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You may have faced a situation when you have just too many of videos to watch. You may have seen this in a forum where answers have been provided in some url of video tutorials. Whenever we see a large no of video urls, discount which we want to see, cialis we are only left with the option to manually visit each url and then see them. but with this option you might end up having too many tabs open in your browser or you might just watch one at a time and then close it and then reopen another tab.

What if there is something which provides us all the videos in a slideshow so that we can move to the next window just by scrolling without doing all that url entering and opening and closing of so many tabs. Well i found out a very efficient way on Digital Inspiration(Source).

Amit Agrawal (Founder of Digital Inspiration as we all know) introduced a new service Video Slides, a service where you can just paste all the video urls and you are done. It will automatically create a slideshow of all the videos.Its not needed to select every video url and paste them. You can paste the complete data and this will detect all the video url and will present you with the slideshow. Pretty smart enough.

Click Here to create your own.

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