Google Moto X : 5 Special features

Presenting before you a list of 5 special features which came with the brand new Google Moto X. The first smartphone by Motorola designed under complete supervision of Google.

5 Special features in Google Moto X

Google Moto X

Google Moto X


1. Touch-less control – This would be probably the best feature of Google Moto X. This feature is somewhat similar to the one seen in Google Glass and also in the voice search feature of Chrome. This feature lets you control your device with voice command. To initiate this feature a prefix command “Okay, adiposity Google Now” has to be spoken. It gives access to Google Now, order a voice-based assistant. This assistant fetches your instruction and based on that performs several function. Few example of tasks it can perform are appointments fixing or alarm setup etc. The interesting part of this feature is that you are not needed to touch the phone or even take out of your pocket. Once this feature is enabled, shop Just order by your voice commands and leave the rest work on this.

2. Active Display – This feature helps you save your battery juices. The AMOLED screen being used in Google Moto X displays selective information saving the battery life. This feature is somewhat similar to Nokia’s Glance Screen Feature.  This feature allows you to view a snippet of information like the time or message notification and voicemails etc. without the need to unlock the phone.

If you want something like this for your Android Smartphone also, you can try it. Just download Active Notification.

3. Quick Capture
Ever missed any dedicated hard key for accessing the camera directly. Well the Google Moto X took it to another level. You just need to shake your device and your camera app will open up. On shaking the phone twice the camera app will instantly open and click the picture as well. For capturing multiple photos quickly just touch and hold on the screen.

4. Authentication through wireless devices –
Further enhancing the battery life, Google Moto X removes the need of unlocking the smartphone to connect with familiar or trusted Bluetooth device. For example, if Moto X is near to any Bluetooth enabled speaker, your phone will connect to it without the need to unlock since it takes it to be in the trusted environment.

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5. Customisability – Google Moto X is completely customizable in all sense. You can have your own choice for almost all the parts. There are over 18 different colored back panels. You may also choose your own color accents for the camera lense’s ring. Same goes for the volume and the power button. You can also get yourself a personal message or your name etched at the back of Motorola Moto X. Though this customization facility comes only with US carrier AT&T.

Google Moto X is to only sold in regions of US, Canada and Latin America. If you are not residing in any of these regions, it is not possible for you to get your hands on Moto X.


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