Samsung Kies – How To Update Grand Duos

Samsug Kies – Samsung Kies acts as a bridge between your Samsung phone and desktop computer. It helps you connect your phone to your pc via usb or Wi-Fi and you can manage your device via this software. With Kies, you can perform tasks like Transfer files, Update your device, etc.

Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies

However we will be explaining in this article how to update your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos via Samsung Kies.

After the Major stability update released few days ago, Samsung again released a new stability update for Samsung Galaxy Grand duos. I didn’t get much time to play with my device so am not sure, if the previous update had any issue or not.

[alert style=”red”] Seeing that many people were facing a lot of problems after the Android 4.2.2 update, Samsung recently released another update to solve all those issue. head over to this link to know more.

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It seems that Samsung may have encountered any issue with the previous updates or may have encountered some bugs. However this update was around 30MB by size. Unlike the previous update which brought with it two new apps, i didn’t find any such feature in this update.

Grand Duos New 31MB update

Grand Duos New 31MB update

If you are not sure how to update your galaxy grand duos, you can do so by two ways.

First is updating your Galaxy Grand Duos over air via the option provided in the about device option of the settings menu. Click Here to read more.

Some of my readers faced some issues while updating via the above mentioned procedure so i thought to write the procedure of updating the device via Samsung Kies.

Second Method is updating your device via Samsung Kies.

Update Galaxy Grand Device via Samsung Kies

Follow this simple procedure and you will update your Grand Duos without any problem.

Download Samsung Kies for your PC.

After your software is downloaded, you just need to install it. Once Samsung Kies is installed , You are ready to update your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos via Samsung Kies.

First connect your Grand Duos to you PC and click on the Samsung Kies icon to launch Kies. Samsung Kies will automatically detect your phone and will install some necessary drivers for your Grand.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet  to check for updates and download in updates are available. Samsung Kies will automatically notify you, If there is any firmware update available for your device. If you get some message for a new update for your device, Click on update. After that you may get some information about the update software, click on next.

Then you will be presented with a screen showing the warning and requirement for updating the device. Like, you need to charge your phone fully for update process. Also make sure to take backup of data in case you need them to back up later on. However this will not be necessary in our case. Because the update we are downloading is just a stability update. Full backup may be needed when updating to a new Android version.

After you click on Upgrade, Samsung Kies will take some time to upgrade your device. This time will depend on the upgrade software size and your internet connection speed. Do not disconnect your phone from PC or you might need to start from beginning. Or you might corrupt your software and then your device may stop working.

Once Samsung Kies updates your device, you can check for the changed Kernel version in the about device option in the settings menu. After updating your device Kernel Version will change to 3.0.31 – 1262039. Also you will find SMP PREEMPT Thu Jun 13 20:10:16:26 KST 2013 in place of the old data.

This procedure can be followed for any Samsung Smartphone. Hope you find this guide useful. Don’t forget to subscribe us and stay updated.

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14 thoughts on “Samsung Kies – How To Update Grand Duos

  1. my friend also has a galaxy grand duos.. and i dont know how but he had auto updates on and day before yesterday.. the phone got updated to android 4.2.2 .. all of his data got lost .. but his phone got updated to 4.2.2 with improved ui as given in the reviews.. how is this possible, can u elaborate ?

    • Well, you can also update to android v4.2.2 . Check the link below this reply. It will tell you how to update your galacy grand to android v4.2.2 .

  2. I have a Nokia Asha 305 (dual sim phone) and I want to transfer all the contacts in the phone memory to my new Samsung Galaxy Grand Quarto Duos.I have downloaded the latest Samsung Kies,but this program is working very slow on my laptop.My Nokia Suite is opening much faster.
    I have already transferred all the phone contacts into my laptop.
    So what do I do after that.Please do let me know how to go about doing the rest.
    Thank You

    • Hello Mahendran,
      Samsung Kies comes with 2 options. Try opening the lite version
      To transfer the contacts you may follow any of the steps below
      Use Nokia’s Ovi Suite application to copy your phone’s address book to Microsoft Outlook on your desktop computer and then Kies for Samsung Galaxy, to transfer contacts from the PC (Outlook) to your new phone’s address book.
      you can copy the contacts in your sim card and then insert that sim card into your Samsung device and copy it from sim memory to phone memory.
      or try using this software .

  3. Hi! I’m from the Philippines and have a grand duos… my firmware is SMP PREMPT Tues Mar 12 1:09:09 KST 2013 and I plugged it in kies and it said its the latest… I also tried using wifi software update, and it also says its updated..

    what to do??

    • Then there is no any software update available for you at the moment.try looking at sammobile site. You will get to know if any latest firmware has been released or not

  4. Hi, Admin
    i am updating my device galaxy grand duos by using kies once i download it i mean the firmware android version 4.2.2 my device will automatically update its 4.2.2v firmware through kies or i have to do anything new like move that file in my device and then run it !!!…

  5. 1.hey after updating my grand to 4.2.2 i got a stability update but on ota update it shows the message maximum number of roll out updates exceeded try later or use kies why is it showing like that??

    2. when i try updating through kies it shows i have a new firmware update but when i click on it a dialgue box comes and freezes and im not able to update,however my pc meets all the hardware and software specifications samsung has specified for kies please help!!

    • You won’t be able to update it via OTA… I have updated my device using kies… And it is not the general update.. and is being termed as the full fledged update.. Kies takes some time to start the process also the update file is tooo large so it may seem to you that it froze.. however you can install the software manually.. go to this link and you will get the latest link. Depending upon your region download the file and install via ODIn. to know how to do that follow the second video on the page.

  6. i updated my samsung grand duos via kies
    after updating kies d’t recognize my devise.
    i un-istl and again instl but not working
    plz help me

  7. i upgraded my galaxy grand 2 android 4.3 to the latest firmware using kies it upgraded successfully but my phone will boot as if to start with samsung and the model number showing but it wont start it keeps doing like that vibrating as if to start . pls help me what do i do?

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