5 Easy Steps To Update Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Most of you might be aware of how to update your Samsung Galaxy Grand duos but in case if you are not sure on how to do this, pilule Here is a simple step by step guide to make your device updated with latest firmware version.

Note: This update is not an update for the Android Version. Before updating and after updating Android v4.1.2 remains as it is.

Steps to Update your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Checking For Updates in Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Checking For Updates in Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Step 1: Navigate to the setting options and scroll to the last option. You will find the option “About Device”. Click on that option.

Step 2: Then you will be welcomed with a screen with several information about current status of your device. On the top you will find the option “Software Update”. Click on that. You will be presented with 3 options. Select the first option to check whether any update is available for you or not.

Note: If you haven’t updated your device even once then you might not get this update. Instead you will be shown some other update. This is because for installing this update your device needs to have all the previous updates installed on it. For this just follow this procedure repeatedly. You may get two or more updates to install before getting this final update.

[alert style=”red”] Seeing that many people were facing a lot of problems after the Android 4.2.2 update, Samsung recently released another update to solve all those issue. head over to this link to know more.

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Step 3: Once you get any update listed on your screen it will automatically start downloading it.

Note: By default, Downloads are set to be downloaded via Wi-Fi only. If you are downloading your software update via mobile network, you first need to disable it by de-selecting the last option “Wi-Fi only”. Once you disable it, you can download update for your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos via your mobile network.

Step 4: Once your update for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos will be downloaded, it will ask you to schedule update for installing it later or install it at the same time. Depending upon your choice you can select the desired option.

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Step 5: While updating your device will reboot and it will install the software. After installing the device will restart and you will be notified about the successful installation of the update on your Galaxy Grand Duos.


Updating Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Updating Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Repeat these steps till you get no more updates to install.

Note : You can also automate this process by checking the options “Auto Update”. This will automatically do all the works for you. It will notify you whenever any new update is available and will automatically download it. You just need to install it.

You have successfully installed update on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

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73 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps To Update Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

  1. sir, though i kepp my phone for update , after some time it gets sopped, from yestarday i had Tried atleast 5-6 times to get update but every time it failed

    • WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY SIR, COS FROM LAST 3 DAYS I AM NOT ABLE TO DOWN LOAD ANY GAMES OR any apps, software its getting on nerves

      • Hello Hitesh, Sorry to see that your Galaxy Grand is Disturbing you.
        Pls check and see the picture i have posted in Major stability update and verify if you have the latest firmaware version.
        If you are not having it, try downloading it. Pls see that your wifi option is not checked if you are downloading over sim network… Read the post carefully and follow each and every guideline.. In case of any query Connect with me on facebook You may not be able to download any app or game because you may checked Wi-fi only download option. Due to this you can never download any app or game or anything over your sim internet. Uncheck this option and you will be able to download it

    • If you are downloading over your sim network connection then your network might be disturbed. The update needs a good stable internet connection. Its better to use a 3g connection of a network which works well in your area. Also try using Wi-fi if you can arrange for. Updating or Downloading anything over a wifi is most recommended way…!!!

      • thank you sir for ur suggestions, but belive me now i m doing this for 7th time & lets hope it will work cos as per U it start download till 16 mb & then suddenly stoped.

        thank you

        • Then it might be a problem with your network… Check with some other sim connection and try downloading from their internet connection. Ask any friend for his sim which is of some other cellular network than yours.. Recharger with a small 3g pack and test it…

  2. I cant connect to d net by using phone network..
    Every time I open play store on my Samsung Grand, it asks for wifi.
    What to do??

    • Check in the setting and go to Sim Card manager. Choose the sim card you want to use the mobile data. If you are using only single sim specify the sim 1 or 2 accordingly. IF you are using two sim select the sim you prefer for your mobile data. Also make sure you have the desired settings (Access POint and other setting) to use the network. If not then contact your sim card provider for the settings. MAke sure the correct sim is set. Also check in the play store settings. Uncheck the option which says update over wifi only and select the do not auto update. that may charge you unknowingly.

