HTC One Max Specs Price And Features [Review]

HTC One Max runs on HTC Sense UI 5.5 and Android v4.3 (the last version of JellyBean Series). Now this one is a good news for those who likes having latest version in their smartphone. HTC One max also features HTC very own BlinkFeed. For those who are not aware of HTC BlinkFeed, Blinkfeed is a tiled representation of your online contents whether it is from your social networks or news updates or even your calendar appointments, all placed and grouped in a nice UI. – A video on HTC Blinkfeed (HTC One)

The fingerprint scanner of HTC One Max

HTC One Max camera finger print scanner

I would rather be giving credits to Apple for introduction of FingerPrint Scanner in HTC One Max. We had news earlier that there were prototypes of HTC One max earlier which were not packed up with this feature. SO The news of Apple iPhone 5S coming with a finger print scanner may have aroused the urge in HTC to do the same for their upcoming smartphone. May be they wanted to be among the first ones to be doing. And it did make them the first one to do so at least for the android smartphones segment and we might soon be seeing Samsung and other brands following this new trend.

Now, the similarties with Apple iPhone 5S and HTC one max finger print scanner ends here. Yes, you heard right. This comparison was going in mind of most of the smartphone lovers but to be precise they can’t really be compared.

HTC one though introduced this feature as a new addon but frankly speaking, it is rather poorly implemented and seems they just wanted a fingerprint scanner in this smartphone and somehow managed to place it in already build HTC One max with no finger print scanner in the last moments.

HTC One max’s FingerPrint scanner vs Apple iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner.

The similarities: Both the smarpthone offers three fingers for which you can record your print and use any one of them to open up your phone. Thus you get room for assigning someone else’s finger as well in those three if you have someone else to operate on that phone. You can even assign dedicated apps for each of the finger in HTC One max. For example you can fix up to directly open up camera app when you slide the index finger down via the scanner to unlock it. This is really exciting.

And the excitements ends here.

You may feel this feature really great but it is only great if you can use it without any glitches. The problem is not on the software part but it is the physical location of the scanner in HTC One max. Being a newbie to that type of placement, you might really have a tough time getting your finger sliding through the right place in one shot which may be infuriating. The huge size of the smartphone and placement of the scanner right below the camera makes the swiping part on the right place even more difficult. Most of the times you need to turn your smartphone so that you can look where you are sliding to get everything right.

A big Thanks to Apple, for placing it in front of eyes and at a place where your thumb easily reaches and most of the time rests there.

On a note the accuracy to unlock the smartphone lies between 30% – 50% . And it is definitely not acceptable data. While comparing this with Apple’s 80% – 90%, it is not even close to sustain the race. Overall the placement & the accuracy rate of the fingerprint scanner makes the two devices of different worlds and same goes for the biometrics of the scanner as well.

Saying all this, HTC One Max fingerprint would be not in that much of use though it could have been a nifty feature if it was easier for people to reach.

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