Gmail App For Android Updated

After introducing the brand new tabular style for the Web Interface and on the mobile App, Google released yet another app making this app streamlined and much more clean. The new Gmail App from Google has comes up with a new, cleaner conversations viewer, designed inline with Google’s very own cards style. This is the same style which you might have seen in Google Now.

Talking about the updated features in the new Gmail App

Gmail App For Android Updated

Gmail App For Android Updated

Gmail App inherited the Holo design language for representing the menu button with three dots along with buttons like star and reply. This made the new app much more clear with easy navigation and shows only the important things you might be interested in. Your menu is now hidden in the side and you can have a look at it by tapping on the three dots on the top. This will show you the option like spam, inbox and others.

It also brings up a new way of marking messages. A simple tap on the letter or the picture in the left of any message will mark it. You can mark several messages. Previous version just marked the messages by highlighting them blue. But in the newer version once you mark any message, the letter or the message will flip to check mark. Thus you can easily take a look at all the messages you have marked.

The new app also lets you know if the auto sync option is on or off. You can then change it. You can hence make sure that you don’t miss any important message.

Overall the new app does seems more clear with better design, and with clear navigation. The performance of the app has also been enhanced and there is no any glitch while marking the messages or using any other operation them. I did found some glitch when I was using the previous version but this version seems to work flawlessly.

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