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Hike App


Hike App is an Instant messaging app just as WhatsApp. As a matter of fact it is better than WhatsApp as Hike offers some additional features which turns out to be a drawback of WhatsApp. Hike App is latest entry to the world which has been trendified from the old simple messaging by Instant Messaging. Hike message has got many bonus offers and other features by which you can contact your friend any time even without internet connection and that too free of cost.

Hike is somewhat advanced to the other apps as it offers a combo of instant messaging feature as well as general SMS feature. Now those who have sued or are using WhatsApp may have felt the problem in communicating with their pals when there is no internet connectivity specially while travelling or may be at any random time. This problem is no more a problem in Hike App. 

Hike ScreenShots

Hike ScreenShots

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What Hike App has to offer…

Hike offers 3 ways of messaging…

  • Messaging between Hike users (unlimited and free worldwide).
  • Can send message to SmartPhone owners who don’t have Hike via SMS (Restricted To India at Present)
  • Can message to any other non SmartPhone users via SMS. However they may block you if you constantly keep on bugging them as they will be provided a block code for this.

The best part is that just like a normal SMS pack, each month you will get 100 free HIke SMS to contact those people who are not using Hike. At the end of the message there will be a link through which they can join and if any person does so then you will be rewarded with 10 free SMS per registered user. And as a bonus prize you will get also get 50 additional SMS for each user you have invited from next month. You have been provided with other options to invite as well like from Facebook or twitter or email.

Hike Smileys

Inbuilt Smileys and lot more..

The reward program doesn’t end here. Apart from several bonus offers being planned by the company very often, You will also be rewarded with 1 time bonus of 100 sms for connecting your account to Facebook or Twitter.

The features that it missed is the media sharing which is generally found in other IM apps. But we expect all the features to be there soon may be in upcoming updates. But with what it does, it definitely has no competition.

Hike App is available on all major OS and is soon expected to be available for Blackberry users as well.

Click to download Hike App and Start Hiking.
Hike (Google Play, Free)
Hike (Windows Phone, Free)
Hike (Symbian, Free)

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