How To Customize Display Of Galaxy Grand Duos

Galaxy Grand Duos made a record sale since its launch. It is the only smartphone which comes with premium features, check Android 4.2.2 and a affordable price. All together Galaxy Grand Duos is a value for money product. Today I will be showing you, how you can do small tweaks to give your Galaxy Grand Duos a fresh Look. You might have been looking over internet for some launcher and other stuffs for your Galaxy Grand duos, but why to download when you already have a lot of option in your device to customize the display of your galaxy grand duos.

How to Customize Display of Galaxy Grand Duos with inbuilt options

customize Galaxy Grand Duos Display

  • Head over to settings and then choose the 2nd option from the tabbed menu, i.e. MyDevice option. Once you get there you will get a plethora of options to choose from and give your galaxy grand duos a different look from the regular old stuff. We would be concentrating on the Display Option. Select that option
  • Once you select the display option, you will again be greeted with a bunch of option to change the regular styling which appears when you wake up or turn on your galaxy grand duos.

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  1. Notification Panel – Allows you to choose what you want to appear in the notification panel. You can choose if you want the brightness control bar in the panel or not. You can also choose which of the quick setting buttons can be there in the notification bar to be accessed by a sideward scroll like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth etc.
  2. Multi Window  – This option will provide you the option to choose any of the two apps from the new windows which can be accessed by tapping the arrow appearing in your left. You can work simultaneously on both of these apps. This arrow appears only when you have the multi window option checked.
  3. Page Buddy – These are really useful pages which depending on any of the three condition to be true shows you a new page in your Home pages with relevant option for that condition. You have three pages viz. Earphone, Roaming, and Docking Page. You can deselect any of them which you don’t want or turn all of them off by turning Page Buddy Off.
    customize Galaxy Grand Duos Display (2)
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  4. From the options Grouped under Screen Tag, you can change the brightness level,  if you want the screen to auto rotate or not depending upon how you hold it. You can also choose the Screen TimeOut Duration. This will keep you screen light on till the time you opted for an then you can also enable and disable day dream.
  5. Under the Font Tag, You can choose options like What type of font you want to use and what should be the size of the font. This will definitely give the smartphone a kind of new look. There are 5 fonts including the default one but you can also gets some more fonts online. In the Font Size you can go for changing it from Tiny to Huge.
  6. In the More Settings tag, you get options to choose the duration for touch Key Light and you can also choose if you want to display the battery percentage or not. I use this feature as it gives a better understanding of how much battery juices I am still left with. You can also select the last option to go directly to edit option when you take a screenshot.

These are some really small tweaks which can give your Galaxy Grand Duos a fresh look rather than the old same style which was on it almost for an year or so. Do let us know if you have any other suggestions.

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