iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S Price In India

We have a good news and a bad news for all Indian Apple Fans. The good news is that the latest iPhones viz. iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C can now be preordered via eBay India. And the bad news is that it is not even close to cheap in any sense. In fact seeing the price, help the quote of new iPhone 5C being the cheaper version of iPhone seems to be a cheap joke. And about the iPhone 5S price in India, well you definitely do not want to hear.

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S price in India has been listed as follows.

    • iPhone 5C 16GB price in India – 41,900INR

    • iPhone 5C 32GB price in India – 53,500INR

iPhone 5S 16GB price in India – 53,500INR

  • iPhone 5S 32GB price in India – 62,500INR

  • iPhone 5S 64GB price in India – 71,500INR

The cheaper version still costs more than the iPhone 5 at present. iPhone 5 has been discontinued as per our knowledge as they both seem to bear the same specs. And the iPhone 5S price in india as expected seems to take away everything you might have planned for with your money. No doubt the technologies iPhone’s brand new version are packed up with is really amazing and so is the price.

The shipping of iPhone models in India will be starting from 1st October 2013.

Update : iPhone 5S and 5C official Launch Date has been scheduled for 1st November, 2013.

We would like to make it clear that there is no any official announcement on this. The price has been officially announced. Now it’s totally up to if you want to consider going for that hefty price.

iPhone 5C Price in India is Rs 49,900

iPhone 5C Price in India is Rs 49,900

iPhone 5S Price in India is Rs 71,900

iPhone 5S Price in India is Rs 71,900

iPhone 5S is no doubt the most advanced smartphone. This time Apple brings three major improvements over its predecessors other than all those small tiny miny tweaking. iPhone 5S price in india may be hefty but it is also the first smartphone running on a 64 bit processor. Being the first of this kind along with the premium build quality offered by Apple the price is self explanatory. It comes with ahighly improved ccamera and not to forget about the TouchID. The iPhone 5S is available in three color variants i.e. Gold, SpaceGrey and Grey.

[alert style=”green”] Update : iPhone 5C and 5S arrives in India today with a hefty price tag mentioned above. However if you want to stop all of your money to drain out of your pocketin one shot, RCom is here for your rescue. You will need to sign a Two year contract with RCOm under which you will be locked to use only RCom network for the whole contract period that is two years. In this contract you will be paying Rs. 2,500 if you rare willing to  go for iPhone 5c and Rs. 2,800 if iPhone 5S is your choice. This price tag does not only brings you the phone but also free calls, SMS and 3G Data for two years.

RCom Plans for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5CAt the end if overall price is calculated which you paid for your iPhone is Rs.18,476 extra than what it would cost normally. However considering the iPhone price and dividing the extra amount for the contract duration, you would be paying Rs. 769.83 for the free calls and messages and 3G data. Hence it seems a fair deal and if you would like to have a device you should definitely go for this offer.

RCom has also partnered with selected credit card providers facilitating single swap of credit card to enroll for this offer. Also if you are a corporate users of any Apple product, and are wishing to change your network to Reliance Network, then you can do it thorugh MNP (Mobile Number Portability). Special arrangements have been made to process your request in this case as fast as possible. Apple Product users may soon get a dedicated helpline number for assistance from RCom.


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Update : Official price has been updated in the beginning of the article.

Based on Apple claim which said that by the end of 2013 iPhone will be available in more than 100 countries, we expect it to be available by December in all Apple stores in India. About the pricing we have always seen great price cuts in iPhone models and seeing the price at present (in eBay), we might say that it will something less than that. At that price it would be very hard for Apple to do business of the new iPhone variants especially for iPhone 5S. That is the reason we asked to wait till you get any official comment on this as you might get a lower price than the scary price tag which we are seeing at present.

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