Android v4.2.2 Update For Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Android 4.2.2

A good news for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos owners : Samsung is all set to roll out the official Android v4.2.2 update to the Grand Duos. Galaxy Grand Duos is at present running on Android v4.1.2. This update was awaited by almost everyone since nowadays almost every smartphone is coming with v4.2 out of the box.

If you do not want to download the update then i have yet another way for you to install the software via Samsung Kies. Based on the official update available for you, Given below is the new video update on how to install the officially released android 4.2.2 on your samsung galaxy grand duos. You can use this way even if you have installed leaked version of android given below or if you have the android 4.1.2 installed on your system. You can also use the same way to install latest software in any Samsung Smartphone.

Update : There have been many updates after the  official firmware update to make the Android 4.2.2 more stable. Please refer to Android 4.2.2 Stability Update released. It also contains the links to download the latest firmware. Once you download it, you can follow the same procedure as shown in the video given below on this page. For other regions, Click on This Link and search for i9082, you will get a list of firmwares, select the one which is for your region.

Seeing that many people were facing a lot of problems after the Android 4.2.2 update, Samsung recently released another update to solve all those issue. head over to this link to know more.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Official Update

However if you can’t wait any longer to have this ROM installed on your device, we would like to tell you that there is an official leaked test version of android version 4.2.2. Below is a step by step tutorial i found on YouTube on how to install this update on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. 

Leaked Version vs Official version vs Latest 4.2.2 Update

Leaked Version vs Official version

Now the official updates are available so you can install the official android version 4.2.2 on your Galaxy Grand duos. The leaked version had some bugs as reported by our users but no need to worry as the official version is now avaiable and all the reoprted issues are now solved.

Android 4.2.2 version brings many updates and features like transparent Notification bar, animated weather app and also few features of Samsung Galaxy S4.

If you are on the Leaked version, then you might need to restart your phone twice or thrice. It will also downlaod some apps which is coming by default in the Android 4.2.2. I would suggest you to take a complete backup of your phone via Samsung Kies and then do a factory reset of your phone. Once the reset is complete, restore your data via Samsung kies.

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Links firmware have been given in the starting of teh article. Other necesarry tool ODIN 3.07 link is given below. Install Samsung USB drivers before starting the procedure and extract the zip file of Odin Software on your computer. You will be using Odin software to install the latest OS.

Necessary Files

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205 thoughts on “Android v4.2.2 Update For Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

  1. Since Yesterday some of the icons are missing from my Samsung Galaxy grand Duos Such as Navigation, Dropbox.Kindly Guide me how to get them back ???

    • Hello Shekhar,
      First of all please go to settings and then to application manager. See for the missing apps. Is the apps are still there.. then your application might be hidden accidently. If your applications is not their then someone or you might have accidently uninstalled it and you may need to reistall it.. For showing back the hidden applicaton, first touch the application key and then touch the menu soft key.. scroll to the last and you will be shown the option show hidden application. Click on that and all the hidden application will be there for you to unhide. In case you are unable to use this option then you don’t have any hidden application. Also try re-downloading and see if the play store is showing the app as installed or not. Is yes then try uninstalling and then re-installing it.

      • I did it in application manager found dropbox in it.Still unable to found Navigation.One thing more there is a icon of ‘Maps’ in application manager if its of any use.

        • Then your application might be hidden.. Try to unhide it by the way i told you. If you are unable to get back the application back.. Then try reinstalling the app from Google Play Store. That depends on you if you have any use of maps or not. I would suggest to let it be as it is.

    • hey dude i update my samsung galaxy grand 4.2.2 after updating how to play incompatible games and i have also rooted my device but there is still problem the incompatible games not working on the can you tell me how to fix it

      • Rooting for installing this update was not required. I don’t have my device rooted and also i don’t recommend it. Hence i won’t be able to help you with this. May be because of that you are facing the issue.

  2. Google has withdrawn the navigation support. you will no more see navigation in your android phone. you have to use google+ to share your location with your friends.

      • Dear Ashutosh,
        Ever since i have updated the new version on my Galaxy Grand Duos. my phone has started problems, such as, Skype not working, google+ not working, some other apps not working. isnt it strange?? can you help me as you have not faced any problem, am i missing something here.

        • I would like you to do a complete factory reset of your smartphone. make sure to backup ypour phone before the reset. After than restore the data. If the problem still persist, Then try re installing the software.. Hope this soleves your problem.

          • from the time i updated this android 2.2 its getting hang abdly and again i need to restart it.
            Am facing many problems with this new version of android 2.2?
            Even the screen shots are not working plz help it out.Few apps are not working properly
            re installing will help?

          • Samsungh released a new update. The link has been updated in the Article. To verify if you have the latest version or not, connect your phone to pc via kies. Also if there is an update available, the update your smartphone. In case you are running your smartphone with the latest OS but still facing teh issue, i would recommend doing a complete reset of your smartphone. First take a complete backup via kies then do a factory reset of your phone, after the reset is complete, you can then restore the backed up data.

      • Hello…
        before few days I updated my cell…samsung galaxy grand ….but their are some error while using this gadget…I cnt opn d hidden pics in gallery…*(gallery-show hidden pics)as I clicked on dt its nt working n showing me ny of those clicks…can u help me..?

        • Go to My Files>Settings (GO to my files and then touch the menu key for options and then select the Settings) check the show hidden items. now go to My Files and go to Device Storage.. U wil see a folder .hide where u can see the hidden images. u can copy the image and save the image.

    • If you want to update your Galaxy S Duos to any firmware which your smartphone can’t get officially, you may need to root it. Search for how to root your android phone with your model number and you will get plenty of related articles. CynogenMod will help you in this.

