Samsung Galaxy Round With Curved Display

So all the rumours and assumptions about a curved smartphone is now real. Samsung finally launched a brand new smartphone with a curved display making all those leaks true. The smartphone named Samsung Galaxy Round is a 5.7inch phablet and first one of its kind portraying a curved display.

Samsung Galaxy Round Features Specifications and Price

Samsung Galaxy Round

As already mentioned, view Samsung Galaxy Round comes with a super large 5.7inch screen size. The screen comes with SuperAMOLED display.Being a huge screen sized device, it will definitely feature the One hand Operation feature to facilitate single-handed use of smartphone by putting up customizable controls on either left or right side of the screen.

We are also certain about the multitasking feature as seen on other flagship smartphone and at that screen size it would be perfect to run two apps simultaneously. According to the sources, Samsung Galaxy Round will be running on Android v4.3 Jelly Bean OS. Talking about the processor, it will be a 2.3GHz quad-core processor. Samsung Galaxy Round will be available in 32GB or 64GB memory variant.

Samsung Galaxy Round

A large screen device without a high resolution snapper would definitely be of no use. Thus Samsung packs up a 13MP rear snapper in Samsung Galaxy Round and also a 2MP front camera for video chat and stuffs. As a cherry on the top it also comes with the same type of leather back panel seen in Galaxy Note 3. This gives this smartphone an extra grip and feels great in hands.

Samsung Galaxy Round packs up a 2,800 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Round Availability

As of now Samsung Galaxy Round is listed for sale only in Korea. It will be available in Luxury Brown and few more color variants to meet everyone’s taste. We are still not certain about the exact price of Samsung Galaxy Round curved smartphone. However the expected price when converted in USD would be somewhat around $1000.

Samsung Galaxy Round Special Roll Effect, Gravity Effect & new Boumce UX Feature

We are pretty much sure than we would be getting a bunch of brand new features to facilitate and enhance user experience in a curved display smartphone. However as far as Galaxy Round is confirmed it does not have anything special so far.

brings roll effect, gravity effect and new bounce UX (user experience) in addition to an amazingly snug grip, thanks to that curved form. – Pranav Mistry (Head of Think Tank Team & Research Divison, Samsung)

Talking about the Roll Out Feature. This feature will show you lock screen along with date time, alerts like missed calls and battery life with the display off. That means you just need to roll this device on either side when the phone display is lock and off and it will show the above mentioned things. We expect it to be further customizable and may be show different things when rolling in different sides. However this is not something unique as present generation smartphones also have some quick access modes like on LG G2 you just need to tap twice on the screen and you get the lock screen with notification. Also all the smartphones in Samsung Galaxy family shows you this, when you simply press the home button. So we cannot term it to really unique however it can be termed as a slight change from the regular ways.

The gravity effect as being said by Pranav Mistry to be one more upcoming feature is just a feature which allows users to switch between homescreens with gestures. And for the bounce effect feature it is something which can control apps like music player to skip to adjacent songs with a simple nudge to either side i.e. left or right with the screen locked.

We have seen examples of features like this earlier in smartphones we have today, so I would definitely not term Galaxy Round as the next big thing. It just shows a slight upgrade to what we have been using so far but not on whole a very new and different thing. It seems Samsung just needed the bragging rights to claim themselves as the manufacturer of first curved smartphone. Though this is not the first smartphone with a curved display. Nexus S was the first one but since Samsung was its manufacturer so its like win win situation for Samsung. However we do see a lot of potential in these curved smartphones to take over the regular smartphones.

As of now this new curved smartphone Samsung Galaxy Round has become the topic to be talked upon. Samsung seems to be profited being the first one to launch a curved smartphone with some specials features (though not so special) like the one mentioned above.

We will Update you with some more news regarding this curved smartphone which has made many of us intrigued about it.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Round With Curved Display

  1. Hi Ashutosh , I am a gr8 fan of samsung phones.But I failed to understand this curve bend in the mobile , is it worth a innovation. Why would one require a curved mobile…How is it different from a normal mobile…

    • I guess we would need to wait to see if this smartphone can really do wonders or not. Till now i know one of its special Roll Out feature. Its really great. beig acurved smartphone it will definitely pack uo some special feature which were not possible in a flat smartphone. NOw it is still to be seen if that really proves itself to be useful or not.

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