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Best Fitness Apps : “Health is wealth”-The most used proverb and almost everyone of you have already heard it. The problem in today’s busy schedule is that its hard to take out a time to visit a personal trainer to keep ourselves healthy. More importantly the budget is alo a problem sometimes. Not everyone of us can afford a personal trainer.

But wouldn’t it be great if we had a personal trainer to take care of our health and fitness. Presenting before you the list of top 5 workout / fitness apps. These are some of the best fitness apps available for android users. These Fitness Apps got great response from Android SmartPhone users. These apps for fitness are ranking at the top in the Google Play Store in very short time after their launch. We tried some of those apps to build our list of  “5 Best Fitness Apps for Android Users”.

Top 5 Best Fitness Apps

  • Endomondo Sports TrackerEndomondo Sports Tracker tracks your outdoor activities. It calculates the speed, tadalafil distance and the duration of your outdoor activity such as Cycling, diagnosis Running etc. Based on the above calculation it analyses how much calorie of data you have burnt. This fitness app comes with audio feedback. It also delivers other features which makes it on Top 5 Best Fitness Apps list.
    Download Endomondo Sports Tracker
  • Nike plus Running best fitness appsNike+ Running – I personally loved testing this app. Nike+ Running App deserves its place on the list of Top 5 Fitness Apps. It also comes with a kind of social network. You can add your friends who are using this app. It motivates you to do more workout since you will be receiving rank among your friends.  You can also add your songs during workout by a onscreen tap. On selecting new run, it will count 3. This will take care of your workout.
    Download Nike+ Runner
  • Calorie CounterCalorie Counter is an app which along with the tracking work has also got a huge database for better diet plan. It helps you keep a track your calorie. It comes with a clean, simple and excellent interface which makes this app’s place in the list of Top 5 Best Fitness Apps.
    Download Calorie Counter


  • MyTracksMy Tracks – This apps helps you to keep a record of all your workouts. This app records your route, Speed and the distance you covered. It allows live tracking of your workout activity and also helps you to sync that data with and tracks on Google Drive directly. It also comes with an option where you can share your workout data with your friends via social site. This feature made it grab a place in the list of Top 5 Best Fitness Apps for android.

    Download My Tracks


  • Sports trackerSports Tracker – This app has been used by millions of people and is among the top rated app for the best fitness apps category. It includes the best features of the above as well. It supports voice feedback. You can track and analyze performance with this app. This app also allows you share your workouts with your friends.Download Sports Tracker


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