5 Steps To Hide Unwanted Applications:Grand Duos

We all have seen some preinstalled application which came with our Galaxy Grand duos. There are a no. of apps Samsung made available for us but there are very few apps which we are actually using. The problem with these pre-installed apps is that these apps cannot be uninstalled. Hence, viagra dosage these unused apps are just a waste of space and makes the apps area crowded.

So, how to get rid of them? Since we can’t uninstall these apps I found a new way in which these apps will never show up in the apps area and thus you will be only presented with useful apps.

If you want to hide applications in your Galaxy Grand Duos, then follow this simple procedure.

5 Easy Steps To Hide Unwated Applications

Hide Application galaxy Grand Duos

Hide Application galaxy Grand Duos

Step 1: Identify those apps which are not required by you.

Step 2: touch the left menu option button from the bottom most of your galaxy grand.

Step 3: Select “Hide Application” option

Step 4: Select the desired Apps which you want to hide. Scroll over side by side for other application screen and select apps to hide if any.

Step 5: when you have finished selecting apps, just click on Done in the right hand top most corner.

And you are done.

Note: This procedure only hides the applications and does not uninstall them.

How to Turn Off Notifications from Unwanted App

Stop Notifications

Stop Notifications

If you do not want to hide the application but only want to disable the notification of that app, you can also do this.

Most of the apps come with an option to control the how they are going to notify you. However it might be time taking discovering notification option from all apps. Galaxy Grand Duos provides a central control for all apps.

Step 1: Navigate to “Settings” and then to “Application Manager”.

Step 2: Click on any desired app and you will be provided with option to turn off the notification.

And it’s Done.

Application Manager Galaxy Grand duos

Application Manager Galaxy Grand duos

Application Manager also provides several other options. You can view what permission any app is asking for. You can “Force Stop” any application. It also comes with an option to clear all data stores by the app and clear its cache. You can even uninstall any application from there. Grand Duos’s “Application Manager” also comes with an option to reset all Apps preferences to defaults in case you want to reset it.

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    • Nope, I don’t think so. The thing is that RAM has files and data which are running on your android smartphone. If you will launch any application it will occupy space in RAM and if you will close the application it will save you the space. NO matter if you transfer the app in phone memory or memory card the RAM will show no changes.

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