Microsoft Acquired Nokia For Just 7.2Billion USD

This morning was full of surprises. As the morning started I started getting news and murmuring about Nokia being sold to Microsoft. This was though a very big surprise. However seeing the inability of Nokia to compete with the leading firms in Mobile Operating systems [Android and iOS] may be the reason. However I still think that Nokia could have done better and made this decision quite early. We recently saw some good Lumia smartphone in the market and not to forget the Asha ones. They did quite well and atleast helped Nokia to get over Blackberry. Nokia sold to microsoft After this news was confirmed, Another related news which gave me a surprise was the amount paid by Microsoft to acquire Nokia was just €5,44 billion or 7.2billion USD. This price is very less if you compare this to Google taking over Motorola for $12.5 billion or even Microsoft taking over Skype at a deal of 8.5 billion USD.

Nokia sold to microsoft

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I mean I am really thinking should Nokia be priced at that mentioned above. The $7.2 billion includes Nokia’s devices, service units, patents and mapping services as well. According to our news coverage Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop will be returning to Microsoft as the head of Devices division and Risto Siilasmaa will be Nokia’s CEO on a temporary basis going forward. It is also being said that this deal will include transferring of 32,000 people to Microsoft, 4,700 of those in Finland and another 18,300 will be directly involved in worldwide manufacturing and assembly of the products. Though this deal should have been a little fairer for Nokia, yet their agreement on this has been finalized. This deal is expected to be completed in Q1 of 2014 after it passes from regulatory approval procedures.

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