Android KitKat Version 4.4 : Story Behind This Name

We got the name of brand new version of android as KitKat. So how did Android 4.4 KitKat name came up from. First we would like to make a note of the fact that Android started naming its Android Series from the letter C.

C – Android 1.5 CupCake

D – Android 1.6 Donut

E – Android 2.0 Éclair

F – Android 2.2 Froyo

G – Android 2.3 GingerBread

H – Android 3.0 HoneyComb

I – Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich

J – Android 4.1 JellyBean

K – Android 4.4 KitKat


Android KitKat version

The Series Of Android

So this means that all the Android 5.0 KeyLimePie buzz which was in the market was nothing more than buzz. Google never went for that as the next Android Version as version 5.0. though for a time they may have taken the name or reffered to as the KeyLimePie but with which Google finally came up is K for KitKat and not the KeyLimePie. This was a pretty shock for all those buzz and writings about the Android v5.0. There is a short story behind the Android v4.4 getting the name KitKat.

Here is how the Android 5.0 KeyLimePie was replaced byAndroid 4.4 KitKat.

Google came to know after they took the KeyLimePie as the name that very few people were actually aware about the taste of KeyLimePie (Even I am not aware of it), and and we know that Google always gave their android version a name which symbolizes more of something which was liked by many people.  Even the Director of Android Google Partnership said that the late night sweet dish which is generally found includes something like KitKat etc.

And hence someone yelled about calling it KitKat and to a surprise this was accepted and was decided that they would be contacting Nestle about this idea.

Mr John Lagerling (Director of Android Partnership) called Nestle’s UK Advertising Agency. This happened last year in November when the idea was proposed and was invited for a conference call. And after that, KitKat was so much impressed that they agreed in the next 24HRS (Now this is surprising).

Patrice Bul (Nestle’s Marketing Chief) quoted that they were ready for this idea in the very first hour however they took some time as it involved a risk. The risk was that if this new android version is found to be full of Bugs and issues it will affecting the name KitKat as well. But they trusted Google on this saying that Google won’t be coming up with such thing and hence ended this conversation with a green light for the name and with a smile.

The BBC news reports also states that the two executives met each other in a back channel meeting held during Mobile World Congress for finalizing the proposal.

Nestle would also be partnering in the process of promoting themselves along with the brand new version of Google Android v4.4 KitKat. It is being said that they would be distributing 50 million chocolate bars in around 19 countries. These Distributions would be done by Android Mascots and these countries even include UK, US, Brazil, Russia, Japan, and my country India.

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However, keeping this a secret for such a long time was very commendable. We have seen many leaks about almost everything prior of any official announcement about that thing. But despite of so clever people and so many people who are good at making these leaks in the market, both the companies managed to keep this a secret till the day Google made this official, and that is yesterday. Even Most of the Google Employees was unaware about this fact hence the leaks were all about the old name suggested and that was KeyLimePie. Though this was being coined with Android v5.0.

See the Googlers in surprise as well [Seems they made the video Private]


Eat A KitKat bar and Grab A brand new Google Nexus 7 tablet

Android 4.4 kitkat win nexus 7

Win Nexus 7 With KitKat

Few Lucky ones would be receiving a brand new Nexus 7 Tablet of Google Play Credits. All you have to do is purchase a KitKat bar and if that KitKat bar has the winning ticket number, you are one of that lucky one. See the wrapper Of KitKat in the above picture which also represents the Android logo.

Since this is next iteration of Google Android Series finally outing a stop at their Jellybean series, we do expect a whole new level of technology which was though being expected with the KeyLimePie OS. It is yet to be seen what features Google has planned to wrap up while making this KitKat Version.

Official Link

Do let US know what features are you looking in your KitKat.

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