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Contactive – Universal Caller ID – A review by GeekyGadgetWorld

The most irritating problem one can ever face is getting repetitive calls from unknown number. Till now there is no any accurate tool to detect the exact person behind that number. Even though we may be able to track down its location, viagra 100mg it generally results in the state and the country and no other details are found. So what to do.

Well answer to this question is just one word – Contactive.

Contactive – “Universal Caller ID” & Your Personal Intelligence Agency

Contactive – This Universal Callers ID is a free application for all android users. Being a Universal Caller ID, its functionality is not affected by the place you are living or from the place your unknown caller is calling you. Now this is something not seen in many apps of same genre.


How does Contactive Works?

Whenever you get a call from an unknown number, this app will perform a search for that number in their database.And you will be presented with the person name and his location information on your screen. Sounds interesting? Yeah, it sure is. No more wondering about some strange number which are not of our country. Let this app do the tracking work for you. It would be rather fun to know every time who is the person calling you even before you pick up the call and no matter if you ever spoke to that person before or not.

Most of the time we ignore strange numbers thinking it as a waste or may be from any call centre. But what of that call was to inform you something very important to you if your most of the works are being carried online or may be you applied for anything online in foreign country.

Contactive Universal Caller ID

Contactive not only brings before you the name and the location but also the social media buzz round that name. Whenever you are getting a call from any of your friend in your list and if you have a great social quotient, you may forget who that person was. Contactive will not only show you general details but it will also present to you the the updates by that user on various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, myspace and others. All this data will be placed on the screen the moment you will be getting the call from that number.

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Whenever you will install contactive app, it cleverly merges the contact information with their social networks which is updated in real time so no matter if you are in call or not, you will be presented with the latest updates of that user. Another interesting feature is that in case you just ran out of words and don’t know what to say and you really enjoy talking to that person, you can get a cheat sheet about your contact latest updates from social media in no time and hence you will have some or the other thing to talk with your loved ones.

Contactive Universal Caller ID

From where does Contactive gets their database. Contactive is able to identify millions of unknown callers. It collects information from social media networks, publicly available resources and Contactive’S Global Directory. Their social media site list include – : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, WhatsApp, Tango, Skype, Yelp, Google Places, and Contactive’s Global Directory.

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