Truecaller – How to Detect Unknown Callers

Nowadays everyone is disturbed from unknown calls.And i am pretty much sure that you must have also faced a situation like this. A normal user daily receives 2-3 unknown calls. Ever thought how to get rid of it? If no, pill then I am providing a solution to this problem via an application named Truecaller.

Who are these unknown callers?

  • An unknown caller may be your friend, view who is calling you from a number you don’t have in your contact list.
  • An unknown caller may be a caller, healing who wants to disturb you.
  • May be a wrong number.
  • May be a call from non-social elements.

Truecaller – How to know who is calling you via this application?

If you are using a smart phone, then you may use an application named as Truecaller to detect the unknown caller.

What is Truecaller?



Trucaller is an application designed for smartphones to detect any unknown caller’s details. In your smartphone the details of a number appear at the time when someone calls you.

How does it work?

Truecaller is a global phone directory. It works on the principle of collecting details of contact numbers from social circles of users and updating them in database. So when a user searches that umber in its database, it provides the result to the user.

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What are the features of truecaller?

Truecaller is an awesome application which is needed by every person nowadays due to its special features. Its important features are as listed below:

Number Lookup

Truecaller has a huge directory of contact numbers which is continuously increasing. You can search a global number using Truecaller for absolutely free.

Name Lookup

Truecaller has a service named as Truecaller credits. Using Truecaller credits a user can search their directory by name. It is a premium service. This service works though a user’s social circles to contact the person whose number is requested.This person must approve the request in order to unlock their contact details.

Call Filter

Call Filter option provides you a list of top spams. It also allows you to create a block list. You may add unwanted numbers to the blocked list. When this number will try to contact you, you will be notified. It also has a feature named Collaborative spam list, in which top spammers are listed by other users. You are automatically warned when you are contacted by any of them.


You can create your own Truecaller profile. Using this profile a user can control how he/she wants to be seen and contacted. A user may also see his/her truescore. A truescore is the measure of your profile views and your activities.

People you may know

User may access people who are in touch with them using social recommendations or say it suggests you people based on your connection with other users in common.

Note: You cannot always trust on the information provided by the app to be correct. Sometimes, there may be little mistakes in it or may be any number you are unable to find using this app.

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