      Once you are connected to the internet via mobile network it will not ask you for Wi-FI. It seems your phone is having trouble connecting via mobile network that is why it is asking for Wi-Fi.

  3. Hi,
    I have purchased samsung galaxy grand duos 2months back. suddenly wifi has stopped working.I went to samsung showroom they told the piece is not manufactured in singapore we cant help it.

    Kindly help me how to make wifi working.


    • Hello Venu,
      I wonder from where you purchased your Galaxy Grand. If the Samsung Officials are saying that they can’t help, i too won’t be able to help. Since they know better about their devices. I will recommend you consulting to some other Samsung care centre. Do make sure to ask them what is the actual problem and if you really wish that to be corrected what to do. Do let me know their answers. I might be able to help you then. Right now i am also not clear as to why your Wi-Fi is not working.

  4. Hello Sir,

    I am having issues with grand duos in wifi. Wifi gets enabled long time after clicking. Also it is getting disconnected. It was not like this before. Please help

    • Hello Jugnu,
      Try updating your software or re-installing it via Samsung Kies. This should work. You may also wait for some days as the android 4.2 would soon be released offcially with imporved stability. Install the update and enjoy your device without any problem. If the problem stays there for a long time, consider taking it to the narest Samsung Service Centre.

  5. Sir .. my fon is samsung galaxy duos..maine 3g net connection recharch kraya tha.. 31 aug ko.. but show the 2g… and baar baar update aa raha ha.. no network connection.. aap mujhe puri tarah se option btaye ki net kaise start hoga.. befor my 400 rupees was wasted.. plzzz

    • Hello Geeta,
      I think you are unable to connect to internet via mobile network. Below are the steps you can do to ensure you have a connection.
      Head Over to sim card manager in your settings option. After that, select data service manager. Choose the sim from which you want to access the data. Also verify that the sim is 3G activated and you have proper settings for that. After you have selected the desired sim card, Just for a fresh start, restart your phone and then activate the mobile data from the notification centre. Wait for few moment for the data network to be active. Once it is active, head over to the about device and then check for updates, if you get any update then select download, it will be downloaded and installed.

  6. On the galaxy grand duos, while selecting the call connection options, my husband wrongly selected the voip option for all calls made, now he is not able to make the call through SIM card, since the calls are automatically routed to voip, can you please guide as to how to reset this setting.


    • You can go on the same settings and look for a familiar option to revert back, and if you have tried setting it in every possible way, then
      1st take a complete backup EXCEPT settings via kies…
      then do a factory reset of your device .. Make sure to decrypt or unhide any data which you may have protected via any app.. after that do the reset Settings>accounts>backup&restore
      after that when your smartphone restarts.. do the necessary settings and restore your backup.

      It should resolve the problem.

  7. Sir,

    I updated my phone manually to 4.2.2, now every time do I have to do it manually? Other thing is that, even though the OS was updated the internet explorer was not updated and now it does not remember any passwords and when I click back it directly returns to the home page that is Google. Request you to kindly help me out.

    • NO you can still go through the automatic update, you do not need to install manually always. Also the internet explorer (Or any other browser except for the android default browser) is not an android OS thing. If you have these app installed, they will only be updated once their developer releases the update. You rbrowser does not remeber any passowrd bec ause after updating the cache may have been cleard so now you will need to restore all your passwords in your browser.

      • Sir,

        This is not about the cache memory…. everytime I click the back from any tab in my browser. .. it directly goes to the home screen that is the google and asks me to sign in …. this happens everytime. .. plz help…

        • Uninstall and reinstall the app. Also make sure that you have your google account configured. If that is the default android borwser which came with the device, i would suggest you to use Google Chrome. Also if the problem persists, then Factory Reset is the option for you.Most of the Galaxy Grand after update were suffering from some kind of issues and were only solved after they did a factory reset. take a complete backup and then do a factory reset after the phone restarts, restore your data.

