How to Customize Wallpaper of Galaxy Grand Duos

I am pretty much sure you are now bored of the same old wallpaper you got this device with. It’s time to move on. But wait a minute, healing you definitely do not need to look for some cool wallpapers over internet as your galaxy grand duos already provides a lot of options to give your device a new look.

How to Customize Wallpaper of Galaxy Grand Duos with inbuilt options

  • First head over to Settings >> MyDevice option (2nd option from the tabbed menu). Now tap on Display option. After you enter the menu go for wallpaper option.
  • Once you are there you will be asked the screen for which you would like to customize the wallpaper.

Wallpaper Settings Live Wallpaper Galaxy Grand Duos

  1. Home Screen – Will change the display wallpaper for only the Home Screen on your Galaxy Grand Duos.
  2. Lock Screen – Will change the display only for the Lock Screen on your Galaxy Grand Duos.
  3. Home & Lock Screen – Now if you want to change both of the screen’s Display to something similar you can choose this option and change both of them at the same time.

Once you have choosed one of these option you would be again provided with options saying

  • Wallpapers
  • Live Wallpapers
  • Gallery

We are not going for wallpapers because you probably have used all of them. Talking about Gallery, pharmacy you can select it and then choose any of the picture/image you may have clicked or downloaded. However we would be concentrating more on Live Wallpapers and how to use them properly.

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Live Wallpapers for Galaxy Grand Duos

Once you select the live wallpapers you will get few of the options which came with your Galaxy Grand Duos.

  • Bubbles – This wallpaper will show you some shining bubbles which will fade in and out of the screen. Select this and you will get the preview of this along with an option to set this as wallpaper for the option you choose from in the 2nd step.
    Bubbles Live Wallpaper Galaxy Grand Duos
  • Deep Sea – This will make your screen a sea in which you can see translucent Jellyfish swimming across. Once you select this option you can see the preview. In the setting tab you can go for the size and the number of jellyfish you want on your screen. You can also change the background brightness and lighting if you want to save battery juices of your galaxy grand duos. Now if you don’t want the normal jelly fish color or the default sea background, you can choose for any other background image from the gallery and also a different color for your JellyFish.
    Deep Sea LIve Wallpaper Galaxy Grand Duos
  • Luminous Dots – This will show some glowing dots on your screen which will fade in and out your screen presenting a sense of smooth moving. You can change the dot shape and size and the number of dots. You can also choose for color scheme and motion pattern & speed.
    Luminous Dots Live Wallpaper Galaxy Grand Duos
  • News Wall – This is a great live wallpaper for those who wants to be updated from latest happenings around him. News Wall displays Dynamic Text-Based new headlines on your screen. You can change some settings like the color pastels and also choose a refresh time. You can choose what type of news you want like from sports or entertainment or national news etc. You can also choose the country of which you want the news to appear.
    News Wall Live Wallpaper Galaxy Grand Duos
  • Phase Beam – I personally do not like this very much. But I don’t know about your taste. This will show you pulses of color and light moving on your screen. Just select this and choose the set wallpaper option.
    Phase Beam Live Wallpaper Galaxy Grand Duos
  • Photo Wall – This is something I love the most of all the wallpapers. This wallpaper can be termed somewhat to be inspired from Windows 8 Tiles features. Sometimes it does happen that we want a slide of pictures which we would like to see on our screen rotating. This is the live wallpaper you will need. By default it will be showing the wallpapers it came with. You can change it to photo you want. You can also choose the layout and sliding speed.
    Photo Wall Live Wallpaper Galaxy Grand Duos
  • Stock Wall – I personally have no use for this. But then if you are someone who always have an eye on the stock market, this one is probably made for you. You can change the color pastels and also do some stock wall settings in which you can add your quotes by typing and searching them and choose a auto refresh time.
    Stock Wall Live Wallpaper Galaxy Grand Duos
  • Windy Weather – This is a wallpaper which shows you Windmills working in weather condition similar to where you are. This means that if you are having a bright sunny day, the windmill will be working in bright sunny day also and in other condition it will also change. IN the settinsg options you can choose for a time to auto refresh and get new weather conditions. By default it is 6 hours.
    Windy Weather Live Wallpaper Galaxy Grand Duos

These are some of the inbuilt options. Now if you have already used them but still want to tweak it to something different, search for some live wallpapers on the internet. Or try any Android launcher for this.

[alert style=”green”] Now, I would like to make a note of this that Live Wallapers are known to drain your battery juices. so always make sure you are setting auto refresh time at optimal duration. Apply these changes and do let us know which one of these you liked the best. [/alert]

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4 thoughts on “How to Customize Wallpaper of Galaxy Grand Duos

  1. Hi Ashutosh, Following wallpaper tools are also a must download as it gives a variability to your device lookup..
    1) Landscape(
    2)Wallpaper changer 🙁

    The former is usefull for scrolable landscape wallpaper and later for continous wallpaper change after a set time…

    I have been using this for quite some time..

  2. Hi.. Ashutosh.. I have purchased Samsung galaxy grand 1 month back and I have updated it with latest 4.2.2 Jelly bean version. After updating I can’t use the option double tap to top in contacts menu and I cant use direct call option.. Please let me know hoe to get back all those options and help me… Thanks and regards in Advance

    • Some of the options are not available in the new version. Also just to make sure that 4.2.2 version is working fine on your system, i would ask you to do a factory reset, this will remove all cache and other things and clean the memory. Take backup, do a factory reset and then restore the backup.

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