iPhone 5C Price Features & Specification

So the most awaited and so-called the cheaper iPhone 5C is finally unveiled. Let us see the specification and features of iPhone 5C and if it really stands to be a cheap iPhone or not.

iPhone 5C

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Specification and Design of iPhone 5C

Prior to the official lauch there were many rumours and guess works going on for the specifications of iPhone 5C. Well what we noticed is that most of them turned out to be true. Seeing the specs of iPhone 5C, one thing is for sure that this phone is not cheap in terms of the hardware it is packing beneath. In fact to be precise, iPhone 5C specs sheet has packs up some parts which are even better than the iPhone 5. Let’s see what it has got.

  • iPhone for the first time are not only coming in their default Black and White colored iPhones but they will be releasing the iPhone 5C in 5 different colors viz. Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink & White. Talking about the body of iPhone 5C it is built around a steel-reinforced frame. This also acts as an antenna and attached to outer shell in individual pieces via laser‑welding to achieve an accurate fit. Though the body is made up of plastic but it’s not the typical, fragile plastic phone you are looking at and one thing is for sure that you would have never seen a plastic phone feels like iPhone 5C in Hands. DimensionWise iPhone 5C is same as that of iPhone 5 and 5S.
    iPhone 5C
  • Now talking about the camera of iPhone 5C, it comes with a 8MP rear camera. It is an iSight camera which has a 3x video zoom. The front facing camera is also replaced with a new Face time HD camera. iPhone 5c has also got a brand new camera app which is said to raise your interest in photography. You can shoot square images now. You can decide of any filter to be applied out of 8 after or before taking a picture. You can even shoot images in Square format. Available filters can just enhance your pic considerably. You can even take your self portrait in black and white effect and several other filters and features to try and keep you busy and raise your photography interest. you can record HD videos of 1080p. It has got features like video stabilization to ensure that the video is not very shaky. It also comes with face detection features which can catch up to 10 faces. You can even take still photos while recording a video so you don’t need to switch every time.
    Iphone 5C camera

    Iphone 5C camera

  • Talking about the chip inside, iPhone 5C comes with  A6 chip. It is amazingly fast. This chip is designed to enhance your multitasking experience. A6 chip is said to be designed to be extremely energy-efficient also. Which means that you can go extreme with your iPhone without worrying about the battery. It is also said that this iPhone supports as much as 13 LTE brands which at the moment is the most no of LTE brands supported by any smartphone. Even the battery of iPhone 5C is larger than the battery of iPhone 5.
    iPhone 5C connectivityiPhone 5C Battery backUp
  • iPhone 5C display is a 4-inch retina display. Apple didn’t compromise with it even after they termed it to be the cheaper iPhone. It has also got the very famous Lightning connector found in the iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini.

Price of iPhone 5C

This is what everyone was trying to guess the most as for the very first time Apple came up with the idea of a cheaper iPhone so that everyone can have the feel of their creativity. Talking about it more technically, Apple wanted to make something which can compete with the Android in Mid-Range section of the smartphone users. However do they succeed in making it? That’s the real question.

iPhone 5C price tag is marked at 99$ for the 16GB variant and 199$ for the 32GB variant on a 2 year contract. This price may seem less but off contract price of these iPhones at which we would be receiving it is something which has rather disappointed the users who were waiting for this.

The 16GB iPhone 5c variant costs $549 in the US without a contract which means that iPhone would be costing Rs. 35,000 with the current exchange rates. This price does not include the taxes and duties. If you were expecting something which was around 20k, well that doesn’t seems the case with Apple as cheap in their thought starts at 35,000INR :P.

Even for other regions like Germany and UK, the cheap iPhone won’t be as cheap as it was expected prior to the launch.  The iPhone 5c was being said to target mainly the Chinese and the Indian market. We already told you about the case with India and the story is not different in China. With a price tag of 4488 Chinese Yuan Renminbi in China, it would be costing around Rs. 46,500INR. This price also does not include the taxes.

iPhone 5C Video

I would definitely not term this iPhone 5C as a cheaper iPhone. I could have if i was living in US and thought of taking an iPhone on a 2 year contract when i am considering only the price of Iphone 5C. This is our review of iPhone 5C. Do let us know what you think about this cheaper iPhone 5C.

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