  3. Hi guys. Can you tell me if the dual sim feature will still work after this update? Also, will I need to do a comprehensive backup before? Thanks.

    • Talking about your query, I have been using this ROM for a few days and have not faced any problem so far. I am using this on MY Grand Duos i9082, So i am sure about this. However i didn’t find any seperate post regarding Galaxy Grand Duos i9082L, so i would advice you not to take the risk if you are having this one. We will make sure to update you as soon as we get some info about this. Till then stay tuned and do subscribe us to stay updated.

  4. I have just upgraded my phone from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2. Everything is working fine but I have noticed a small glitch in the software which I would like to share.
    When you search a contact in the contact list and tap on a contact, the phone selects the contact after the contact that you want to select. Same goes for deleting a contact from the list.
    Though this problem can be solved by tapping on the photo of the contact.
    But I want know If there is some update of some sort that can solve this issue..

    • I am not having any problem like this siddhart… Seems your device calibration is disturbed.. Try re calibrating you device. Go to settings > My device > Motions & Gestures > Gyroscope Callibration . select that then keep the device on a smooth flat horizontal surface and select calibrate. This Should work.

      Since this is not official update.. so no any update has been there to further enhance JellyBean 4.2.2

      • I did the calibration as you have mentioned in the following post but I am still facing
        this issue. Moreover this issue is not only faced by me but one of my friend with Grand has also updated his phone from the method that you have posted and he too is facing this problem.
        I want to if this issue can be resolved by re-installing the OS. One more thing that I would like to share is that I have Windows 8 os on computer. Is it possible that this issue is due to compatibility issue with the drivers.

        • If you have downloaded and installed the USB drivers then no need to worry for incompatible drivers. Talking about problem, I am not sure if it will be OK after reinstalling. You may give it a try that’s up to you. I am not facing any kind of trouble with this.
          If there is any bug then probably you will have to wait till this software is officially launched and may be some update for this is made available.

  5. i bought samsung galaxy grand duos.
    by seeing th reviews am getting scared that it may hang that this.
    is this good? which antiviruis i should install to my phone.
    please suggest.

  6. For how many days i should be updating my phone’s software??
    i dont want to see my phone hang or something like that.
    please help me how to keep up good?

    • For the antivirus, I am using AVG (Download it from the App store) and talking about the hanging of the phone, well you should update it, whenever you get an update option. ” ” How to update your Galaxy Grand [/button] . Check this link to know how to update your galaxy grand. Android 4.2.2 might have a little bit of risk.. However you may give it a try… but if you are not sure after watching the video also i will suggest you not to do so. Just update you galaxy grand till your device gives you a message. “All the software updates has been installed”. Keep checking for updates from that menu as shown in the link i just gave gave here.

  7. Thanks for your quick response ashutosh. I installed already lookout antivirus. Do I need yo uninstall before installing avg.? And by the way which is app store? I do not see any icon like that so.

    • There is “Play store” named app in installed in your phone. It comes pre installed. And if you are planning to install AVG, i recommen uninstalling your current antivirus. Because two antivirus may cause problem. I basically love AVG because its simple to use and i have set a scheduled scan to run everyday so i need not worry about my phone too much.

  8. HI i liked ur video guidence. thank u so much. but can u please tell me should i have an internet connection in my comp or mobile while updating my mobile? i have have downloade the files from cyber, but do i need the internet connection while updating?

    • No you don’t need Internet while updating. If you have all the files required and if you are aware about how to do that, you can proceed with the updating process. However if you have any doubt, i would recommend to play the YouTube video for better guidance but for this you will need the connectin. However you can also download the video and save it on your disk so that you can refer to it when necessary.

      • Thanks for ur reply. Ya I have downloaded the video in my comp. But nw I think the problem is with my comp. When I connect the mobile through usb in that process it says unknown usb drive. I have instaled the sumsung usb driver also but it still dosent detect

        • if you have install the USB drivers, then just open Odin software. It should show the connectivity in the software as shown in the video. If it is showing there then no need to worry. Just proceed with the installation process. Follow the video guidelines carefully. Make sure that the USB installation is done properly. Try uninstalling and reinstalling it to be on the safe side.

          • I did all these thing unistalled te drive and re installed it again but still it is not shownig in that. Acctually I had installed the os recently to my lapy my be the drivers are not installed properly. Ill check it.

          • Be sure while doing the installation or it may cause error. If Odin is showing that your device is connected as shown in the video, you can proceed with the installation.

  9. S its workng smarter than before. No probs! Thank u so much. Some said that they have problem with their contacts. I dint find any such issues. Everything is fine and smart.

    • One of our friend do said that he and his pal are facing some problems. However i myself didn’t faced any issue. They might need to wait for some upgrade so that they can enjoy improved stability.

  10. Will this new version in galaxy grand get automatic updates from Samsung?
    Secondly is there any bugs in it?
    Plz reply asap.

    • I haven’t got any problem. There may be some or other bug however it is not yet seen r may be they are not such a big issue. There is no any perfomance issue. Once Samsi=ung official releases this as an update to the owners, all will be getting the updates in the normal way. This is an official rom. We just installed it before it is made officially avaiable. It does not need nay kind or rooting hence all your warranty is secured and you can always revert back to the 4.1.2 update whenever you want by downloading the stock rom in the same way as mentioned in the video

  11. One more thing are u facing any network problems or coll probs after the installation??
    and does the dropbox n other apps by samsung such as my services work out in this version?

