iPhone 6 Specs Features & Price [Rumoured]

iPhone 6 – This is the smartphone which can be termed as the highly anticipated gadget right now. Almost all of the smartphone lovers are waiting for this gadget. Rumour zone is full of expectation and probale specs and YouTube is full of concept videos suggesting the way brand new iPhone 6 is going to be. I took my own opinion on this upcoming iPhone.

iPhone 6


iPhone 6 Features & Specs [Rumours]

iPhone 6 screen

Apple is known to be the king when talking about the display quality. Their Retina Display technology set new boundaries for the industry to go for and compete.  Talking about the size of the screen, well i would like to add up that a screen size of 4.5 – 5 inch is what being considered as the standard screen size these. With most of the smartphones going for this size, it can be expected that Apple would be going for a 5inch iPhone 6.

It is also being said that iPhone 6 may be coming with a screen size of around 4.8 inch (not to forget the Retina Display)along witha IGZO screen. If this combination truns out to be true we would get a thinner and brighter display which would be much clearer and will enhance the display (even better than HD resolution). According to a leaked news, its also being said that they are working on enhancing the screen sensitivity upto 8 times than the present one. This also suggest that you will not need to take out your gloves in the winter time to operate your new iPhone.

iPhone 6 Design

Concept Video

Apple iPhone 6 features

This is for sure that we would be getting some hardware upgrades compared to the present iphone. To compete with Nokia (well they are not really a competiton this days in terms of being a smartphone, its just the camera 🙂 ) We may also see some enhancements in iPhone 6 camera capabilities. iPhone 5 lacked the present trend of supporting the NFC technology which may be expected in the upcoming versions.

“Smart Bezel” – this is a new feature which is beng rumoured almost every where with the iPhone 6. This came into talk with a patent filed by Apple. According to this patent – The smart bezels woul dbe providing a flashing buttons where the user should be providing the inputs.

A fingerprint is also being expected. However most of them are expecting on the iPhone 5s which i think will not be true. FingerPrint Scanner technology is a premium type fetaure and hence would not get a place on a budget device iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6 specs

Well, now here is something which every rumors has its own suggestion. Assuming that iPhone 5s  may be releasing with a dual-core A6 or may be a quad-core A6X, it can be said that iPhone 6 may be getting a newer A7 quad-core chips.

iPhone 6 would be coming in the three known models 16, 32 and 64GB. However a 128GB model may also be expected since iPad range was also upgraded with this zie model. Why iPhone would be behind?

iPhone 6 release date

This is for sure that we won’t be seeing iPhone 6 for a considerable time. As of now iPhone 5s is one which is in the lineup. Hence it can be said that iPhone 6 would be somewhere in the 2014. A brand new iOS is also being expected for the new iPhone and hence would take time encorporating new features and technologies to that as well. A new iOS is also being expected as the present one might nor be capable with the upgraded core architecture of iPhone 6. However seeing the Apple WWDC lined up aroung mid 2013, it may also be expected that time but a lot of enhancemnets and workaround has to be done.

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