To Do Lists App For Android – Shifu [Best One]

Ever wanted a smart To Do Lists App for your android smartphone, search which can remind you of tasks and other thing you wish to, well Shifu is the one which is made for you.

Why we need Shifu when there are lot of others already in the market?

Shifu Android App

Shifu Android App

Well, here is the answer for this. Your current To Do Lists App is not that intelligent enough to know when and where you should be reminded about something. Some of the To do Lists App don’t even say anything and you need to manually check if you had something to do or not. And also whenever you have completed something you manually need to check that thing or delete it otherwise it will be there.

But this is not the case when you are using Shifu. Shifu can sense where you are, if you are connected to Wi-Fi or who are your friends and contacts. Your To Do Lists created with Shifu Android App knows when to be shown and which task is to be shown.

Shifu best to do lists android app

You just need to tell Shifu what work you have to do and when and in which conditions you will be doing that. These conditions are based on the time when you want to do that or on the basis of location. Suppose you want to be reminded about buying a gift when you are in the market area., Shifu will automatically sense your location and will tell you about the gift.

An example of how Shifu works?

Shifu best to do lists android app

Suppose you have set a reminder to remind about wishing your special friend happy b’day. Well even if you are using apps like Google Calendar, they are time based, they will remind you at a given time by you, but what If you are not free at that time. Well then you may just ignore it and then you may also forget about about birthday because then the app will not be reminding about this thing again. Or you can manually configure it again for some times later but then you still won’t be sure will you be free at that time or not.

Shifu will help you with all this problem.

You can set your Shifu to remind you about wishing your friend when you are free. Once you do this, Shifu will put a pop-up on your wallpaper or will send you periodic notification based what you commanded it to do. This will be reminding till you shut it down. So you will not forget it in any case.

Other features of Shifu – The best To Do Lists app for android

Shifu best to do lists android app

  • You can also set Shifu to remind you about something related to any person in your contact, whenever you are calling that person. After you have ended your call with that Shifu will also ask you to that if the reminder work is done or would you like to use the reminder again or you want to text message via SMS, Google Voice or FB messenger.
  • You can set custom reminder based on a location in while setting up your To Do Lists. Just set a location point with your reminder and the next time you will be there it will automatically notify you.
  • You can also set reminders like for downloading something or visiting any website whenever you are connected to your Wi-Fi. You will have to choose the Wi-Fi point you wish to be reminded about.

For using Shifu – the very intelligent To Do Lists App, you need to connect and login via facebook account but Shifu won’t be using your facebook personal data to remind you about your friend’s birthdays and other events.

Another amazing feature of this To Do Software or Task lists Application (Whatever you term it) is that if someone called you but you were unable to receive the call at that moment, Shifu will automatically ask you if you want to call that person.

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