Nokia Lumia 928 Confirmation : Official

Nokia Lumia 928

Its been a long time when we first saw a rumoured news regarding Nokia Lumia 928. Nokia has now officially confirmed the news of its existence.

Engadget posted an image of Nokia Lumia 928 in the issue of Vanity Fair magazine. This ad was clearly showing a Nokia Gadget which was held by a person who was snapping a photo/video of a family at beach. This ad was clearly marking the NOKIA logo at the top of the screen. This could be also said via this ad that it is promoting Nokia’s pureview camera technology and its low light snapping capabilities.

Nokia itself made the same image available on their website and asks the viewers to stay tuned for updates  about the newest Nokia Lumia. The link at which this image is being shown has Nokia’s main domain followed by the term lumia928″.

Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928

As of now, Nokia hasn’t made any comment or update on its specs and we could only get a glance of this new Nokia Lumia 928. Of course the rumour zone is full of comments and other details of this device. We are pretty sure that this device will also be having a camera to do wonders just as Nokia Lumia 920. However we will be updating the details of this device after its official confirmation. We have read about this device being unveiled on 14th May and we have a news which tells that Nokia has scheduled a Lumia event at London on 14th May. Eyes on this event to update my loyal readers with any interesting news.

Official Link

Update : Nokia Lumia 928 Launched in US

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