… and one more thing is you can get touch screen monitors for around 7000 it is only 2000 more than that divice..

    • Thanks for your valuable input. Agree with your point but its better to have something than nothing… this is definitely not recommended and will require little more effort than those with factoy made touch feature…

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