  8. Hi all, after I upgraded my Android version 4.1.0 in Galaxy grand Duos To Android version 4.2.2, the images cannot be sent or Loaded by whatsapp and facebook, and I keep on getting the “failed to load image data” message.
    Even instagram says my camera is not compatible. Any ideas??

    • Hope you have the correct version of software installed on your Grand. Also i would like you to do a complete reset clearing all your data on the internal memory. First take a backup, do a complete factory reset and then restore your data.. This should solve your problem and will also correct some hanging issues.. Also do make sure that this is the latest update. As for India, another update for 4.2.2 was released… so verify by connecting it to kies.

  9. Hi all, I have the same problem with Anna, after I upgraded my Android in Galaxy grand Duos To Android version 4.2.2, the images cannot be sent or Loaded by whatsapp and and viber and other application, and I keep on getting the “failed to load image data” message. can someone send me the solution? thanks

    • Hope you have the correct version of software installed on your Grand. Also i would like you to do a complete reset clearing all your data on the internal memory. First take a backup, do a complete factory reset and then restore your data.. This should solve your problem and will also correct some hanging issues.. Also do make sure that this is the latest update. As for India, another update for 4.2.2 was released… so verify by connecting it to kies.

  10. Hi,I have recently intalled the 4.2.2 update on Samsung Galaxy Grand duos, but my lock screen widgets are disabled,earlier i was able to select the widgets on lock screen.
    Please let me know if there is any way to remove the clock display on my lock screen?.

    • Go to settings and then My device. Select the lock screen option. There will be an option – “Multiple widgets” Check that box. After this you will be able to select lock screen widgets.

      • Thank you for the quick response!

        but when i navigated to the instructed settings, im not finding the option “Multiple widgets” in there, Am i missing any update?
        Under the lock screen i could find only folowing options:
        1.Screen security
        2.Lock screen Widgets (DISABLED)
        3.Make Pattern visible
        4.Lock Automatically
        5.Lock instantly with power key

        • Lock Screen Widget option only appears if you are using the Swipe feature in your Lock Screen Type. Because in that case only one can access the apps without opening the smartphone. In all other cases the security is high and hence app cannot be used with the the smartphone locked. First in the Screen security option select the swipe to unlock. then you will get the multiple widget.
          If They provide app usage in other screen lock as well then there will be no security as anyone could directly use your app without unlocking the smartphone.

          • Thanks for the detailed clarification!
            I changed the screen security to swipe, Multiple Widgets option is visible now, but disabled!

          • Try to enable it as i first told you. If you aren’t able to do sp, there might be some problem. YOu may consider doing a factoryreset for your device. First take a backup and then do a factory reset and then restore the backup. OR you may re-install the OS f you are also faacing some other issue. Though i think resetting should work. You can also try contacting Samsung OFFicials regarding this problem.

  11. Please Confirm that Samsung grand has notification LED? if yes please do let me know how this option will be enabled

  12. i have android 4.1.2 on my galaxy grand . when i go to software update and click it it says “the latest updates are installed” …. i am so annoyed with that problem .. i want the 4.2.2 please help

  13. Sir

    Today morning i updated the software and it came as it has been booted.After that ii switched off the mobile off and after sum time i switched on.The problem am facing is that when i go to google and type any details i needed, the page is opening but after that none has been opened.Kindly Help me what is the problem am facing

    • If you have updated it but not done a factory reset.. I advise you to do so.. take a complete backup via kies and then do a factory reset.. after that restore the backup.

    • Make sure you have selected the right sim card and correct settings for it. Head over to settings and sim card manager. Choose the sim card which you want to use for the data connection.
      Note : If you have not done a reset of your smartphone after the update.. i recommend you doing so..!! Take a backup and then do a factory reset. After that once it is completed, restore the backup you made.

