Move Apps To External SD Card : Galaxy Grand Duos

How to move apps to external SD card? This is the most bothering question most of the smartphone owners have. Especially those who have just 4GB of internal memory or so and the user accessible memory is even lower. We know android Play Store is full of amazing apps for us. But its of no use if we don’t have space in our smartphone to install them.

I am owning the very famous Galaxy Grand Duos. Even though I have 8 GB of internal memory still my curiosity to install many apps and try them out left me with very low space in my internal memory. So I figured out a simple and very easy way to move apps to external sd card in Galaxy Grand Duos.

This might work with most of the smartphone running on the JellyBean version 4.2. As this is not a feature by the handset manufacturer Samsung. This is simple inbuilt feature of Android to move apps to external SD card.

We have apps for transferring apps to external SD card in Galaxy S4 via App2SD. There are several other apps as well but some of them required rooted phones and personally I don’t feel like rooting my smartphone as of now. Some of the apps which were though available but either didn’t worked correctly or worked with some or the other performance issues.

So I tried on figuring out a way in my smartphone.

Seeing that many people were facing a lot of problems after the Android 4.2.2 update, Samsung recently released another update to solve all those issue. head over to this link to know more.

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PLZ upgrade it as fast as possible for better performance of your device.

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Requirements to move apps from phone to external SD card.

You don’t need any advanced app, you don’t need to root your smartphone, you just need your Galaxy Grand Duos and you are ready to move apps to external SD card.

How to Move apps to external SD card. (Galaxy Grand Duos)

  • Head over to the settings option
  • Now navigate through it and find Application Manager.
  • Once you open it, you will get the list of the apps you have downloaded. To see the running apps and all the apps on your galaxy grand duos, you can swipe sideways.
  • On the downloaded list, select any of the app and then click on it.
  • Scroll Down and you will see an option “Move to SD card” . If you are able to select that option then that you can move apps to external SD card.
  • Some of the apps won’t have these options. Leave them as it is. Transfer rest of the apps to your SD card and use your smartphone the same way as you were doing with more free Internal space in your smartphone.
  • Once you have successfully moved your app to SD card, you will see the changed option as “Move to device Storage”. You can select this any time to move your app back to your internal memory.

How to move apps to SD card (Visual Guide)

Move apps to external SD card

Opening Application Manager – Galaxy Grand Duos

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Move apps to external SD card

Moving apps to SD card

transfer apps to external sd card

This App Can’t Be moved


Note : This tutorial is based on my Galaxy Grand Duos. Not all the apps can be moved from internal memory to SD card because some of the apps may encounter problem while running if they are moved to SD card. So only move those apps which came with an option to move.

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63 thoughts on “Move Apps To External SD Card : Galaxy Grand Duos

  1. Hi Ashutosh,

    I have bought a Sony Xperia M 4 days ago. This phone has everything to run any high end game of present day such as MC 4, Asphalt 8, Amazing Spiderman, Max Payne etc. but the phone memory is not allowing me to download such high end games because its very low. Can you please guide me how to move Apps/Games to SD Card in this phone? I’ll be really grateful to you.

    • Hello Amit,
      You can look in the setting tabs and then application manager. The feature i talked about is of Andorid and i am also having the jelly bean version, so it should be there possibly for you as well. Try looking in the application manager and then select any app and find out move to sd card option. If there is an option, move it and free up your space. Hope that helps you out.

      • Hi Ashutosh,
        Thanks for replying. I have already tried that in my phone while reading this article but unfortunately there is no such option of moving apps to SD card as given in Galaxy Grand.
        Please do let me know if there is any other way apart from rooting the phone because I don;t want to take that risk with my phone.

      • hey buddy am also using galaxy grand duos from past 6months… i haven’t found that option at all, i agree 2.3 was giving u this option inbuilt but jelly bean isn’t providing that option.. then how come you managed to get that option??

        • Hello Abhishek.. I don’t know why you are not getting this option. I had this option when i was running the leaked version and now in the official version as well. One of my friend has Sony xpera low budget mbile which is running on 4.1 and that mobile has this option as well. Try to see some settings and also make sure if the developer option in ON or not. May be that prevented you from the option.

