How To Remove Unwanted Apps From Your App List

If you are owning an android smartphone, order you have probably installed and uninstalled many apps till date may be because they were not what you looking for or you just wanted to know what they were designed for. Being a blogger and an android smartphone, I too keep on looking for some new interesting apps which I personally love and can recommend my users for the same.

How to Remove Unwanted Apps From Your Apps List in Google Account

In this urge of exploring Google Play Store, I got a list of over hundreds of apps in my Play Store account database. These apps were either installed on my smartphone or were installed a long time ago, though may not be present in the smartphone. Previously Google Play store always kept a track back of which apps you have installed. So even if you uninstalled an app, it would still show up in the “All” Apps list. Play Store does not allowed removing of apps from their. However i wished i could remove unwanted apps to give that list a cleaner look with only useful apps in the apps list.

Google Play Store App Updated

how to remove unwanted apps from google play store app list

However, post a recent update in Google Play Store App, it though still keeps a track of apps you have installed but now you can also remove unwanted apps from this list which you are willing to remove and do not want to install later. These apps may include some buggy app or any app which you never found useful. You may keep those apps which you find useful but does not need at the moment.

This recent update from Google is loved by most of the android smartphone holders and personally by me as well. I cleared up over 100 of apps present in the list which were of no use to me and I am dead sure I am not going to use them in future. Thus I ended up with a list of only those apps I really need to know about.

Play Store App update rolled out recently and you might have got that. The best feature it brings out is that now you can remove unwanted apps.

How to remove unwanted apps all together from your All Apps list in Play store at once.

how to remove all unwanted apps from google play store app list

  • Launch Google Play Store and tap on menu button. You will see My Apps option. Select that.
  • Once you enter that you will see two option viz. Installed and All . Select All.
  • You might be surprised to see the number of apps it will show. These are apps you installed from the day you have used that Gmail account with android smartphone.
  • Those apps which are still installed on your system won’t show a cross mark in the corner. But those which have been uninstalled from the system will show. You can remove them one by one by clicking at the cross button and confirming that you are willing to remove them. make sure you want to remove unwanted apps from the list.
  • In case you have too many of unwanted apps, Just tap and hold on each of those apps you wish to remove and then head over to the top where it shows a cross mark. It will be present just after it says ( X numbers of app selected). Tap on that and confirm that you are willing to remove them. That’s all you need to do to remove unwaanted apps in one click.

Your All Apps List is now cleaner and free from all junk apps you are not going to need.

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