HTC One Max Specs Price And Features [Review]

HTC One Processor Performance and battery life

HTC One Max price specs and features

HTC one max would not be sustaining for a long time in the market if we are talking about the processor as it soon will be listed in the outdated processor’s list. NO attempt has been made by HTC to upgrade the Snapdragon 600 processor introduced in HTC one. This does made HTC One max score a less benchmark score when compared to devices like Xperia Z Ultra and Galaxy Note 3 (all running on Snapdragon 800). Also simple game apps took a few second more to launch compared to the other smartphones.

This is probably the best part of HTC One Max. HTC One Max Battery of 3,300mAh was kind enough to support for a day of heavy use on an HSPA+ network. According to the reports, Even after hours of  talk, and lot of downloads over Wi-Fi, camera usage and even gaming, it still showed around 25% of battery juices left within.

The reports also said that a light usage of the smartphone with few calls and a little gaming stuff without charging it overnight, it was able to provide a backup of 40hrs.

HTC default power saver was a role player in saving the battery for the long run. When the battery is low and the indicator turns yellow, this function is triggered and it reduces the CPU speed and screen brightness, turns off vibration, and also turns off Data connection when the display is off.

Finale verdict about HTC One Max

HTC One Max as already mentioned lacks the whole new perspective to be called a new flagship model. It has its plus features over HTC One, but some negative as well.

Talking about the disappointing areas, Max should have portrayed a better camera (with OIS technology) along with Snapdragon processor to be an option in upcoming smartphone future as well. And not to forget, it should have rather manufactured in a way for better manageability.

HTC One max is made for you, if you are looking for a long battery life and a great entertainment device and if other aspects are not of that much matter to you.

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