    • I am not facing any network or call problem and all the apps are working fine. I already mentioned that This is the official version so there is no any problem in working of any apps either from Samsung App store or Google Play store.

    • This is released for the dual sim version. Do not install it on the single sim version or it may cause issue and your device may stop working.

  12. Ashutosh nw I have detected a problem in my mob, when I cal to a particular contact in my contact list the cal goes to the next contact number in the phonebook. Any ways I can manage with it. I think it will be fine when the version is launched officially right? Nw the issue is why is this subway surfers game always says ‘your device is not compatible with this version’ from the day I brought the mobile its the same think. I thought it might atleast work for android version 4.2.2 but even now its the same.

    • I haven’t tried Subway surfers on my Duos. SO no idea about that.. I am not that fond of playing games. 🙂 Talking about the contact issue… Well, i am not getting any problem so no idea about that as well. Its good that you can manage it. And yes this would be more stable once released officialy. This was a test firmware so may be having some or the other glitch, expected to be rectified once it is released officially.

  13. some imp questions. does dual sim work with this upgrade ? secondly for insyaling this rom do we have to root device.because rooting break warramty. third w
    question do we have to revert back to old versin if samsung officially releases ? one more qustion can we update phone officially?

    • Answer to the first question : Dual sim is working…
      2nd one : you don’t need to root so your warranty is with you.
      3rd.. well, i don’t think so because this is the one they will be getting as official update and you can still upgrade to the updates released for this. This is the update which we will be getting most probably. it somehow leaked. and according to me, i haven’t faced any issue with this.
      Even if some other firmware is released.. you don’t need to revert back. you can just download the stock firmwre from their site and update as shown in the video with that firmware. Thats it.

  14. Hi, I was trying and update the GT-I9082L. I have Windows 8. But after making the whole process and give start, stays in NAND Write Start! and Fail.
    I appreciate the help you can give me.

    • Hello Fernando,
      IF you were trying to update you rgrand duos from the firware you downloaded from here, I would like to tell you that this was for Galaxy Grand Duos i9082 model and i do not recommend for i9082L model. IF you have gone through other comments, you might have noticed that i have told others as well that i9082L should not be updated with this firmware or the device may stop working.
      In case you have updated and the device is not working try recovering it from Samsung Kies. OR download the official stock ROM for your device (THE OFFICIAL ONE). THEN try entering the recovery mode as you did while updating this device before. UPdate as you updated earlier, it MIGHT make your device work again.

      • Kumar, thank you very much for answering. i just rebooted the phone and continued to operate. I’ll get a firmware for my duos and any developments will tell you. Again thank you very much for your support.

  15. but in the above video it shows only 1 sim please confirm if it has 2 sims option . p,ease give screenshot

  16. It works nicely. Just upgraded and till now no issues. GUI is enhanced with bit more feature like: missed call alert @ home screen only…Thanks Ashutosh. Just worrying…after this update, Kies always pops up with error- ” Version of this device cannot be updated” Any idea on this please?

    • Hello Shashi,
      This is just because this Android version is not yet officially out for your device. Hence Samsung Kies is unable to relate it with its own database for the OS on Galaxy Grand. Once this OS is officially out, there will be no problems like this. And you will be able to update your device via Samsung Kies or by OTA update directly from your device.

  17. in many websites i seen that people is facing problem in using dual sim after installing the new version of android. is it true? or only some people are facing this issue?

    • I have used this device with dual sim as well and i am not facing any issue. However if it is like that then do not install. Wait for the official release. There may be some bug which may be causing this however i am not facing any issue in this.

  18. Hi… i am intrested in updating my phone to 4.2.2. have some question plz help me out in that..

    1. my base version is I9082XXAME4 & your Base version of 4.1.2 was different
    does this make any difference in updating it to 4.2.2??

    2. What other things i need to see while updating??

    3. if there are problems in 4.2.2 as this is not official update how to get back it to official 4.1.2? plz tell me steps

    4. When i get official update of 4.2.2 how to update it again just like the software update option in phone or it will be through this method only??

    4. Are there chances of phone geting hanged or dead in doing this update?

    Plz reply soon as i wnat to update it to 4.2.2

    • Hello Kunal..
      Thanks for dropping by.. I would like to tell you that official updates are now rolling out. It is already out for people in Russia. You will also be getting it in few days. SO don’t take risk installing these. And if you will get the more stable version in few days its not worth installing these. i would suggest you to wait for some days. Stay Tuned. I will also be updating this when it is available for us officially.

  19. Hi buddy…
    thanks for reply…

    I already updated it to 4.2.2 but there are contact problems as some other said that while dialing a person some other person contact is dialled…

    There is no developers option in this new version

    I want to roll it back to 4.1.2 plz tell me what to do for it???

    • Download the stock ROM From SAMMOBILE.COM/FIRMWARES. Search there i9082. and then download the stock ROM for INDIA. It will guide you to the download page. You may need to register there for downloading it. Then the way you updated your Smartphone, In the same way by selecting those files you can do the downgrade. Just follow the similar steps, just make sure that this time you select the files from the 4.1.2 stock ROM.

  20. hi Admin,

    I need some help, my grand duos WIFI & bluetooth are Freezed after the last update of 4.2.1. Means wifi & bluetooth are not getting on itself. I made the factory reset twice but nothing helped.

    Please help me boss..

    Thank you,

    Pravesh Bagadia

    • Hello pravesh,
      The thing is that I have posted an update for 4.2.2 and before that it was 4.1.2 .I don’t know from where you got 4.2.1. I don’t have any idea about that.
      You may download the 4.2.2 from the link mentioned and do as said for installing this version. Or you may wait some day as the official updates are being rolled and out and you will soon be receiving it.