  14. my samsung galaxy grand duos updated automatically and i want my previous version how can i get the previous one graphics….i dont like new one please help me

    • Head over to this link , then search for i9082, after then look for a firmware for your reasons aying android 4.1.2 . Once you get that download it. You might need to signup for downloading. After you have downloaded, follow the similar procedure to install the previous version that is android 4.1.2 on your galaxy grand duos.

  15. hi after i updated my samsung grand duos OS to android 4.2.2 my phone was not able to receive any text messages on both sim but can receive calls..anyone please help me if you have encountered this kind of problem.thanks

    • Hello There, Samsung recently released a new stability update. Please check for the latest software via Samsung Kies. IN case you have the latest software installed .. then please do a factory reset of your smartphone. First take a backup of your personal files via Samsung Kies and then do a complete factory reset from settings and then security. After that when the reset is somplete, backup your personal data via Samsung Kies. This should solve your problem. If this does not solve your problem then head over to Samsung Service centre to get the problem rectified.

  16. I am using Grand duos from last 6 month and it was working very fine till last month. Now days this mobile stuck while using Idea 3G. Any of the internet based sites or application is not working. some times it works hardly for 5-10 minutes a day. Although Wi-Fi connectivity works very fine. Many times Outgoing calls get automatically disconnected or says Network provider is not available.
    When I try to update Firmware 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 through mobile 3G or Wi-Fi it downloads 477 MB data but fails to apply the same and suggest to upgrade through Samsung Kies. Even through Samsung Kies also this Firmware does not get upgraded. Please help on urgent basis.

  17. samsung galaxy grand not showing update notification on my phone , even i tried manually update with Wifi connection and mobile network also About Device Software Update nothing happen and i tried update by using kies on my pc its shows “GT-I9082 does not support initialising” PLEASE HELP TO UPDATE MY PHONE

    • Download the firmware from Sammobile.com/Firmware . search for i9082 on that site. After that go for the latest version for your region. To know your region connect your grand to your pc via samsung kies. Note the Firmware that is INU or INS in case of India. Download that and then after that follow the video on this page to install the firmware on your region.

  18. I bought my samsung galaxy grand duos first week of March 2013. My question is why is my camera setting on the shooting mode does not have continuous mode while others have this? How can I install or update my camera setting so I will also have this continuous mode on the shooting mode in my camera setting. Thanks for your help and advice.

    • Check for latest software updates by connecting your device to Samsung Kies on your PC. if you get any software update notification then install the software update. These features are inlcuded in the latest firmware version so you need to update your device to latest available firmware for your reason.

  19. my samsung galaxy grand already update 4.2.2 . but sir my mobile processing (speed) is very slow… So Sir, How to make faster my mobile…plz tell me…

  20. I am based out in Maharashtra and hold a BSNL 3G prepaid simcard. However I am using *112# from my mobile and I get error message “Connection Problem or Invalid MMi Code” Hence, i am not able to check ny 3G data balance. Any Idea on this?

  21. Sir,
    i last week i updated my galaxy grand duos via wi-fi hotspot..it interrupted 2 times and i resumed again n finished updating..bt aft successful update my mobile data not enabling in my mobile..wat can i do now..pls help me…

  22. After upgrade my Duos , my gadget always asking for password…..What should I do? I am not sure when start create my password. …

    • Do a factory reset of your device or reinstal the software via the odin. Download the latest software from Sammobile.com. Use odin software to update it

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  27. I have updated my samsung grand duos to version 4.2.2 and since I updated it .. everytime I need to send a picture on whatsapp or upload my profile picture or upload a picture on instagram I keep on getting the “failed to load image data” message. can someone send me the solution? thanks

  28. I have updated my samsung grand duos to version 4.2.2 and since I updated it .. everytime I need to send a picture on whatsapp or upload my profile picture or upload a picture on instagram I keep on getting the “failed to load image data” message. can someone send me the solution? thanks

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