Google Glass Hacked – Report

Google Glass Hacked – Google Glass which is being termed as the most innovative and advanced project by Google has been hacked by a  developer named Bublitz. He is working for a coing company IcedDe and used java script for this purpose. With that coding stuff he is now able to control a drone by simply moving his head.

Google Glass Hacked

Google Glass Hacked


Google Glass Hacked – The Story

Bublitz first tried the hacked version of Google Glass to control a wheeled robot for testing his control program. And as a sign of success, troche the program made the robot move when Bublitz tried waving his hand in front of LeapMotion Tracker. This was done on an event named International Nodebots Day [A hacking event across many cities of US where the participants uses a javascript code-named Node.js]

Further enhancing the code, mind Bublitz went up to test this with an AR drone and added other additional movement gesture to control the Drone more properly. However he admitted that it is not yet perfect and he still needs to work on that. Few problems that he mentioned was that he was unable to see the drone when he was trying to control it. Since if he moves his head down or up to see the drone properly, erectile that would rather act as a command to the drone further moving it up, hence he need something to balance at an eye level.

Google Glass Hacked

Hacker/Developer Words

This was not something to be termed as a hack and I would rather say that it is showing up what Google Glass is capable of doing with simple tweaking, but then it also depends that who is the person wearing that glass.

If you are one of the lucky one, who is owning a Google Glass, you can have this program to test it yourself via GitHub profile.

This is the first time we have seen something like this. Controlling a Robot with so-called Brainwaves or to be precise with Motion Commands may be new for the time being but then it would eventually be expanding later in the future.

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