  21. Sry boss the last update was 4.1.2, but do u have any solution to the problem… both bluetooth and wifi gets stuck i.e. they are not getting “ON”

    • There might be some big or installation may be done improperly. I would suggest you to wait for few days and Samsung will be rolling out official updates 4.2.2. It will so e all your problems or if your device is still under warranty then you may visit Samsung service center and ask them to re-install the software or directly tell them the problem. They will help you better.

  22. Hi Bro…
    I found this from site u suggested…
    can this solve the problem of contact????
    But is for Russia…
    Model Name: Galaxy Grand Duos
    Model Version: GT-I9082
    OS Version: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
    Build Date: 29.07.2013

    The update should be rolling out now but might take a few days to reach you. If you’re unwilling to wait, you can grab the full firmware from the source link and update manually via Odin (you can flash it on a Galaxy Grand from any country, but you might have to wipe all data after a manual install to make it boot if you’re flashing it on a device outside Russia).

    What does this statement from “but you might have to wipe…..” mean?
    does it mean that i need to install it same as u have shown in video???

    • The procedure is same as shown in the video, However in this video wiping is not shown, hence you can look for some video which will guide you through this process. Also since you are installing a Russian version that may also cause problems on your device since its not meant for you. So do it on your own risk.

  23. hy , bro i installed the jellybean 4.2.2 in my grand duos but i have one problem my wifi or blue tooth is not work properly what i do plz help me nd imedietly rply plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..plz help me if anyone know solution

  24. Hi buddy..
    As u said i downloaded 4.1.2 from sammobile but now it has only 1 file in it of .md5 extension…
    What to do? n how to bring the modem csc file etc from file i downloaded.

  25. hello,
    like to tell you that i am using SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND GT-i9082L and not just GT-i9082. it was bought from PANAMA. so i am not able to flash android 4.2.2 into it. always FAILS.
    here are the other details of this version:

    AP: I9082LUBAMA8
    CP: I9082LUBAMA6
    CSC: I9082LUUBAMA6

    i wish to get android 4.2.2 firmware for this version and i am sure you would help…..babye

    • Sorry Manoj… I don’t have i9082L, hence i won’t be able to test and install the software henec won’t be able to guide you. Also there is no any official release for the Android 4.2.2 for the model you are talking about. Will update you w=fi we get any news regarding that…

  26. My Galaxy Grand Duos GTi9082 prompted me one fine day that the software was downloaded and it it is ready to update. So I did an officially available update on my phone. However on the same day itself, my phone started hanging. The performance is slow and jerky. I don’t think I took a back up on kies as the download had happened on wifi. Is there any way to rollback to the default software version. Or is there any way to stop this hanging problem?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • You can do so via Samsung Kies.. Connect you rsmartphone to pc via kies and from there you can reinstall the latest software available for you.. I will also be posting a short tutorial on how to revert back to latest firmware avilable for your region. Even if you have installed the leaked version this will be the way how you can revert back to the latest firmware available for your reason.

  27. Hi! I have updated my samsung Galaxy Grand OS to 4.2.2. I’ve been experiencing problems with viewing the hidden items on my gallery. Is there anything I can do to retrieve the hidden pictures? Thanks!

    • If you have hidden the files before upgrading then, you won’t be able to see it right now.. You might not be getting an option to show the hidden items.. Try restoring the data from any backup file you made…

      • Is there any way to retrieve those hidden items? There are some important pictures I’ve hidden that I want to retrieve. Thanks!

        • I fear there might be no way.. as it has been mentioned in the update as well that if you have somehow encrypted any data then decrypt it before updating itherwise the data won’t be possible to decrypted. So, I don’t think so, yet you may give it a try.. first take a complete backup and then do a factory reset after that you can restore the data .. Then try making it visible.. Also it might have happened that the data is not on the disk, if after installation you had done a restoration of your data but still unable to find the hidden items, then i am afraid to say this but it won’t be possible to see via smartphone..

          One thing you can do is, if the data is in memory card then remove the card and then connect it to your computer via card reader.. enable hidden file option in your computer and see if it shows you the files. If you get them click on properties of the file and then find and uncheck the option Hidden. Hope this helps.

      • Even the files that I have hidden after the update cannot be viewed. The gallery stops working everytime I select Show hidden files. 🙁

        • If you had the leaked version first installed on your system, or in any other case, i would suggest you to take a complete backup and try doing a complete factory reset of your Smartphone. And then restore all the data. You may even try re installing the software.. make sure you have the correct software which you are installing.

          • Hi Ashutosh.I have got my final official version of 4.2.2.on my grand
            yesterday thro kies.All works fine except for bluetooth..I used to
            play my bluetune Divoom wireless speaker pretty smooth prior to
            update.Post update the music played via bluetooth breaks. What could be the
            issue.Pl help .

          • Hello Uday..
            I would suggest you to do a complete reset of your device. Take backup first then head over to the security and perform a complete reset. After the reset, restore your packup and do a fresh pairing of your wireless speaker.

        • Hey.. in the My Files>Settings check the show hidden items. now go to My Files and go to Device Storage.. U wil see a folder .hide where u can see the hidden images. u can copy the image and save the image.

    • Here is the way to get back your HIDDEN ITEMS after the gallery is giving problem after the 4.2.2 upgrade. I FIGURED OUT..
      First Download “AndroZip” APP(from playstore).Open this App and go through your device storage and you will find a FOLDER named “.hide”. This FOLDER contains all that HIDDEN ITEMS.From there just COPY or MOVE the HIDDEN ITEMS to a NEW FOLDER or some OTHER FOLDER, there are options, and CLOSE the APP.Now open your My Files, open ALL FILES and open DEVICE STORAGE and you will get it there, IN THE FOLDER you have moved the HIDDEN ITEMS or in the NEW FOLDER you created and in which you have copied or moved the HIDDEN ITEMS if you have created a NEW FOLDER.

