HTC One Max Specs Price And Features [Review]

HTC One Max Display and Sound quality

HTC One Max

HTC One Max

HTC one max potrays a Super LCD 3 panel. This seems to work like a charm and is preferable if you like natural colors of an LCD type display rather than bit oversaturated type of display in AMOLED screens. We must admit that the display quality of max left behind the Xperia Z Ultra’s display as well. Xperia Z Ultra’s display was sony’s best effort but is left behind when compared to  viewing angles and outdoor visibility and even contrast of HTC One Max’s Display. Though the color accuracy of Sony seems to retain its position.

Talking about the sound quality, Boomsound Speakers which though make the phone unwieldy, seems to work great for entertainment purpose. You can not expect from other smartphone if you are not talking about HTC One. HTC One max though small in size delivers the same kind of quality and video watching experience with great audio quality. – A video on HTC BoomSound (HTC One)

HTC One Max Camera

HTC One Max camera

HTC One Max portrays a 4MP camera with UltraPixel Sensor. The Ultrapixel’s cameras are great specially for low light performances but they do tend to take minimize the advantage of zooming a snapshot at a deep level.

OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) feature which should have rather improved and introduced in the HTC One Max has rather been withdrawn from it. Thus making this camera really incompetent among the other smartphones of the same range. It though performs well if you are not making any comparisons or comparing with other smartphones without OIS technology, but does not bear anything special in it.

When compared with HTC One’s clicks, it does not felt much difference in the shots hence missing the OIS technology is not a big disadvantage atleast over HTC One.

One plus point regarding HTC One Max’s camera is its app. Being extremely fast and easy to use, you can snap a picture instantaneously. You may even capture up to ten full-resolution shots / second by holding the shutter button.

The video recording quality was not that good and this was the part where OIS was missed more. Even the audio quality was not that good. This may have been due to change in specs lead from the patent dispute from Nokia.

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