WeChat – Worry for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp



WeChat is just born into the world of chat applications where Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are ruling. But in spite of this, WeChat is making up its areas and giving a neck to neck competition to those popular apps.

WeChat – The Rising Instant Messaging App and possibly The Future Alternative for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

WeChat supports multiple features. I won’t be wrong if I say, it has all those great features of those big apps, combined into a single app.. Along with being loaded with features, company’s strong marketing skills have already made this app popular.


The best part with this app is that it is available for almost all possible mobile platform. Hence, no matter your phone is running on Android or iOS or even Symbian, this is available for you. This is not possible with other apps like Viber (supports video calling).

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WeChat is not only a chatting application but it combines mini social network also. WeChat so far is launched for users in India.

WeChat vs WhatsApp

WeChat has got all the features of WhatsApp so you will never miss WhatsApp if you are switching over it. It has even got some new features which are not a part of WhatsApp, like video calling. A very interesting feature “Live Chat” is also there which lets you chat in real-time. It has also got a new feature named Hold To Talk which eliminates the need to type thus making it easier to stay connected on the go.

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WeChat Features

WeChat Features

WeChat Features

WeChat Extra Features compared to other IM apps

Since I mentioned that it has an inbuilt mini social networking site, this app allows you to have a profile image, a cover image. You may post status updates. You may edit your pics and share it publicly or privately. These are some of the features which I haven’t seen in any other app so far. WeChat also allows you to chat and connect with strangers providing you chance to meet new people and friends.

The best thing, you get all this features for free.

WeChat ScreenShots

WeChat ScreenShots

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Preloaded with so many features, it will definitely not take too much time for WeChat to be on every one gadget. Every app needs several apps to meet that level where it can be a user’s choice. However this app already comes with so many features that it will not take time and it will also be interesting to see what others features will be coming in near future when this app has got every possible thing.

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