iOS 7 Meeting iPhones & iPads : Sep 18th

iOS 7 Major Launch : Scheduled on September 18th, unhealthy 2013

If you are one of them who owns an iPad mini, or the 3rd and 4th generation iPads or the 5th generation iPod touch, you all should probably should mark this date September 18th, 2013 with a reminder note The iOS 7. All the proud owners of these Apple products would be getting the brand new iOS, and Apple would be releasing the new iOS 7 for all of them on the same day that is 18th of this month. Even the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s would be getting this iOS update on September 18th. It seems Apple would be getting hard time maintaining their servers for such a huge amount of Apple products owners 🙂 .

iOS 7 DepthUI

A good news for the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 owners as well, you might not be getting the iOS 7 update when everyone else would be getting but you will still be getting it later after an Update. Cheers!

The world’s most popular operating system. – Tim Cook boasted about iOS 7. Well we will find this very soon.

However the key specifications are already known most of us ever since this OS was announced in the month of June. The first thing which one would ever noticed is the user interface and if that is what we are talking about then this time Apple owners would be seeing the first major revamp of the appearance. iOS 7 packs up a set of all new icons with revamped core apps. And also not to forget the Notification and the Control Centre with quick access to settings and apps, WebOS-inspired Multi Tasking. You also get the very famous AirDrop for quick sharing of files wirelessly.

iOS 7 Video

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We also found a new male version of Siri for US and some other selected territories. This time Apple came with a brand new tune along with a number of revamped ringtones. Also to make this iOS 7 Launch much more exciting, Some of the great Apps like iPhoto, iMovie, KeyNote, Pages, are being given absolutely free.

iOS 7

Yet another news (Probably a big news) is that now iPhone 5S which would be running on iOS 7 is 64 bit compatible. The included apps with this iPhone would be running in 64 bit and it is also being said that it would be very easy for the developers to transfer their apps to 64 bit.

Source : The Verge

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