HTC One Max Specs Price And Features [Review]

HTC One Max was being expected to startle everyone with its features and design and other things. This did make everyone intrigued about this upcoming smartphone. However while taking a deeper look, it seems HTC wanted to market this smartphone over the fame of HTC one, hence inherited a lot of elements from it. Further introducing few addons and trying to customize the design element somehow to make it bigger and more appealing, they presented the HTC One Max.  But it didn’t really seem to work out.

HTC One Design and Build Quality

HTC One Max Price Specs And features

HTC One Max

Frankly speaking, HTC failed to impress with this very new smartphone as it failed to have a whole new perspective. To be precise its really hard to find a thing when considering the build quality and design which could be praised for being unique and innovative. On an outer look it potrays the same look of HTC One. But if you take a deeper look, its not that premium build which made the HTC one’s look great. HTC one came with a One Body design, which is replaced with a polycarbonated band to join the back and front aluminium panel in HTC one max.

One more reason which can make you feel uncomfortable holding your brand new HTC One max is the placement of speakers. (probably the main reason to make the phone unwieldy.) The BoomSound speakers are ported on the upper and lower part of the smartphone making it a little bigger than it should have been. This makes it inevitable for smartphone dropping from your hand if you do not find a new way to operate or hold this giant smartphone via single hand. The power button has been ported back to the same ridged aluminium design down aligning it down the volume buttons. Its easier to reach there than in old case in which it was combined with the infra-red blaster mounted at top.

Though HTC One Max inherits most of its design element from HTC one, yet it differs in some perspective. HTC One max comes with a removable battery cover via a switch. You can still not remove the battery. It is just designed to let you access the dual sim cards and microSD card. However talking about the microSD card, it would have been much better, if it was designed for a quick access in the side of the smartphone. Also one more notable thing is that once you remove the back panel you may have a hard time fitting it back exactly in the same way as it was. You might have to practice a few times making the edges smoother. However in most cases, it resulted the smartphone with a slight raised back panel which may make you feel pesky.

Now talking about the screen, it comes with a 5.9inch Full HD display. It does offers fantastic display with nice clarity. However you may have a hard time accessing all the UI elements on your screen single handedly, and stretching your thumbs most of the time may be painful and sometimes not even possible.

Concluding about the design of HTC One Max, it is slightly bigger than it should have been and we can’t help us ignoring the enormous size of HTC One max. You should rather get a cover for this smartphone if you are deciding to buy it, as you have hard time getting the right hold for this size smartphone.

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