How to Disable Last Seen Time on WhatsApp

WhatsApp as you all know is the number one instant messenger. It has got plethora of awesome features which keeps it at the top position even after the market is now flooded with similar genre apps.One of the greatest feature you may have used in it is the last seen option for any pals. This hints you when was the last time they were using their WhatsApp. This gives you an idea if he/she is available or not or when he/she may be available.

How to Disable Last Seen Time on WhatsApp

However this feature is not always useful. Think of a situation when you are talking to someone special. Now by seeing your last seen time, diagnosis they know that you are available; they also get an idea that you have seen their messages, malady so they would definitely expect a reply from you. But what if you got some work to do, was just thinking of some good reply which took a considerable amount of time. This may make them feel pesky and ignored. And this would definitely not be good for either of you. So what to do. WhatsApp for android does not come with a dedicated option to disable it, so we figured out a workaround for this. iOS users does have a dedicated option for this.

You can do so via an app or manually via a trick.

How to Disable Last Seen Time on WhatsApp using App:

You will need to download an App named “Not Last Seen”. This app once downloaded and installed, it will automatically disconnect you from internet / data connection on your mobile. Thus that time is not updated with your account in WhatsApp servers. Once you close your WhatsApp your data conncetion will be resumed.

This app is though not available officially through Google Play Store but you can download it via this link. Google Play Store. Now since this app is not officially avaibale thorugh Google Play Store, it may make you feel insecure to use, hence we have got another option for you.

How to Disable Last Seen Time on WhatsApp

How to Disable Last Seen Time on WhatsApp without any app:

In this we will be doing the same thing which the app did but manually. Whenever you have to open WhatsApp application, turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi.

After that open WhatsApp application and then do your work that is either send your message or read other messages. Since your data connection is not on, your messages won’t be sent instantly. Once you are done with all your work, close the app and enable the data connection or Wi-Fi. Once it is on, WhatsApp will update your composed messages on their servers and it will be sent to the desired users.

How To Disable Last Seen Time on WhatsApp for iOS:

iPhone users have a privilege as they get a dedicated option for this. They do not need any external app or need to do it manually.

Head over to WhatsApp messenger and choose Settings. Now select Chat Settings and then head over to advanced. Finally turn off the Last Seen Timestamp.

That’s All.

Note: Once you re-enable it, it may take upto 24 hours to show up your last seen time.

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