Save battery in Galaxy Grand Duos : PowerSaving

Okay, cure so this is a very big problem with most of the smartphone. You might have noticed that your smartphone battery juices tend to run out in no time. And you might have probably tried everything to save it. However you might not have been so much successful. SO here i have few suggestion for the galaxy grand duos owners. These are some simple tips to help you save battery in Galaxy Grand Duos .

How to Save Battery in Galaxy Grand Duos Smartphone

Okay so you don’t need to be too much of a geek to save battery in your galaxy grand duos. I am going to list here some of the small tweaks you can use on the go which will surely enhance battery life considerably. It did in my case.

    • Turn off useless features
      These are some minor things to be considered to save battery in galaxy grand duos. By useless features I mean any feature you might not need at the moment. For example check for your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings. Do you really need it to be On all the time, definitely know. So why to keep it turned on especially when you are outdoors. Whenever your Wi-Fi is on it keeps on searching for nearby Wi-FI zones which empties your battery. Same is with the Bluetooth.Now also look for your GPS settings in your galaxy grand duos notification centre. I hardly need it so most of the time it is off.
    • Turn off vibration when not neededThis will considerably help you to save battery in galaxy grand duos. Vibrations are required when you know that you may not be able to hear your smartphone ringing. Hence when you at your room, you can probably identify your smartphone ringing by its volume. Also make sure the volume is as much as required. A higher sound tends to lessen the battery juice more rapidly.
    • Turn off auto brightnessSometime the default settings may not help you save battery in galaxy grand duos even if it may seems so. You may think that auto brightness would help you save battery life. But it actually tends to empty your battery. Since your galaxy grand duos sensors are always detecting how much brightness it should set for the screen, your galaxy grand duos battery run out. Just set the brightness to optimal leve so that you can view it at almost all lighting condition (preferably 60-70%).

How to make your smartphone smart enough to save battery in your galaxy grand duos automatically.

save battery in galaxy grand duos

Galaxy Grand Duos comes with an inbuilt power Saver feature. It slightly compromises with the performance but it is not noticed so much. You can enable it via notification panel. To set manually tap and hold the power saver option in the notification panel. You can also access it via the settings options.

Other feature to save battery in galaxy grand duos : via Third Party Apps

PowerSaver mode Galaxy Grand Duos

PowerSaver mode Galaxy Grand DuosPowerSaver mode Galaxy Grand Duos

The power saver feature mentioned above will be turned on from the time you turn it on till the time you turn it off. However thee are many third party apps to help you save your battery. Though the app i am using here is not a dedicated battery saving app. I am talking about AVG mobiel security for android. I love this app since it takesc ares of all the basic things of your device. Ever since the last update it also takes care of the battery power. Before this it only used to warn and now you can set your own settings to be activated once your battery is at certain level. You can choose between three level – 10%, 30% and 50%.

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You can also set this manually. Just launch your AVG antvirus app and then head over to performance Tab, you will get these settings options there.

AVG power saver option

AVG power saver option

The last screenshot is the backup smartphone will be providing if you will do that task at that battery level.

Once your battery will reach at 30% for the first time, you can see this option in the notification panel as “Battery Low Warning”, and just below that will be the power saver option.  Tap to Save Your Battery. You will be taken to the settings page. You may set this page according to the desired settings you want to have in your smartphone once your battery percentage reaches a certain level. This does help save considerable amount of battery in your grand duos smartphone.

AVG Antivirus Download |via Play Store

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