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You might have seen a new look in your Google Chrome browser with a message Chrome has been updated. This update brings out a brand new kind of new tab page. This tab includes your 8 most visited links along with Google Search bar on the top of it.

There are also some other tweaks like now you do not need to go to the history tab to see recently closed tabs and you can access it via the menu button on the tab represented by three lines.

I do like some of the stuffs and features in updated version of Google Chrome. But the new style of New tab page of Google Chrome (updated version) sometimes makes me feel pesky. I have often noticed that it does not load the links and just displays empty boxes. There have been some glitches in flawless performance of Chrome ever since it is updated as reported by some of the users nearby me.

Thus I was looking for a way to avoid this or switch back to our old style. And luckily I found a very simple and easy way to revert back to old New Tab Page of Google Chrome.

Changes in New Tab page of Google Chrome

Old New Tab Page Of Google Chrome

How to revert back to old New Tab page of Google Chrome?

Just follow these simple steps and you will get your familiar old new tab page you have using for a long time.

  1. Open up your chrome browser and type or copy paste the following. “ chrome://flags/#enable-instant-extended-api” . Type this in the address bar.
    revert back to old new tab page of google chrome (2)
  2. Once you do this you will get the first option with the name you typed that is instant extended api. That time you may see its status set to default. Now to disable that just choose the disable option from it.
  3. Once you change it, viagra you will get a relaunch browser at the bottom of the page. Click on that. It will again open up with the same page. Try opening a new tab and you will see the old new tab page in your chrome browser.

This process is reversible as well. So in case you are willing to revert back from the old new tab page to the new updated one, go to the browser type the same thing you did earlier and this time choose enable.


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