Feature of WhatsApp Application You Should Know

WhatsApp Messenger is no doubt world’s best instant messenger. All of us have WhatsApp installed in our smartphone whether its Android or iOS or Windows or Symbian. Ever since the success of WhatsApp there were many apps released out of which some of them really turned out to be a competition and good alternative for WhatsApp. But even after that WhatsApp is the number 1 choice because of its great feature. To keep themselves In the fight WhatsApp team always comes up with new features . Here I am going to show you 9 feature of WhatsApp application you might not be knowing till date.

WhatsApp isn’t limited to sending text based messages with some smileys and others, but it has got a lot more capabilities than that. WhatsApp has been made to take care of almost all types of conversation you can have. There is a long list of feature of whatsapp which makes it number 1.

Note: Some of the feature of whatsapp enlisted here  may only be available in the application for Android Users and not the iOS or Windows Users. This list has been made with the latest version of WhatsApp 4.0 . Hence if you can’t see some of the features you might need to update your app.

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Here is the list of 9 feature of WhatsApp application

1. WhatsApp Voice Messages

WhatsApp finally introduced instant voice messaging feature. This feature allows a quick recording of your voice and send it at the same moment to the person you want to. This is great feature which have been introduced in the latest WhatsApp Application version 4.0.

Feature of WhatsApp voice

Voice Message

To record any message, just tap and hold the microphone symbol at the bottom right corner and speak your message, when you will leave the button, the recorded message will be sent to the person whose chat window is open. In case you said something wrong while recording the message, just slide your finger which is holding the microphone symbol toward left, and your messages will be discarded.

2. WhatsApp Conversation History Sharing

Suppose you have chatted something great with someone. Now you want to share this whole conversation with another person, then You can email the whole conversation history WhatsApp via email.

Feature of WhatsApp email conversion

How to do use this feature of WhatsApp ?

For android users, Menu > More > Email Conversation . Enter the recipient email address and WhatsApp will create an email with all the text, pictures videos and smiley you used in the conversation. If you want it without media you can do so by selecting without media in the option as shown in the picture.

In WhatsApp for iOS, Settings > Email chat history.

3. Customizing WhatsApp chat wallpaper

If you want the background of WhatsApp application then You can do so. You don’t need to have the same boring wallpaper when you can change it whatever background image you feel like.

Feature of WhatsApp wallpaper

How to use this feature of WhatsApp?

In the chat menu go to Wallpaper. Here you can either choose your images on the android phone or you can go for great background images in the WhatsApp Wallpaper App.You don’t need to download this app manually, WhatsApp will automatically downloaded this if you choose WhatsApp option in the menu.

For the iOS, Conversation Settings > ‘Chat Wallpaper.

4. Make back-ups of your WhatsApp conversations

Sometimes there is conversation which we would like to keep with us. WhatsApp allows you to create backup of those chats.

Feature of WhatsApp chat backup

How to use this feature of WhatsApp ?

Settings > Chat preferences > Chat history backup. WhatsApp also saves a backup automatically so you don’t need to remember to make a backup daily.

5. Use the Enter key to send WhatsApp messages

This was probably very useful feature of WhatsApp. Most of the time in chat we write continuous lines and it’s not that often that we need to break lines by pressing enter. Now you can use this enter key to send the message instantly without going to send button and then clicking it.

Features of WhatsApp Enter Is Send

To use this feature Go to Settings > Chat preferences > Enter is send. Check the box to enable this. iOS WhatsApp application is not having this feature.

6. Create shortcuts to WhatsApp conversations

Features of WhatsApp chat shortcut

If you chat with someone very frequently, then it might be a trouble for you to open your whatsapp application every time for sending them messages. I will tell you a smarter way for this. You can create a shortcut for that conversation which will appear on you homescreen. Now whenever you have to send them messages you just need to click that and the conversation will open directly. You don’t need to open WhatsApp Application everytime.

To use this feature of WhatsApp Chat Menu > More > Add conversation shortcut.

7. Send much more than just text

Features of WhatsApp media files

If you have using whatsapp just for sending text messages, you have missed all the fun. WhatsApp Application is not limited to text messages only. You can send several medias like pictures, videos, contacts, audio and even addresses. In the chat window, Select More > Choose the desired type of file.

8. Change your WhatsApp status

You can set your own personal message as you status which may tell people about what you are doing now or just to inform them that you are not available for chat at the moment. This will appear under your name in other people whatsapp application.

Features of WhatsApp status

To use this feature of WhatsApp go to WhatsApp main menu > Status. Here you can type your own status or can choose from some most commonly used status present there by default.

9. Broadcast a WhatsApp message to many contacts at the same time.

If you want to send the same message to more than one people, you don’t need to send them individually. You can use the broadcast feature of WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp broadcast

To use this Go to More > Broadcast message > Select the contacts > type your message > Send .

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