      • Hi Asutosh, coming back to grand, i also have a galaxy grand and have the same question of it runnig slo. i did what u advised of going to application manager and so on but im not getting the option of moving app in any of my installed apps like described above. can you help?

        • I don’t know why you all are not getting this options. I am running the latest version of option of android that is 4.2.2 and i have this option as you can see in the screenshot. Anyways you can use the app as mentioned for doing the same.

      • Hey I own a galaxy grand duos too and inserted my micro sd card but it refuses to recognise it. It still says mount sd card. Am seriously short of mobile disc space so please help.

        • you might have unmounted it previously … Try mounting it manually as it says.. from the menu… Hope this works.. Other wise.. Use a memory card reader.. copy all your data on your pc and then format it completely.. after that try re inserting it..!!!

  2. Hey Ashutosh
    I also have a galaxy grand duos but there is no option to move apps to sd card (P.S.-I am running on android 4.1.2 as there hasnt been any official OTA update for my phone in India till now 🙁 )

    • It will be there once you get the 4.2.2 update. It has started rolling out. Since most of my viewers installed the leaked ROM, this might be helpful for them.

        • Nope, that is not a 4.2.2 things. The source didn’t give me the correct info. However the post is now updated. And you can see it. It can be done via AVG antivirus app. Take a look at the updated post.

  3. Hi Ashutosh,

    I also have a Samsung Galaxy Grand duos but when I did as per your instruction, the “Move to SD Card” button did not appear? Is there any other way to move my apps and file to my SD card? Thanks!


    • Hello There,
      I would like to notfiy you that some of the app do not come with a permission to be moved to SD card hence those apps canot be moved. However you can try the app i suggested to someone else – Link2SD

  4. You will find this option after you upgrade your phone to android 4.2.2. This feature is not available for android 4.1.2. Try it.

  5. Hello,I am using Karbonn s5 titanium andI have downloaded aspalt 8 on my pc.Now,My phone has only 1.4GB internal sd storage and 8 gb external sd storage.My phone has 4.1.2 android jellybean.But there is no option like your phone and game size is 1.6GB
    So,how can I use data of this game in my external sd card without root?

    • I am running android 4.2.2 . It seems that it is a feature of andorid 4.2.2 hence your smartphone will not have the option.. you can either use the app mentioned in the post or find some similar apps for this purpose..

      Thanks for droppinhg your comment here…!!!

      • My phone is having the latest update (4.2.2). But the “Move to SD card” button is still missing. So….. can anyone help?

  6. I have a Galaxy Grand Duos (4.2.2) not rooted and have the same option/feature and yes I can successfully move apps on my SD card.

    My question is;

    1. Does the files that have been moved will reflect on my SD card if yes where? (I’m searching for it but i haven’t seen it even the hidden option is off.)
    2. Why does my storage tab (using the default android active application widget) didn’t change the bar still reads 7.03 GB/8.00 GB does yours changed?

    Hope you can answer my confused mind. Thanks in advance.

    • It may not necessarily reflect the files in the memory and that are system files needed by the app.. Also it is not necessary that all the files of the app will move to memory card.. Moreover only the caching is done in the SD card. Some of the files still needs to be in the Internal memory for the app to work.. OS moving your apps to SD card may not give you a huge spcae in your internal memory but it is always better to have something than nothing.

  7. i have a glaxy grand duos. my android version is 4.1.2. and the move to sd card button is not present. moreover my phone has an internal memory of just 4gb although everywhere it is given to be 8gb.
    what do you suggest?
    please reply

    • This feature will be available after you update to the latest 4.2.2 version. Also the total memory is 8GB. On this memory your software is also installed and other things are there.. hence the user accessible memory is just 4GB

  8. Well i did everything as u suggested but still not getting the option. is app2sd advisable ? and does that work well ?

  9. recently i bought Galaxy Grand its good but external memory card is required for more space. I want 16 gb memory card for my cell phone. Can anyone suggest me best SD memory card for my galaxy grand duos . should be best in terms f quality and cost any idea plz suggest me.

  10. i wanna know where does this files goes after i select “move to SD Card”?i cannot see in android/data or obb on my SD Card?

  11. How can I move my apps 2 sd card in galaxy grand ? I have got error like “unable to move app.” in galaxy grand after updating 4.2.2.

