Transfer Messages From Android Phone To Computer

Before telling you how to transfer messages from android phone to computer, physician I would like to tell you why would we do so.

If you are someone who keeps on getting messages and calls everytime, you might find it really irritating while doing other stuffs like surfing the web through your lappy. Imagine you are watching an interesting Youtube video and suddenly your smartphone rings or notifies you about a new message. It’s really irritating. So how to get rid of it.

Turn off your smartphone. Well this could be a solution but sometimes those texts and call may be important. Hence I looked for a solution which could provide us a convenient way to transfer messages from android phone to computer instead of finding our smartphone everytime.

You might be confused seeing this that you could actually answer a smartphone call or reply to a message via your computer but its true.

To do this you just need to install MightyText – A free android application which helps you transfer messages from android phone to computer and access them via any browser on your system. Not only messages you can also transfer calls.

How to transfer messages from android phone to computer using MightyText?

transfer messages from android phone to computer

Once you install this app you need to authorize the app via your google account.

Once you do this. visit this link on computer, and then again use the same Gmail to authorize this as well.  After few seconds, you will see a screen on your browser. This will have your contact list along with their pictures, your messages and also your battery and other informations..

MightyText is also available as a chrome extension. Though it just redirects you to the web interface which you get after clicking the link mentioned above.

From now on whenever you get a calls or messages, the notification would be shown to you on the website. The web interface also records your call log and you may check back any number directly from the web interface. MightyText not only helps you to transfer messages from android to computer, but it  also helps you take a backup of videos and photos on your smartphone. You can even take backup of your text messages and of you accidently delete ot form yoru smartphone you may recover it from the backup.

Download MightyText (free) | via from Google Play Store

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