HTC Desire U : SmartPhone Without Smart Features

HTC Desire U is a dual-sim Android smartphone which has slightly outdated hardware and software combo for a price tag of 13,499 INR. I personally was unable to find any reason to make this device in the wishlist or to suggest anyone for purchasing. Let’s dig inside a little and see what it has got for us.

HTC Desire U

HTC Desire U

HTC Desire U

The very first thing which was a minus point for this gadget was that was just 512 MB of RAM. HTC Desire U is running Android 4.0 (a little bit disappointing too, when almost every gadget now comes with 4.1 or 4.2 out of the box).

This gadget comes with a 1GHz processor and 4GB of internal memory which also less compared to the general trend which new smartphones in the same range are showing. It though comes with a expandable option of 32GB via microSD card.

The only plus point it has is that it has got is beatsAudio just like the other HTC devices. It features a 4-inch capacitive display which has a resolution of 400×800 pixels (Not so wow as well).

HTC Desire U packs up a 5MP camera with LED flash (neither a plus point nor a minus one). However the worst part with this gadget is that it is missing a front camera so no video calling is supported. This is really disappointing for a smartphones released in today’s technological scenario.

The only thing any person would be happy about if someone gifts them a HTC Desire U (Which probably no one would, seeing the outdated specs at a price of 13,499INR) is the design. It has got a decent design with a micro-drilled carving at the rear side.

Final Verdict for HTC Desire U

A minus for Android version, front camera, RAM, Internal Memory, screen resolution. Well I don’t think there is anything left for a plus except the slight new micro drilled rear design. However, just a plus in the design element of any smartphone is definitely not enough for anyone to grab up this phone. Especially when you have so many options definitely better than HTC Desire U in the same price range of 13,000 to 14,000 INR.

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3 thoughts on “HTC Desire U : SmartPhone Without Smart Features

  1. My fav. model HTC 😉 Thanks for providing this useful info. Surely come back again to see more Updates.. 🙂

    • If this is your favourite model, I would definitely like to know the reason for it.. Might have missed something really important in my article :)…

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