New Major Stability Update For Galaxy Grand Duos

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos became very popular due to its high end specification like a flagship device in comparatively low budget. Galaxy Grand duos is said to be a combo of Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 and offers many premium features of both smartphones at not so premium price. This device is for those who want experience of working on a note sized screen and using cool awesome features of galaxy s3 but don’t have their budgets.

Galaxy Grand duos when released came with a price tag of 21, buy 500 INR. However, just after a few months I was successful in making a bargain with the dealer and bought my first Android gadget Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082 for a price of 20,400INR. Now the price has degraded a lot and you can easily get yourself this Grand Smartphone at a price tag of approx. 18,000INR.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Receives a new 72MB (approx) stability update.

Galaxy Grand Duos Update Features

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos receives a new major stability update. Lately I have been seeing some performance issues with my Grand Duos and was wondering for any update from Samsung for this. And just as I hoped, Samsung finally made a new update available for the Grand Duos users rectifying the performance issues of the device.

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This update for Samsung Galaxy Grand duos also installs two android app “Play Books” and “Play Movies & TV”. These two are apps from Google.

Since these Apps comes with the software update. It doesn’t have the uninstall options. However, if you do not want this app on your screen you can hide these applications.

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Play Book :

Play Book App

Play Book App

This app is a reader and is used for reading the e-books you have downloaded from the AppStore. IT has got 3 options Read Now, My Library and Shop. You canalso search for your books among all downloaded e-books.

Play Movies & TV :

Play Movies & TV App

Play Movies & TV App

This seems a new app. I have seen and used Play Book before but it was first time to try my hands in this app. This App is basically a player which plays your video files on the SDcard. It also comes with an option to view movies. But for that you need to purchase them from the Play Store. This app comes with suggestion, your on card video list, and a search feature to present before you the video you searched for.

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6 thoughts on “New Major Stability Update For Galaxy Grand Duos

  1. Hi Ashutosh,
    I have Galaxy Dous 1 week old how ever as i installing apps my internet memory is getting filled up i know its will happen but is there any app by which i can move my apps to sd card
    with regards
    Ankit Jha

    • There are some apps which can be transffered to SD card but not all. For this Go to settings and then application manager. Tap on any application and scrool down. You will see an option to move app to SD card. click on that. And your app will be moved to sd card

  2. AFTER Updating my device to 4.2.2 recently, I’m having a problem with connecting my device through Data Packet. I am unable to connect to connect to the internet through Data Packets. Is there any bugs and how to resolve it

    • You might be sesint problem because your setting has changed. Look for the sim option and cofigure which sim you want to use data packet with, select that sim. Also verify if you have the right accesspoints and settings for running the data network. If you have all these settings there should be no problem running the data packet.

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