Nokia Lumia Ad : More Of Apple Samsung Rivalry

Nokia Lumia

Microsoft recently released a new television commercial for Nokia’s flagship gadget Nokia Lumia 920. However this ad seems to be showing more Apple Samsung rivalry to justify its statement “switch to lumia”.

The ad starts in a wedding ceremony where the most probable future couple are about to take their vow. This does count as a memory to be captured thus everyone gets their SmartPhones and phablets out. One of them gets up to get a clear view in his Galaxy Note II which somehow disturbs the picture a iPhone owner was about to click. The result is that Apple and Samsung owners gets into heated discussion which finally leads up to a fancy fight.

And enters the heroes which here is played by two waiters holding the Nokia lumia 920.

Their short conversation

Male waiter : “Do you think that if they knew about the Nokia Lumia, they’d stop fighting all the time?”
Female Waiter : “I don’t know, I kind of think, they like fighting”. And the message comes across, “Don’t fight. Switch.”

“This is just to tell the users to get out of the competition of Apple and Samsung and to tell them Nokia Lumia is far better option for them. So just switch to Nokia Lumia. The reason for switching is however missing in this ad.”

However this ad as i said is more of telling what their devices can do. So its kind of promoting over just the fight or to be precise the competition between them. I don’t think this would count for a sudden huge sale. Nokia and Microsoft should try something better for their phones and if possible be a part of that competition where Nokia users get many things to praise about their Lumia’s.

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