Best Photo Editor Apps 2013

Best Photo editor Apps – Whether you are a professional photographer or just a passionate one or you do photography just for fun or hobby, viagra everyone wants their pictures to look awesome. Everyone wants to be praised for their clicks. Most of us are busy tweaking our clicks to enhance it and get more praises.

And if you want your pic to look great, we are here with the list of best photo editor apps. Yes, you can always do it on your PC via some heavy softwares like Photoshop. But what you are out and you just have your android smartphone. Well then these apps will be helping you to get what you want.

Best Photo Editor Apps (FREE)

Snapseed – No 1. [The Best Photo Editor Apps 2013]

Best thing and feature about Snapseed is that if you are not sure about how to edit any picture, then this app will automatically decide that for you. It will apply the best effect to enhance the pic.

Snapseed - The Best Photo Editor Apps 2013

Snapseed – The Best Photo Editor Apps 2013


  • Simple App with Great UI.
  • Enhancement : RetroluxCenter FocusTilting, and many more.
  • Image Editing Tool : Cropping, Image tuning, and the best one Automatic adjustment.
  • Inbuilt filters : tilting & shifting AND Vintage & Grunge.
  • Several Borders and Frames.

This app also comes with option to share your edited image over social networking sites. You may even send it directly to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Download Snapseed for Android Devices

Instagram – No 2. [The Best Photo Editor Apps 2013]

Instagram – Most of you must already be aware of Instagram. Instagram is an app which allows you to share your pics and videos through social networking sites. This app can also be used to directly click an image or just select a pre clicked image for the editing purpose.

Instagram - The Best Photo Editor Apps 2013

Instagram – The Best Photo Editor Apps 2013

  • 20+filters to enhance your pictures.
  • Unlimited Photo Upload permission to social networking sites.
  • Different Tools like grid control, flash control etc. are available.
  • Several image effects like customized blur available.

Download Instagram for Android Devices

Pixlr Express – No 3. [The Best Photo Editor Apps 2013]

Pixlr Express – It is the possibly a great app to use. The best thing about this app is that it is fun using this app to edit our pictures. It offers all the basic photo editing options like others for eg. Cropping, Straitening, Resizing etc. You get over 600 effects to choose and enhance your pictures. It has also got many different styled borders and overlays which you can use. It has also got an Auto Fix option which will automatically enhance your pic.

Pixlr Express - The Best Photo Editor Apps 2013

Pixlr Express – The Best Photo Editor Apps 2013

It has also some got some other features like Sliders for eg – tilt shift, color boost etc. You also enhance and add effect to the picture intensity by using Lighting effects. It also comes with an option to share your pic over sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Download Pixlr Express for Android Devices

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