  12. Heyy…I have galaxy grand duos…I am facing problems in downloading facebook app on my phone…it is displaying as “error-24” what shall I do…plzz helpp
    I have android 4.2.2 version…

    • 4.2.2 version was released 3 times.. Ensure you are running the latest one. If you have not updated to the latest version i recommend you doing so. Follow this link to know more… If you have the latest version of firmware as shown in the article (link mentioned earlier) then try clearing the cache via recovery mode..
      Follow these steps

      Try clearing your cache via the recovery mode. For that turn off your smartphone and then press Volume Up + Home Button + Power button together.. YOu will get a menu .. from there use your volume down button and go to Wipe cache partition, and press power button to select.. This will clean your old cache which may be the issue..

      • I have tried removing cashe as u told…bt m till facing problems…
        in installing…
        it is getting downloaded…but when installing…it is showing as unknown error…

        • Try doing a factory reset… take a backup and then do the reset. After that restoee the backup. If this also does not work.. then you may need to reinstall your firmware or you may contact Samsung officials.

  13. Hi Kumar,

    Though the app is moved to SD card, the data, still, is in the phone memory. Is there any way to transfer even the data to SD card? (as there is a detail showing SD card data) Not the games but apps like Pocket and Drive are eating into internal memory and i’m desperate this data into external storage.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. i am having a samsung galaxy duos 7562. i dont have the ‘move to SD card option’. i have not rooted my mobile. how can i move applications from phone memory to SD card

  15. i had deleted some photos in my SD card. is there any free recovery software to recover and save the deleted files? i do searched in net. i could recover it but could not save it. Any help in this accord?

    • there are many recovery softwares. you can google some of them and use your sd card on any reader, connect them on your computer and test those software.. I will surely let you know if there is any software that ca help you in this matter.

  16. I am also using grand duos I have the option to move to sd card but for the big games nova 3 , the dark knight rises , gta vice city it moves only the application and not its obb data. So can you please tell me how to move data to sd card so that the data is moved and apps are also working.

  17. Hi kumar! I’m using samsung galaxy grand duos. How can I transfer my songs/music saved in my device to my sd card? Thanks!

    • Go to MyFiles>Device Storage>Music Folder
      Select The songs you want to move. FOr selecting all at once.. touch the menu key and select the option “select all”. After that choose the menu option in the upper right corner in your galaxy grand duos and select the option Move…
      Select the desired Folder or just move to sd card.

  18. Hello ! I have a Samsung galaxy core duos. and I can’t move the apps to the SD in any of these ways. Please help me

  19. My unrooted Galaxy Grand (4.2.2) also fails to move any app to sd. No matter by App2SD or heading to setting and app list then press the button “Move to SD card”, there will always be a message shown “Unable to move app”. Do u have any idea for this? thanks.

    • i don’t know why you are unable to move the apps. May be you should try with some other apps. Or try contacting Samsung for this problem. Not all aps can be moved to SD card.

  20. Hello Sir,

    I recently purchased a samsung galaxy grand duos i9082 from mumbai, i want to upgrade the OS from 4.1.2 to the latest android OS, please let me know what are the different methods, which is the best way to update and how to do it, also if i take my cellphone to the service center, what is the approx they will charge to update my device,

    Thanks in advance.


    • if you have recently purchased it and if it is under warranty then they will do it for free. NO charges till the warranty period is there. Also if you want to update yourself then you can use Samsung Kies for this or Odin software to do so However i would recommened to get it updated from the service centre.

  21. Hello Sir,

    First of all thanx 4 the prompt response,

    I jus wanna know what will b the charges if i update my OS from the service center, i.e is it free or do they charge for the updation, thanx in advance.

    • i already mentioned it. If the smartphone is in warranty period then there will be no charges. If it is not in warranty then you need to pay some amount.

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  23. Hi there Admin,

    Really thanks for the info you gave. Really relieved my phone internal memory to a much greater extent.. Thanks again.

    One thing I would like to ask is whether we can update to Android Lollipop with Grand duos i 9082. This is because I have heared its much lighter version of Android and needs much lesser memory and RAM.

  24. Thank you for the great info….a real life saver.I wasn’t able to free my phone’s internal memory on my own. Right now my phone has more than 45% free space. Thanks

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