Block Spam Calls & SMS Using DND Manager

If you are someone who is getting too much of spam or unwanted messages and calls from those marketing agencies you don’t care of, symptoms We have the best possible solution for you. Even I had to deal with such pesky calls almost everyday.

Note : This is only for android users.

How to block spam calls and messages in Android Smartphone?

If you are an android user, you have possibly searched through the whole play store in search of a good spam blocker. However there are not many which works like a charm on your device. Some though are good but are not capable of preventing you from all kind of Spam. Even though you may be able to block them but you will always have to keep that app on your android smartphone to block spam calls and messages.

What if I say you that there is an app which is not only good but the best in this field.

DND Manager TRAI Spam Blocker – This innovative app not only block spam calls and messages from several and almost all possible marketing categories but also provides you an option to report about them to the concerned authority TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). That means you can report a number which is bullying you and it will be taken care by the concerned authority.

How to block Spam Calls and SMS using DND Manager?

This app is the best and quick solution to block spam calls and messages. It will only take just two clicks for you to report any number to TRAI in a pre-specified format by this app. It also helps you clean your SMS and Call log from those pesky spammers. You can also report that number to 1909 (TRAI specified number) by sending an SMS. And then TRAI will be taking action based on your report. As of now this app is only available for the android users and supports all smartphone running android v2.2 and above (So possibly all).

DND Manager TRAI Spam Blocker Feature

1. Block certain marketing categories – This feature helps you to get yourself register on the TRAI Do not Disturb registry. You can select the categories from which you do not want any kind of messages and calls. Refer the picture below for more.

Block SPam calls and sms

Block Spam calls and SMS

2. Report via Call/SMS log-   This is a really nice feature to report against more than one number via the call and the SMS tab in this app. This app automatically creates the standard format of the message so you don’t need to worry about that. Pretty impressive I must say. I don’t think there is any other Spam Blocker app as smarter as this. Refer the picture below for more.

Block Spam Text Messages

3. Instant Reporting- Whenever you will get any call or message you will receive a notification from this app about that call or SMS. And if that call or message was from a spammer then you can report it straightaway even without opening the app. If you find this annoying, you can also turn this via the settings page of this app. Refer the pic below.
Block Spam calls

4. Ignore any Number – What if a certain number from which you got the call or SMS is not of a spammer but still you don’t want them to call again may be for certain time. Well this app also has an option for that. You can ignore that number by selecting the ignore option on the notification you get after any call or SMS. These will be stored in the ignored list. You can edit it anytime.

Block Spam SMS

A Short Introduction | Video

This Android App as of now only covers for the Indian Android Users. We may expect that the developer team will soon be upgrading it with several other features and may even be available for other platforms like iOS as well. We may also expect it to be supporting the other countries as well.

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6 thoughts on “Block Spam Calls & SMS Using DND Manager

  1. This is very nice article.
    I was looking forward for such a tool which can block these spams.
    I am very happy you pointed me to the right direction. DND Manager is surely a winner.
    Kudos to the developer

    • Hello Ajay,
      I am glad that you liked the article and the app. Also share this app with your friends so that they can avoid these pesky callers selling things we do not need.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment.

  2. Hi Kumar,

    That’s really a nice app. I’m from the Philippines and we don’t have TRAI like what you have there in India. I’m really annoyed with the spam calls and messages. I wish this app could be replicated to my country. It’s really great! 😀

    • Hello Ronaldo…
      Other countries are not known so much for these spam calls and text messages in a bulk. Though the developer is in my contact and will tell him if he can do something for this. Thanks For dropping your comment.

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