One Handed Operation In Samsung Galaxy Grand

Samsung Galaxy Grand bears a large screen size of 5 inch. Though SmartPhones users like me loves this size of screen but it do have a drawback. It becomes really difficult to use this device single-handedly. However Samsung has removed this drawback by providing a feature in the setting tabs one handed operation.

One handed operation as you can see in the ScreenShot comes with features which will not let you down and feel bad about owning a large screen device.

Features of one handed operation

One Handed Operation


  • Keypad and in-call buttons – Adjusts the position of the dialing keypad and in-call buttons left/right depending upon your choice.
  • Samsung Keyboard – Adjusts the position of the keyboard left or right.
  • Calculator – Adjust the position of Samsung Calculator Keypad left or right.
  • Unlock Pattern – Adjusts the scale of unlock pattern.

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To enable this feature in your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, view go to Settings, prescription  find out One Handed Operation option and click to set it accordingly and enable whatever feature you want to enable out of the above four.

One Handed Operation


One Handed Operation

Word From Samsung

Enable this feature and use your Samsung Galaxy with ease on the go single handedly. This one handed operation feature definitely is of great use for devices with big screens.

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