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iPhone 5CTill date, I am pretty much sure everyone got their iPhone  updated to the latest iOS 7. iOS7 – The brand new OS from Apple comes with a plethora of new and awesome features. Whether be its parallax or improved Siri or any other features, everything just makes your iPhone useful in each and everything you would have imagined with your smartphone. But there’s always a second side of coin. As I said, no doubt the new completely overhauled or revamped  iOS 7 is flooded with new features but these also tend to drain your battery juices in no time. You could have hardly done anything and your iPhone may enjoin to you to plug in for charging. This may make you feel pesky and at times wonder how to save iPhone battery. Like everyone else,  you might also be wondering or looking for some tips on How to save iPhone Battery, making it sustain for a longer period of time. We are here with 11 expert tips to keep or save iPhone battery life for a longer time.

11 Expert Tips on How to Save iPhone Battery For the Long Run.

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

Parallax Feature – This feature makes you background wallpaper moving with the way you tilt it. This means that your wallpaper will always be aligned in a way that it will seem focused on you. This may be fun to use but do you really need it? Well, personally I don’t think so. This is a good thing to show off but definitely not useful when your primary concern is to save iPhone battery. Settings>>General>>Accessibility and setting “Reduce Motion” to on.

Turn off AirDrop/Bluetooth Sharing options available in iPhone like AirDrop and Bluetooth are good to have. I personally Love AirDrop but only when I need it. Rest of the time, Its just wasting the battery juices, incessantly trying to pair with near by available devices. So its better to keep it with off to save iPhone battery. To turn it Off, swipe up your Control Center, and hit the toggle.

Turn Off Wi-Fi When Not Needed Now this is something which is most of the time ignored by us. We always have the Wi-Fi turned whether we are in a Wi-Fi network or not. Now you may feel that this does not make any difference, but it does. Your iPhone is always in search of WiFi zone when it is turned on. Now whenever you are out for some work then it is just draining your battery. SO its better to turn off when not required. So its better to turn it off. You may also turn off “Ask to Join Network” This will ensure that your WiFi is only on for known networks and it will not look around for other networks. Hence at the end will help you save iPhone battery.

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Disable Apps Based Location Services Most of the apps like Google, Facebook and others want to know you location. Well some of them are not needed to be aware about your location. Facebook uses your location in the messages as well. Each time you send a message, it is being sent with a note saying “Sent form so and so place”. Well this is definitely not required and most of the time irritates me. Head over to Settings>>Privacy>>Location Services. This will give you the list of all the apps seeking your location. And as per experts, half of the apps their can be turned off, thus lowering the burden on GPS usage and at last saving iPhone battery.

Turn Off Auto Update Features Now you have to decide which is more important. Getting updates for your app as soon as they are available or saving your iPhone battery. Considering the fact that you are reading this article, it’s the second one. Well most of the time updates are not so much important to be done as quickly as possible. Hence you can turn off automatic updates and you can manually update when your iPhone is plugged in. This will help you save iPhone battery. Go to Settings>>iTunes & App Store. Scroll down and find the option “Updates” in “Automatic Downloads.” Just turn it off.  Now make sure to visit app centre now and then to make sure you keep your iPhone updated.

Turn off Refreshing Of Background Apps Multitasking is not good in all conditions, specially when your primary concern is to save your iPhone battery. Hence if you don’t need it, Head over to Settings>>General>>Background App Refresh. You can select app for which you don’t want this feature. Another important step to save iPhone battery.

Disable Auto-Brightness Feature Okay so there are some rumors that Auto Brightness adjustment helps you save your iPhone battery by automatically changing the brightness. But the truth is that it actually drains it more than saving. Auto Brightness always keep the brightness little bit more than required. Also the sensors are working 24 into 7 to know the nearby lighting condition. This is kind of surplus charges your battery is paying. Hence it better to choose a normal settings (70 to 80 %) and to turn off the auto brightness feature. Head over to Settings>>Wallpapers & Brightness and choose the optimal brightness which suits you. This will help you save iPhone battery in considerable amount.

Go on a push notification diet Push Notification is known for draining considerable amount of battery juice. Hence you can customize that be heading over to Settings>>Notification Center and then to Include Section. Now you can customize accordingly. This will surely help you save iPhone Battery Life.

Turn off Siri’s “Raise to Speak” feature Siri is definitely a great feature of iOS 7. But then it is also known for taking an awful amount of battery. Hence if you want to save your battery power in iPhone consider turning off Raise to Speak Feature. Since your system always has its sensors to sense that if the phone has been raised to turn on SIri or not, it does drain the battery. Hence consider turning it off. Head over to Settings>>General>>Siri>>Raise to Speak. If you are someone like me who is not so much fond of a male or female voice speaking over for some assistance then you may consider turing them off and send Siri on some sorts of vacation or something. Once you turn it off, Siri would surely help you save iPhone battery. 🙂

Turn off 4G Now if you are not using any sort of cellular data then consider turning off 4G/LTE . Since they are the major sources for draining out battery. Especially when you are on a move and you have your cellular data working, it will drain out your whole battery even before you can notice. So use them only when needed. Head Over to Settings>>Cellular>>Enable LTE/Enable 4G . Choose the settings according to your wish if you want to use at that moment or not. This is a major step to help you save iPhone battery as it is the major cause of draining it.

This is all. You may think thatwe are telling you turn off all your features. But we are not. We are just saying that sometimes automation may lead to quick drainage of battery. So use them when you need them. You will still be using them but only when you need them so that means your battery will drain only when it will be really required. Your battery will not be wasted without any use.

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