  28. Hello Admin,

    This is in regards to updating the firmware from 4.1 to 4.2.2, I had got the update pop up on my phone and started the download and halfway through my Wi-Fi got disconnected and the download got cancelled, now when I click on software update in my galaxy grand it says your phone is updated to the latest software and when I check the software it still shows 4.1. Can you help with this issue? why isn’t the OS picking up the new version of the software? Please help me get the update.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • I would suggest you to update it via Samsung Kies as shown in the video, or you can follow the second procedure and download the firmware and then you can install it via ODIN, If you cannot go for these options, Take a complete backup and then perform facotry reset, after that try upgrading again. It should upgrade, makes sure you have fast internet for this purpose.

  29. Hi Ashutosh..Do you mean hard reset/factory reset or just a restart…Kindly advice.Post this will the 4.2.2. will remain as it is or I need to follow the upgradation process once again..

    • You need to do a Factory Reset. You will find this option in your Settings >> Accounts . Navigate to the last which says .. Backup and Reset. Then Select Factory Data Reset. If you have successfully Updated then, Your device will be running on 4.2.2 only. you don’t need to upgrade again.

      • Hi Ashutosh , I contacted samsung customer support in this regard as I wanted a second opinion thro live chat.They suggested me to remove battery and reinsert…Vola..The problem resolved…Now music plays flawlessly as earlier…

  30. Hey dude I have successfully updated my grand to 4.2.2 but when I want to show some of my hidden albums in gallery, It stopped working all the time plz help me I want those photos but now I m unable to access them.

    • I fear there might be no way.. as it has been mentioned in the update as well that if you have somehow encrypted any data then decrypt it before updating otherwise the data won’t be possible to decrypted. So, I don’t think so. Yet you may give it a try.. first take a complete backup and then do a factory reset after that you can restore the data .. Then try making it visible..
      Also it might have happened that the data is not on the disk, if after installation you had done a restoration of your data but still unable to find the hidden items, then i am afraid to say this but it won’t be possible to see via smartphone..

      One thing you can do is, if the data is in memory card then remove the card and then connect it to your computer via card reader.. enable hidden file option in your computer and see if it shows you the files. If you get them click on properties of the file and then find and uncheck the option Hidden. Hope this helps.

    • Here is the way to get back your HIDDEN ITEMS after the gallery is giving problem after the 4.2.2 upgrade. I FIGURED OUT..
      First Download “AndroZip” APP(from playstore).Open this App and go through your device storage and you will find a FOLDER named “.hide”. This FOLDER contains all that HIDDEN ITEMS.From there just COPY or MOVE the HIDDEN ITEMS to a NEW FOLDER or some OTHER FOLDER, there are options, and CLOSE the APP.Now open your My Files, open ALL FILES and open DEVICE STORAGE and you will get it there, IN THE FOLDER you have moved the HIDDEN ITEMS or in the NEW FOLDER you created and in which you have copied or moved the HIDDEN ITEMS if you have created a NEW FOLDER.

    • I hope you have installed the correct 4.2.2 firmware for your reason. Turn Off your Phone.. Remove the battery.. Wait for few moments.. Reinsert and restart.. If this doesn’t works.. Try resetting your phone completely.. Take a backup and then perform a complete reset of your phone. After that Restart the phone.. See if you can recieve the message or not.. Restore your phone contents.. In case if that still doesn’t works.. contact Samsung Offcials for this.

  31. Hi…I had some hidden images in my gallary in android 4.1.2 version in galaxy grand…now after upgtading to 4.2.2 I am not able to unhide those images. Dont know wherw they have gone. How can I view them back again?

    • Go to My Files>Settings check the show hidden items. now go to My Files and go to Device Storage.. U will see a folder .hide where u can see the hidden images. u can copy the image and save the image.

      • Awesome bro awesome 🙂
        Thanks a lot for the help !!
        This worked great i actually recovered my pics i had made hidden in my Galaxy Grand Duos !!!
        I recovered them !!!
        Thanks a lot 🙂

      • Thanks .i am using grand duos, i tried boot , reset and other options mentioned on blogs and forums , yours this one is useful and i restored hundreds of hidden files. However i recovered the files but, how can we fix the problem when it pops up “unfortunately , gallery stopped working!” when tried to view hidden items of gallery every time , hope u find out the trick for this too !!

        • If you have not updated to the latest version i recommend you doing so. Follow this link to know more… If you have the latest version of firmware as shown in the article (link mentioned earler) then try clearing the cache via recovery mode..
          Follow these steps

          Try clearing your cache via the recovery mode. For that turn off your smartphone and then press Volume Up + Home Button + Power button together.. YOu will get a menu .. from there use your volume down button and go to Wipe cache partition, and press power button to select.. This will clean your old cache which may be the issue..

  32. Ohh thanks ashutosh..I got my images there in the “.hide folder”. Unhiding files are now quite different from that used to be in last version.Thanks a lot for your help.

