Cricket Games For Android : Top 3

Cricket – The only word which energizes almost 90% of the population especially in India. Test matches, viagra sale One days and now IPL have increased the Cricket Fever a lot. It’s a common thing that we always want the rival team to lose and do almost everything to cheer them up. If you want to join this heat or just feel this competition heat more, order we have some best cricket games for Android users.

Game developers have developed almost all kind of cricket games for android like IPL Cricket or T20 Cricket Games and others. These apps are always available on most of the android and iOS smartphones. There are plenty of games in the app market so you might be lost which one to go for. You might give a try to each and every cricket game you came by, but then that may take a while to discover a cricket game which you would love to play and spend your time with. If you don’t want to waste your time then you may have a look at our list of Cricket Games For Android smartphones.

Best Cricket Games for Android users

Stick Cricket – This game is available for both iOS and Android users. This game is really addictive. You just need to worry about the type of shot and its timing and in no time you will be increasing your runs at a rapid fast rate with tons of 4s and 6s. You will have to select your best bowler to prevent the opponent team from chasing your target or providing you a target which might be hard for you to chase.

Cricket Games for android

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IPL Cricket Fever – This game comes with excellent 3D graphics and will provide you a great cricket experience. This cricket game for android comes with different playing modes.  You even have your own cheer leader team who will dance on each and every excellent shot you play.

Cricket Games for android

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Cricket T20 Fever 3D – Do not get confused with the name of this cricket game. This games is not only limited to the T20. Instead this cricket game for android is a complete package of different matches like T20, Tournaments, ODI’s etc. It has also got a special feature named as Facebook Match which let’s you play with your facebook friends. You can select your friends to form a team and with this game’s amazing animation and 3D graphics, you will experience it as a live Match.  It has also got the cheerleader to dance on your amazing shots and with the crowd also cheering. This games provides a full experience as if the match was being broadcasted on your TV.

Cricket Games for android 2

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Well these were the top 3 cricket games for android we loved to play. These games are also available for the iOS users. We are exploring the app store everyday to find some other cricket games as well which will have their place on this list. Till then you can have a test of above mentioned cricket games on your android smartphones.

DO let us know if you have some other cricket games for android smartphones which you thing deserves a place on this list.

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