Find My Phone – Google’s Android Device Manager

Have you ever been in a situation when you were unable to find your phone. May be because you are unable to remember where you kept it. Well, treatment This is a very common thing which happened with most of us. Now, We are here to help you out with this problem. Google recently launched its new Android Device Manager which will help you track your Android phone’s location. I personally tried this service to find my phone and it does what it says. Heard my phone ringing from the other room loud and clear thought it was on silent mode that time.

Find My Phone App (Web Based App) – Google’s Android Device Manager

This service acts as a web based app which lets you ring your device to its max volume. Hence you can hear it loud and clear and locate its situation. Even if your device is at Vibrate or Silent mode, it will override all settings and will ring your smartphone to its maximum volume.

If you are thinking how can I find my phone with this service, here is the way for this.

Since you are using an Android Smartphone then you should be having a Gmail id which you used up to SignUp in the Play Store.

Just Follow the link Android Device Manager , and use the same email id and password to access the service. It will automatically show you the name of your smartphone which is saved with this account. (See The Picture below). Once you log in, it will automatically detect the present location of the device and present before you.

Find My Phone - Android Device Manager

Find My Phone – Android Device Manager

The left pic shows this find my phone service trying to establish a connection with my device and the second one shows the present location of the device. It will also show the location of the device on Google Map.

There are two services offered by the web based app.

Google’s Android Device Manager Features:

Ring Feature

Ring Feature

Ring : This is the feature about which I was talking before. It will help you ring your device to the maximum possible volume.

Wipe Feature

Wipe Feature

Wipe : This is bonus features. Suppose you lost your phone. And in case it has some personal information which you don’t want to be leaked, then you can use this service to wipe all those data from your smartphone.To use this feature you will need to enable the Factory reset option form your android smartphone. These will be asked by your smartphone the very first day, you will be registering for this service.

You can select which one of the two service are you willing to use on your android smartphone. Based on the permission you provided you can use it.

Android Device Manager - Find My Phone

Android Device Manager Permission

Note : In case you are unavailable to track down youe phone, then this means that your phone is either out of any coverage area, or is switched.

Find My Phone App - Android Device Manager

This is not a very new kind of technology. In fact to be precise, features and services like this are available from a long time in other android apps (mostly by some of the best antivirus apps) . Not to forget the famous Find My iPhone app, which is just similar. The only thing with Android Device Manager is that this is being served the Tech Giant Google.

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  1. HI Ashutosh….
    You shared a really interesting and must have app.
    I usually forgot my mobile as I am continuously move from my bedroom to drawing room to market….. and forgot my phone many times in another room or some time in car as well. This app is really useful. I’ll like to give it a try.

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