    • I don’t know why you can’t get that.. As this option is at the same place it was before… I am getting it there only.. Also try scrolling the notification bar during a call to see of you get an option there

  33. Even i suffering from same problem while retrieving images from hidden files oin gallery , it will stop running .Before it was working fine it is giving problem after installation new version of 4.2.2

  34. how to reinstall the android 4.2.2 and how to take backup also because as mentioned my gallery is not working properly with full settings.
    please suggest me

    • Go to My Files>Settings check the show hidden items. now go to My Files and go to Device Storage.. U will see a folder .hide where u can see the hidden images. u can copy the image and save the image.
      To reinstall you can use kies.. First take a complete backup via kies and then follow the video on this post which shows how to install via kies.. it will show you the full way.. Also i would like you to first take a backup and then do a factory reset before updating again. Once you do that.. switch off your phone and remove the battery.. Press the power button for few seconds. After that leave the device for a minute then reinsert the battery and power on… Your device should work fine..

  35. Hi.. I need to know how do I remove vibration from pattern lock? After the update to 4.2.2 I dont see an option lik that. .
    could u pls help out.

  36. Hi all,

    I upgraded my phone to 4.2.2 1 week ago and I am having a lot of problems.
    First, google+ keeps on giving errors and saying it has stopped working.
    Then, I cannot share images on whatsapp anymore. It says “failed to load image…”.
    I cant even open Instagram, it keeps saying that my camera is not compatible.
    And last but not least, I can no longer upload images on Facebook.

    All these problems seem related to camera? Any idea what this is about? Help please

    • There is a new update released after the official update. The previous update had a lot of problems. i recommed you installing the latest update. Connect your Mobile via Samsung kies with your pc and see if there is an update.. you won’t be able to install it with your phone software update feature…

  37. Hi Ashutosh,

    I must say that you are doing a great job here. Keep up the good work.

    It is indeed a detailed article on how to update the Samsung Galaxy Grand. I would be really thankful to you if you can help me with the following queries:

    I am currently on Balliboxer’s custom ROM 4.1.2 BB version i9082XXAMD1.

    What i want:
    1. Revert back to stock rom so that i can update my phone to the official 4.2.2 update.
    2. Back up all my contacts, messages and Memos. (Nothing else as everything else is on the sd card).
    3. Question: What happens if i do a factory reset in the settings menu? Will i revert back to the stock rom which comes pre loaded with the galaxy grand?

    Please tell me how to do it. Will this tutorial of yours work?? It seems a little bit confusing to me.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Amit Sharma

    • Here a Youtube video I found, LINK on how to revert back to original firmware in case you have rooted your device.. Hope that helps.

      For the backup you can use kies.. Data is even backed up at cloud in your google account.. You can look for settings and then backup and reset options to know more about it, Since you are using a custom rom, i don’t know where it will be present. Just reseting won’t help you.. Follow the video.. I have seen that and it aslo have all the description and links to the necessary softwares. Make sure you are downloading the correct firmware.. You can download the firmware from this post and then you can download the other tools from the video description. in that you will directly get the android 4.2.2 update.

  38. how do i make out which version to download?INS or INU?

    PLease suggest.

    Thank you very much for your time.


    • Follow the first video in this post.. Following the initials steps that is entering your Model no and then your sn no.. See the video to know where to find the sn number.. Once you will do that Kies will notify you about the download and then you will get to know which (INU/INS) or any other is being downloaded.. Once verified download the same for your smartphone.

  39. Is this update a official one???…. if I go to samsung kies and verify… it informs me tat ur device is not sipported for firware update via kies…. can u say y I get thia comment is the link ur provided not official soon im confused…… is the firmware provided in the link is offcial or not…..

    • This is the official update avaiable for the galaxy grand duos. The reason Kies may not let you update is you may installed the leaked version or may some other version than the original stock rom. I would advise youu to follow the first video on this page to get the official version available for you via kies. If you have not rooted your phone, there won’t be any problem. Even if you have the leaked version of the Firmware you can still update. Follow the first video in case you are confused between which to download. The first video will help you get your official update available in your region.

  40. hi. i have upgrade my Samsung galaxy grand to 4.2.2
    i have face problem when i want to see the hidden items in gallery. there is no picture show when i click shows hidden items. after i hidden my picture in gallery, it not show when i click show hidden items too.
    how to solve this problem?

    • Go to My Files>Settings check the show hidden items. now go to My Files and go to Device Storage.. U will see a folder .hide where u can see the hidden images. u can copy the image and save the image.

  41. Hi Kumar

    My phone is running little bit slower since the day day i have upgraded it to 4.2.2 and also the version is different from the one u have shown in the screen shot.

    My version is
    Baseband Version

    Build Number

    I this it is different from the offical version though i have downloaded when i got the update on my phone.

    • The version you have installed on your system is the latest one so you don’t need to worry.. I have updated the link as well and that’s why written in a green note that after the update about which i posted earlier samsung also released a new update.

  42. Hi..
    I have syncd my gmail in galaxy’s grand 4.2.2 version .. n I am unable to remove pictures that by default get added as Picasa alumb .. could u please help

    • Open you gallery, touch the menu option soft key beside home button, you will get an option “Content To Display” Select that option. After that you will get options to choose from which of the following you want your gallery to show contents from… Just select the content on device to show only those things located on your internal and external memory..

  43. Hi there 😉
    Finnaly a upgrade for GRAND DUOS
    New look OK
    Work OK

    Limited letters fonts
    The T9 (smart write) is VERY BAD
    Few APPS works in this version 4.2.2

    • Head over to the battery option from the settings option and try ro find out which app is causing the problem. I would also like to mention that Samsung released a new firmware update for 4.2.2 so if you are running the previous android version please update with the new one. To find out if there is an update available for you or not, you can connect it to kies and see if your firmware is latest or not.

