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Samsung recently released Android 4.2.2 update for the very famous Galaxy Grand Duos. I had my hands on this new OS looking for some new features and option. It did bring some small but good changes in the user interface. It also has a new way of representing the settings in a tabbed way. Also if you slide down notification centre with two fingers touching the screen, it will list all the quick access button for most of the settings like Smart Screen Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others.

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One thing which i found confusing was the Developer option.. I didn’t see it even after looking in the settings and all possible option in the settings menu. Now here is a little trick to enable Developer Option in the new Firmware. In the old firmware 4.1.2 it was present by default but in the new firmware you will need to enable developer option before you can use it options.

How to Enable Developer Option in Galaxy Grand Duos.

First head towards the settings. It is really easy.. though was tricky for me to find a way to enable developer option in the beginning. Once you are in the setting options in the new 4.2.2 Android version, select the More Tab and then navigate to the bottom most option About Device . Tap on that.

enable developer option

It will show you the screen shot given below. Navigate to the BottomMost option which says Build Number. Tap on that continuously for 6-9 times.

After you do this the developer option will automatically be enabled for you and from now on you can find the developer option in the settings menu.

Developer Option In Galaxy grand DuosThe Developer Option comes with many option like USB debugging and all sorts of option. We suggest you to use any of them only when you know what are you doing. These are not meant for general use and are only used for the testing and development of apps and firmware.


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32 thoughts on “Enable Developer Option : Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

  1. thanx buddy…. this was very helpful…. i called up samsung call centre and they asked me to visit samsung service center to get my software updated… than again…

  2. Sir I have galaxy grand duos I upgrad my phones os 4.0.2 to 4.2.2, sir now I cant use usb turn on and off option when I plug to usb in my car stereo. ..it just work on pc or laptop…

  3. thanks friends excelent tip for me. it works thank you so much.your explination is so nice so i am very thankful to you.

  4. sir today i enabled the developer mode after reading your post. what is the use of the developer mode. ??? please explain

    • Developer mode as the name suggests is made for the developers of apps or other users who want to do some sort of experiments with their android device. May be testing a new app they build or testing apps which they already have to know what any app is using etc. Normally you won’t need the developer option. You may need it only when you are installing the firmware via ODIN or installing a custom ROM from your pc via USB cable, in that case whichever article you will be reading will tell you to enable USB debugging. This option is disabled by default and you can turn it on from the developer option.

      However you won’t need the developer option in day to day usage.

  5. Nice tutorial, I was not able to use the debug mode of my grand duos from few weeks. Today i found your tutorial which solved my problem
    thanks a lot.

  6. You life saver you …. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks. I was getting terribly frustrated not being able to get my Duos up in DDMS


  7. Really thank you Admin….i was looking to enable developer option in my grand duos for months…Now i got . God bless you….

  8. I have galaxy grand duos 2. I try to open my setting option.i cannot access it since i update my phone.how can i access again my setting option? Thanks in advance.

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