Top 10 Features Of iOS 7 : First Look

Apple finally launched its brand new and much awaited iOS 7, on Monday at WWDC 2013. This update is surely making the iOS complete in all sense. iOS 7 brings up a completely revamped user interface along with all those missing features offered by its competitors. After a li’l bit of research, i am finally presenting before you the top 10 major update/features which iOS 7 has got for us.

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iOS 7 – Top 10 Awesome Features

  • Notification CentreApple’s brand new iOS 7 brings out an updated version of Notification centre. It has got a new translucent background. The new notification centre is divided into three tabs viz. today, all and missed. Today tab gives you info about your events, weather, traffic and your appointments. Missed gives you all the alerts and notifications from different apps. All tab simply comprises of all the notification. The way of accessing Notification Center is the same as in previous iOS version that is by swiping down from the top from your home/lock screen.
  • Central Control Centre This is a feature which was missed a lot in previous version of iOS. iOS users were missing a central control centre which allows them access to frequently used settings. they had to always route for the main setting options which was  along process for simple or regular tweaking of some random settings. Apple took a note to this problem and thus rectified it by providing a new central control centre for access to most used setting. To access this you simply need to swipe up from your home/lock screen. It includes settings for Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth, and also screen orientation settings. It also enables you to adjust screen brightness with music control keys as well. Some shortcuts for flashlight, timer, calculator, and camera are also present for easy access.
  • MultiTasking previously, Apple had multitasking options for only selected apps. But Apple iOS 7 has even rectified this and now allows you to run all your apps to run in background thus providing with complete multitasking abilities. The multitasking screen has also been highly revamped. Now pressing the home button twice will greet you with the preview screen of all the running apps. A new gesture has also been introduced for quitting any of the running app is by swiping out that app from the preview screen.
  • AirDrop AirDrop has been a common feature for Mac users. AirDrop is used for transferring files between two computers on the same network. Now this feature is also available in iOS 7. It lets share your photos, videos and anything from any of the app on your phone by tapping the share button and selecting another iOS user with whom you want to share. AirDrop offers secure encrypted transfers over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without any additional setup. However to use AirDrop you must have an iCloud account.
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  • New Camera app The new iOS 7 camera app provides a smarter way to switch between different modes of camera viz. still, panorama, video mode by simply swiping over the screen. It has also got some inbuilt filters for adding up effect to your snapped pictures.
  • Safari web browser Updated Safari – the native web browser for iOS has also been revamped to offer an enhanced browser experience. Buttons are bars are auto hidden until you scroll to offer a distraction free web experience. To go back and forward you just need to use swipe gestures. It is now also offering search and URL box combo, a brand new tab view (not restricted only 8 tabs) and a Shared links menu. Updated Safari Web Browser in iOS 7 has also got a reading list which provides you with access of links shared by people followed by you on twitter within the browser itself. It has also got a new feature iCloudchain which saves your password and other details and automatically fills it up whenever you are using a site on iOS or the new Mavericks OS x (for Mac). It offers a 256-bit AES encryption for security those sensitive data
  • New Photos app This app provides a new way to browse you snapped pictures according to collections or moments or years. it smartly groups your photos and videos based on time and date. The year options shows you all the pics taken in that particular year. Further, it subdivides in collections based on events like trip or any other random event like birthday. It also includes options of sharing your moments via iCloud Photo Sharing by creating a shared photo stream. This is like a small network of your own. People will post photos and videos on this stream and it appears to all those iOS holders who are on this stream
  • Updated App Store iOS 7 features a brand new app store with clean UI. It also suggest apps based on your location. It also updates all your apps automatically without disturbing you. Thus you never need to worry about checking for updates and updating your iOS apps anymore.
  • New Siri and Siri Eyes Free Even Siri – the voice assistant has got a new look and new added features in iOS 7. Now Siri offers a more natural speech pattern than the old slightly robotic type of voice. It also offers with option of male or female Siri voice. Siri has now access to even more sources which includes Bing, Wikipedia etc. It can also performs new tasks which include controlling apps and even phone settings. Siri also offers options like letting you make calls, control music and check mails and even messages while you are driving. It is being said to be introduced in select cars in 2014.
  • Activation lock iOS 7 also makes your phone more secures. It makes the reselling or use of your stolen device more difficult. Turing off ‘Find My iPhone’ or even resetting the device now requires your Apple ID and password. This even required to reactivate the iPhone.


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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Features Of iOS 7 : First Look

  1. Nothing Apple announced at WWDC 2013 is wildly revolutionary. Nevertheless it brings plenty of cool new features to my iPhone and iPad, and even if all it does is help curb iOS device snatchings, it will represent a large step within the right path.

    • Hello Dominic,
      Thanks for Dropping your views.. I completely agree with you. iOS7 can’t be termed as a whole new level of technology, yet it makes the old one really smart enough to stand and give a neck to neck competition to other OSeS.

  2. I updated my Iphone 4 to IOS 7 beta 1 without developer account and udid registration but as the IOS is in beta its Laggs a lot so I immediately downgraded my iphone back to IOS 6.1.3.Features are good like android.I am a Apple fan but this time I didnt liked the look of IOS 7 IOS 6.1.3 look was better or I must say Best.I think I won’t but any device in future until apple changes the look in near future for IOS 8 Or IOS 9 etc….

  3. Wow, Google sure went above and beyond with this cellphone. It’s about time they did something better than the Iphone. – Scott Craighead

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