      • yes i hav updated to the latest version i hav confirm with kies…………..i hav also check the battery usage most of it is use by Android system and android os……………..mine battery is draining in standby also……… earlier 4.1 my phn was working superb……….just help me

        • I would ask you to do a complete reset of your phone. Ever since the release of this new OS there are some or the other problems and most of them are solved after resetting it. Take a complete backup via kies and then perform a factory reset clearing all information. After resetting restore the backup. Hope this solves the problem. I resetted my phone after installing the new software to remove unwanted cache and other things all at once. I am getting a good battery backup. in case you still face the problem after doing this, i would advise you to contact Samsung Officials.

      • Hi Ashutosh,

        Thank you very much for the help. I followed the instructions you gave me and I have successfully uploaded the stock rom 4.1.2. The youtube video was really helpful. I have also updated my phone to 4.2.2 through kies. The new update is stable and smooth. I feel the battery backup has also improved. Thank you so much for the help and keep it up.


  44. can u pls help me how to get back to previous version…………
    i would be happy if i get back to 4.1 jelly bean because in that i dont hav any problem

    • You can download the 4.1.2 firmware via . once you go there search for i9082, after that you will see the list of all the firmware for Galaxy grand duos. You need to create an account to download it. Once created, Just select the 4.1.2 which is for your region. make sure you are selecting the firmware for your region only. After that follow the same video tutorial the ODIN way to install the 4.1.2 firmware on your device.

    • Samsung released a new update for making the Android 4.2.2 more stable. So you may give the new version a try. No need to install any other software.. Just follow th article and you will get the latest stable software. Head over to this link to know more about this.

  45. I’m late to the game here, but when I restore photos to the Grand using Kies, will the original file attributes for photos such as date and time taken, geo tag info be retained? or will I lose it all?

    • As far as the details are considered everything will be backed up. For the date and time when the picture was snapped i am sure but i have never used the geotag .. by the way if other details are backed up this will also be backed.. For intsance you can try taking backup of your gallery and then just delete any one image. then restore from the backup and see is the file comes with all the data or not.

  46. After upgrading my duos to V4.2.2 I am expereincing the following problem, when trying to aatach / send a picture either as attachment from the gallery or from watsapp while in chat it will not allow me to do so – saying that the file is not a known type an cannot be sent.
    Any help would be much appreciatred.

    • As suggested to most of the person… I would like you to first take a backup and then do a complete Factory Reset. Most of the problems are solved by this. Also since Google has a record of which app has been installed so once you will configure your same gmail account it will download all the apps and reinstall. Then restore from the backup you made.

  47. hii ashutosh ..
    upgraded mah phon to Jb 4.2.2..evrythng is wrkng fyn ..
    bt cn u pls help and tell has the sharing option has been removed,from the MUSIC
    Ealier it was there ..,(share via)
    plss help
    w8ing 4 ur quick response.

    • Well even I am missing this feature. Now if i have to share something i have to manually locate it in my memory (Internal / External) and then send it from there.. I will let you know if i get any workaround for this.

  48. Hi Kumar

    Yesterday I disabled and force stopped an downloading game and since then I am getting this pop-up which say’s “Unfortunately,the process has stopped” due to which my phone “Grand” get’s hang every now and then.

    Please Suggest



    • I am not getting if you have stopped an app while downloading or you have stopped a downloaded game. If the game is on your mobile, uninstall it.. Turn off your smartphone, Remove the back panel and then the battery.. After that press the power button for some time. Then re insert the battery and restart. If the problem persist then resetting will be an option.

      Note: Never force stop any process which you are not sure about. Since that may be used by system. However Android always starts the process it needs automatically so i don’t know why it is causing the porblem. Try resetting it.

      • Hi Kumar

        I mean to say that a game was being downloaded through WiFi but later on there was no WiFi connection available so I switched to mobile data network and the game was still in downloading stage, but i forced stopped and disabled the process and after that i started getting that pop-up “Unfortunately,the process has stopped” and after that my phone started getting hanged. I did that switching off the phone and removing the back panel and battery and pressing the power button for a while but the problem still persist along with the POP-UP.


  49. my samsung galaxy duos i9082 automatically updated to the new android and half my apps aren’t working. they don’t even start, they immediately crash.

    these include: spotify (so i am now paying for nothing!), google+, chrome, skype

    what a mess. do i wait for another update or go back to a previous version?

    • Do a factory reset of yoru phone, if you haven’t done it after your update. Also first take a backup of all the data on your phone so that you can restore it after the reset is completed. It should work fine. In case it is not working fine then head over to Samsung officials for better guidance.

    Last time i took ur advice did factory reset and did backup of my complete data and upgraded to android 4.2.2 version.
    Last few days it worked fine but now its giving a new problem its getting hanged up.
    Opening any applications its taking few minutes and getting hanged and swithced off by it self.
    Is there any problem with my device or Its related to this new android version? from last two days its hell with this Galaxy Grand piece.

  51. I’ve updated my note 8.0 to android 4.2 last week and since then, when I hit the gallery share button, it freezes and says “gallery stopped”. Facebook call is also bugged, people can hear me but I cannot hear them. Already did factory reset. Solved other bugs, but these ones still persists. What a terrible update, Samsung!!!
    Can you give me a solution?

    “Any tips, any tips you got?”

    • You should try contacting Samsung officials for any comment on that.. Since you have done all the possible htings you could have, on your end. Head over to your nearest Authorized Samsung Service centre and get your problems rectified.

  52. After updating to the new OS on 20 oct 2013 iam getting message UNFORTUNATELY GOOGLE + STOPPED.
    what should i do to get rid of this message.

    • IF you haven’t cleared the cache earlier after installing Android 4.2.2 then i woudl request you to do a factory reset first. Take a backup of your personal data and let the apps reinstall themselves when you configure your google account. This should solve your problem…!!!

  53. I just hide few picture recently but im not able to see them again even after click on show hidden picture. any suggestion please to get my all hidden picture back

    Thanks in advance

    • Hey.. in the My Files>Settings check the show hidden items. now go to My Files and go to Device Storage.. U wil see a folder .hide where u can see the hidden images. u can copy the image and save the image.

  54. HI Kumar, My unknown sources is greyed out after update via air,I cannot check it, is it due to this android update, did you face the same issue, or is it some kind of virus, what do you say?

    • I did not faced this issue. If you are facing it try to check if the developer option is enabled or not. If not then tap 7 8 times on Build Number and it will be enabled. Once done try to see if you can use that option now.

  55. after following all your step ( upgrading via kies ) this window appears “proceed to firmware recovery” and vanishes . please help i wa using the leaked 4.2.2 version and trying to get the official one

    • try installing the OS via the ODIN software. To know more… click here Make sure you are downloading the correct version. Verify after connecting your galaxy grand to kies. Which version it is showing INU or INS or if you are of some other reason then download the firmware from once done follow the video to install the software.. or rush to any Samsung Service Centre…

  56. my gallary n music player is not showing my sd card data plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sove my problem 🙁
    n my fon also get hang some time what will i do , it dnt show any pic n any song of memory card
    in gallary or in music player plz tell me wht will i do 🙁

    • If you have recetnly updated your phone but did not done a factory reset, it might be causing the problem. I would ask you to do a factory rset of your smartphone. First take a complete backup of your stuff and then reset the system and then restore your data from the system. In case this does not solve your problem, contact Samsung Officials.

      • while doing this should i lost my all downloaded aaps n chats?
        if yes how i can take my chat backup n restore it again.

        • Yes, all your apps and data in internal memory will be lost.
          For taking a backup, install Samsung Kies on your pc and the connect your smartphone via USB cable. Once it detects the smartphone, Click on Backup and restore and take the complete backup. Once, the restore is complete, Follow the similar step, this time click on Restore and choose the backup you made. The data will be restored.

  57. since is being shutdown by the federal of U.S, I found difficulties in downloading the firmware both the INS and INU version. is there anyone can give me different download link but so that I can get the firmware. I really need that. thank’s for the help….

    • you can refer to the article mentioned in the post above. The post have been updated and you will find the article at the same place where you saw the firmware link.

  58. Hi kumar,
    After upgrading to android 4.2.2 i am unable to move large game files to android/obb through pc. It stops copying at the end of process every time and when i delete that obb folder it says that it is write protected.Games like nfs most wanted, amazing spiderman, mortal combact 4, fifa 14 these heavy game files when i try to copy in obb folder it stops at the end of process

  59. I personally have the I9082XXUBMK3 version and after disabling the Gallery its working as smooth as silk.

    To disable the Gallery:
    Go to Settings—–Application Manager——-All——-
    Now All the processess running shall be displayed.
    Scroll down to find the process GALLERY
    Click on Clear Data.
    Click on Force Stop.
    Click on Disable.

    Downlload QuickPic and use that as Gallery. Its Lightning fast and does not stay in memory as well.

  60. Hi Ashutosh,
    I was taking th backup of the files inorder to reload the Android 4.2.2.

    Can you please guide me on the following two backups:?
    1. How to take backup of the data of my Angry Birds Game. If i reinstall all the levels i have unlocked shall be Gone. How do i preserve them?

    2. How to take backup of the data of my Hill Climbing Game. If i reinstall all the levels i have unlocked shall be Gone. How do i preserve them?

    3. Even if i have removed some apps from my Samsung Galaxy Grand the myapps section in shows these apps to be installed. How do i correct this scenario?

    Please let me know your replies as my backup is complete and am just waiting for your answers on Point 1 and 2 absolutely on PRIORITY.

    Please help

    • As far as i have seen, when i updated the Galaxy Grand Duos then i did not loose any app or its progress, it simply refreshed the firmware. But do take a backup, a complete backup. Make sure you do the update via Samsung kies and not the ODIN way. This may help you. There is an option of backup for apps in case you loose them.

      Now for the apps which are being listed on as installed, you can remove them from your list. when you will get to your apps option in the PLay STore option on your phone then there will be two options, one installed and one all. Just click on all and it will show you all the apps which you have ever installed. The apps which you have uninstalled from your system, those apps will be listed with a cross sign. Just click on the cross sign and it will remove them from your list and also it will change the installed thing which you are seeing.

  61. Hi,

    Is the android 4.2.2 update official, cuz i asked about the same at the samsung service center, and they said it is not as galaxy grand duos i9082 comes with only 4.1.2 OS officially. pls confirm the same.

    thanx in advance

    • I don’t know why they are saying this but Android 4.2.2 is official. Galaxy Grand Duos comes with 4.1.2 out of the box that means if you buy a new one you will get android 4.1.2, but you can update it to 4.2.2 via samsung kies or ask the service center to update. If they are saying it is not available, i would recommend you to go to some other branch of samsung service center. 4.2.2 released a long time ago. Also there have been several stability update after 4.2.2.

  62. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different web address and thought I may as
    well check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to exploring your web page for a second time.

  63. Hello, of course this paragraph is in fsct good and
    I have learned lot of things from it oon the topic
    of blogging. thanks.

  64. In my phone galaxy grand2 when connect to wifi and adding right pass word also.than also it will not connected to my decide
    Please help me sir
    I hope will u sole it

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